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#HowToDelegate: Credits and all it’s perks!

Let’s start this one with a quick recap of Delegate PRO. If we were to summarise it, Delegate PRO is a platform which helps you better reach out to potential customers. This will lead to revenue generation, increasing and managing new leads as well as create marketing exposure. It first starts with the basics – optimising your Delegate vendor profile. Once you’ve got that settled, make sure you are aware of some cool tools to ensure that you are making the most out of Delegate Pro!

So, whether you’re an experienced or novice vendor, Delegate PRO has got you covered. From Basic to Platinum, here is a quick breakdown of the various plans we have for you.

Delegate PRO credits

Delegate PRO credits are fantastic tools to facilitate professional communication and build a premium marketing campaign for your business. If you are wondering what they can be used for, well they can help unlock a number of additional marketing opportunities. This way, visibility of your business is increased, and exponentially so!

Be a Featured Vendor (250 credits)

Increase exposure by featuring your listing at the top of Delegate’s Vendor Page or Package Page. This is important because when people search for a vendor, they often choose between the first half-a-dozen offerings on the front page. By being our featured vendor, you are right at the front of the queue. Potential customers will get a first glimpse of your business and this increases brand exposure as well the possibility of potential customers becoming actual ones!

Be on our social media platform (100-150 credits)

You can also unlock social media and content marketing with your available credits. Secure a shout-out on any of our official social media channels – Facebook page, Instagram page and Pinterest boards.

Be on our EDM Newsletter (300 credits)

Credits can also be used to feature your brand on email newsletter to reach even more interested audiences. Finally, to turn this exposure into sales, the credit system allows you to connect with interested users who interacted with your Delegate profile.

Out of credits?

With all these options available, running out of credits may well be a little bit of an issue! Without credits, you will unfortunately not be able to view and message a potential client or interested user. You will also not be able to view interested user’s contact information. A quick remedy to this is to purchase credits. It’s pretty straightforward (1 credit = S$1) and a minimum of 20 credits applies. They are then valid for 30 days. Earning credits is another option. One review or social media post is equivalent to 1 credit. Also, a quick and hassle free method is to have 1 transaction on Delegate PAY. That will get you 10 credits!

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