Should you buy or rent wedding dresses in Singapore?

You’re planning for your big day coming up, but how many dresses do you need for your wedding? You’ve probably heard that you’ll need gowns for photoshoots, traditional gowns for cultural ceremonies, evening gowns for the wedding dinner, and the actual white wedding gown itself. With so many dresses involved on your wedding day, how should you decide which wedding gowns to rent and which ones to buy? What are the differences between buying and renting wedding dresses? 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you decide! We have compiled a list of the pros and cons of buying or renting wedding dresses in Singapore. There’s no “right” way to get wedding dresses- it truly depends on you and your personality! In this article, we are focusing on whether you should buy or rent a white wedding gown. From there, you can use this as a basis of comparison to the other dresses required for your wedding.

Pros of buying wedding dresses

Sentimental value

As weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, people who purchase their wedding gowns tend to do so as a token of memory from the best night of their life. Wedding gowns are the one item from the wedding that can last forever. Things like venue booking, food, and wedding cake will perish after the night of the wedding. Keeping your wedding gowns are a lovely reminder of the day you were married. The gorgeous dress made just for you is a symbol of the love that binds you and your husband together.

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Dream wedding gown

Buying wedding dresses in Singapore gives you the luxury of adding personalised touches and features through creating your ideal gown. This is especially important for people who are looking to create a unique wedding gown that best suits their personality. Many brides look for one-of-a-kind wedding gowns made just for them because they want to be involved in the creation of this symbol that represents their unique love and wedding. Wedding gown stores in Singapore provide specially tailored wedding dresses based on customer’s requests. These wedding gowns usually hold exceptional meaning for each bride. You might want to find a dress to complement the stunning venue that you’ve booked for your wedding. Here are some venue suggestions to help inspire your wedding gown designs!

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No restrictions

Every bride wants to go through that fantastic wedding gown shopping experience that we’ve all seen on Say Yes To The Dress. Going through countless wedding dress shops in Singapore, having your friends and family watch as you try on different dresses, and finding designers to talk to about your dream dress. If you’re looking to buy a wedding dress, there are no restrictions on choices and endless possibilities when it comes to getting your perfect gown.

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Future generations

In some cultures and religions, passing down a wedding dress for generations is seen as a family tradition. Brides-to-be in such households would put on their mother’s wedding dress that has been passed down from generations on their wedding day. Some daughters would even recreate photoshoot themes and pictures from their parents’ wedding while wearing the same dress. You can find hidden wedding photoshoot locations for your photos here! This is a meaningful family tradition as well as an emotional moment for mothers. They might feel a sense of completion to see their daughters in their wedding gowns. You can consider starting a family tradition like this when you purchase a wedding dress in Singapore.

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Cons of buying wedding dresses


Of course, when referring to the price, purchasing a wedding gown will definitely be more expensive than renting one. As you will keep the personalised gown forever instead of returning them like rented dresses, these are additional costs that you will have to consider. If you are buying designer wedding gowns, these will cost extra as well. Not to forget the cost of dry cleaning after your wedding day!

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One-time usage

Wedding dresses are only worn once in your life- on your wedding day. After your wedding day, there isn’t any reason to put on your wedding dress anymore. Perhaps you’re looking to do anniversary photoshoots for memories’ sake, or you’ve purchased other evening gowns that can be worn for formal occasions. Otherwise, there’s not much to do with your wedding dress anymore. Investing in a wedding gown then might not be worth the money, as it can be seen as an expensive set of clothes that cannot be worn again after one night.

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Wedding dresses can be huge, thick and bulky. This makes it hard to store and it will occupy a lot of space in your closet. The chances of taking out the dress to wear it again are almost 0. Therefore, there might be less space in your closet for you to store your day-to-day clothing, especially if you own a smaller sized closet. Keeping your wedding dress in there would not be ideal, but where else would one store their wedding dresses? 

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As your wedding dress will be sitting in your wardrobe for a long time, it might get crumpled and dusty. This can be quite troublesome to take care of as maintaining and drycleaning a wedding dress is not something that anybody can easily do at home. Cleaning up wedding dresses in Singapore often requires professional work and experience to handle it. Therefore, maintaining your wedding dress in your closet for long-term might be very inconvenient and not worth the extra work.

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Pros of renting wedding dresses


Renting a wedding gown is, without a doubt, less expensive than purchasing one for your wedding night. The extra money that you’ve saved from renting a dress can go into other details of your wedding, such as spending on a more luxurious venue or adding additional wedding decorations to the event. Here are some tips to have an instragrammable wedding so you can decide on what kinds of wedding decor to spend on! As the wedding gown is only rented for a day, you can also consider splurging a little more to get a dress of more luxurious material or a high-end designer dress. After all, not everybody will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to wear an expensive designer dress on their wedding day. People usually have the perception that holding weddings is extremely expensive, so every small saving in any aspects counts. Make sure to plan wisely and not overspend your wedding budget!

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Less storage

Since you’ll only wear your wedding dress once in your life, you can easily return the dress after your wedding day without worrying about where and how to store it. If you are not one who prioritises holding onto significant physical objects for memories’ sake, remember to take lots of photos of yourself in your dress to make full use of the rented dress on your wedding day! Some people perceive pictures as the best moment to capture the feelings and experiences of the wedding, rather than holding onto the physical symbol of the wedding dress itself.

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Some people worry that rental wedding dress sizes will not fit them perfectly. Don’t panic! There are many wedding gown rental stores in Singapore that offer alteration services to make sure that the dress will fit you nicely. Tailors with prior experience are able to alter your ideal dress to whichever body shape and size you may be, since it is more common for them to receive wedding dress rental orders in Singapore.

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Most bridal boutiques that offer wedding dress rental services in Singapore also provides wedding accessories for rent. From wedding veils to diamond earrings and necklaces, wedding accessories are extravagant and not precisely suitable for everyday wear. With wedding dress rental packages include accessories to match the whole outfit, so you don’t have to worry about finding your own accessories to purchase. Therefore, it is convenient and cheaper to rent wedding dress packages and return everything together. Save the time on finding accessories into planning other parts of your wedding! In this incredibly busy period, it is crucial to plan everything to the last detail. Make sure to pick the right flowers to pair with your accessories too! We have the ultimate bridal florist guide in Singapore here for your reference.

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Cons of renting wedding dresses


One of the most important things you should take note of is that you are responsible for anything that happens to the dress during your wedding night. As you have to return the wedding gown to the store you’ve rented it from, extra charges will be incurred if there are any damages or stains on the dress. Fingers crossed that you can maintain the dress in its best condition throughout the night! Here are some tips to make sure that you don’t turn into a Bridezilla on your big day. You’ll never know if things might go downhill unexpectedly and cause damage to the dress that would require monetary reimbursement.

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Limited options

Some people might find that there are limited options in terms of dress designs and styles when renting wedding dresses. It can be quite tough to find unique gowns since they are not specifically custom-tailored for you. These designs are typically standard to suit all types of women. Some ladies look for wedding gowns that are unique in terms of colour, cutting and styles. Finding a large variety of options is not as easy as compared to buying a bespoke wedding gown.

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Size constraints

For specific wedding dresses with unique designs and cuttings, there might be certain size constraints when you try them on. As these wedding dresses are not specifically tailored to suit your body type, it is necessary to send them to be altered. However, there are some limitations to alterations as well. It might not be possible to adjust to your size, or it might look different after altering. When renting, you have to consider the size constraints with unique wedding dresses in Singapore that might limit your choices.

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Hidden fees

At first glance, renting a wedding gown might seem much cheaper than buying one. However, you have to make sure there aren’t any hidden costs behind them! Sometimes, stores would only display the prices of the wedding dress itself without including the costs for other services. These include shipping the dress or dry cleaning. After adding everything up, you might realise that the price of renting a wedding gown is not as cheap as you had initially thought. Make sure to double-check and confirm the exact amount of money before deciding on the dress! 

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Wedding gowns and dresses are an essential part of the wedding for every bride because it draws the attention of everybody to you! Some people might consider buying the white gown as a token of their wedding memory. In contrast, others might consider purchasing evening gowns or traditional dresses instead, as they are more likely to wear them again for future events. Whatever your choice may be, we hope that this list has helped to clarify your doubts and push you to decide by the time you’ve reached the end of it. Discover vendors to buy or rent your wedding dresses here!

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