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In Her Element: Qi Qi, Founder Of Noa Noa Studio

Meet Qi Qi, Co-founder of Noa Noa Art Studio, a vibrant Singapore-based craft vendor that offers bespoke art parties and workshops. We visited Qi Qi at her lovely home studio in Bukit Timah.

Qi Qi is a Fine Art graduate from The Glasgow School of Art with a postgraduate degree in painting. The multi-talented entrepreneur juggles multiple hats, from conducting craft workshops for all ages at Noa Noa Art Studio, teaching Art & Design at a local fine art college and to giving yoga classes on the side.

She’s able to find the creative in every pursuit which has seen her designing products for an acoustics company, working at a wine bar and so much more.

Her studio actually started off when she taught part-time at a few schools. Her genuine attitude and commitment was soon spread by the word-of-mouth, and more young children began to come to her for creative workshops. Now, she runs the studio almost single-handedly, with the help of Xin Xin, her sister and co-founder, that manages the finance side of the business.

Having followed her artistic passions since her graduated from art school, Qi Qi is insistent on continue pursuing her creative self. And she holds the same high standards in running Noa Noa,

 “Do not become a sell out; be authentic and insistent on the type of experience you want to provide for your customers”

Her craft workshops which are catered for children, teaches the little attendees skills like how to DIY Christmas ornaments, create your own Easter baubles, and other therapeutic crafts.

When asked how she comes up with the inspiration for her workshops, Qi Qi shares that she gets inspired simply by working with her hands. As an artist, her inspiration comes from hands-on experience with different materials and textures.

Having to balance both creative development and administration of the start-up, Qi Q confesses that managing her time has been a big challenge. Surrounding herself with supportive friends and family, however, has helped her tremendously.

She is most grateful for all the mentors she’s met along the way who have imparted advice and encouragement throughout her journey to pursue her artistic passions.

Generosity is infectious”, she said, and her past experience with kindness has given her the courage and freedom to undertake her artistic pursuits.

Working with children has also provided her with great feedback which has allowed her to improve her teaching style. Children are unflinchingly honest, “they let you know when you are doing your job right, and if not, they are not afraid to let you know too”.

Qi Qi appreciates the directness and innocence of children and also loves to see first-hand her workshop’s influence on the kids.

When she worked with students with mixed learning abilities, she’s found it incredibly rewarding to see their self-esteem increase after participating in her workshops and being provided with a creative outlet to share their ideas.

Art provides children with additional avenues to express their thoughts and selves that were previously inaccessible to them. Qi Qi’s curiosity and persistence have served her well and in the future, she hopes to extend Noa Noa Art Studio to reach to more people, not only kids and to set up a proper and more permanent studio for children and adults’ creative expression.   Noa Noa Art Studio is running an Easter workshop on:

Date: 24 March 2018

Time: 2pm- 5pm

For more information on their upcoming Easter workshop, visit Noa Noa Studio on their Facebook page!

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