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DELEGATE: Tell us more about yourself 

Before being an entrepreneur in F&B, I worked as an IT Consultant who liked providing solutions to my clients. I love analysing business processes of industries and talking to people. Along with my dream to be an entrepreneur, I started QQ Rice 8 years ago and now, it has expanded into catering services.

D: What is your vision/ mission for your company?

Our company wishes to provide value products to the market. For us, the most valuable thing is about being Healthy and we aim to provide this option to Singapore consumers at their convenience. D: How did you start your business? What were some adversities you faced when your first started out?

I started QQ Rice in 2010 after taking over the brand from it’s previous owner. I came to know about this product back in Hong Kong when my friend brought me to buy QQ Rice for a trekking trip. As they provide the option of healthy rice to consumers, it felt like a value product for people which piqued my interest. Following QQ Rice, we started a catering service in 2015 as we would like to provide consumers with more healthy options in the catering scene.

Rental, Labour Crunch and Competitors are the most challenging factors for F&B business owners now.

D: Any trade secrets you can reveal?

It goes to the root of our business. As a company in F&B that provides food and services, focus on the core value of the products. Services need people and people management is one of the important factors in our company.

D: Most memorable experience since starting your business?

The opening of QQ Rice shop at Jurong Point. It was our first experience after taking over the shop from the previous owner and I did not expect the overwhelming customer response. Customers waited for 30-60 minutes to buy a rice roll. We were also under-staffed especially when the supervisor we recruited and trained went missing on the second day. So, for a month, I was wrapping rice rolls for my customers from the shop’s opening to closing. It was an exhausting but memorable experience as part of my entrepreneur journey.

D: What is one thing you would like your customers to know about your company? 

We are sincere in providing the best product and service to all our customers. Sometimes, we may fail in product and service expectations due to the people and experience. Nevertheless, we are still determined to learn from the past and improve for the future.

D: What was your first job?

An IT Engineer to design Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to customers.

D: What aspects of your personality can we see in your work?

I always aim for perfection with perseverance and the right mind-set to be reflected in my work.

D: What are your hobbies and passions outside of work?

Badminton, Trekking, Diving!

D: Which habits of yours have gotten you to where you are today?

Being independent, focused, discipline and hardworking!   

D: Where can we find out more about you and your business?

Website: QQ Rice, QQ Catering, Chefs Catering

Facebook: QQ RiceQQ Catering, Chefs Catering

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