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Moving into your new home? Make it an easy journey with these tips!

Moving into a new home isn’t always as smooth as butter. There are many things to consider, plan, and pack before you can call this place your dream home. That includes financial planning, which plays a significant part in this process. Here at Delegate, we’re offering you some tips and tricks to make moving into your new home a fun and comfortable journey. Here’s to celebrating the start of a new life with your partner! 

Create inventory checklists and categorise your boxes

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Labelling your boxes is an important step that people tend to forget. Though it might not seem like a big deal as you are packing your items, the real problems arise when you move in and can’t remember where your essentials are. It’s useful to create an inventory checklist, as it helps to know what you already own and what items you’ll need to buy. It will also allow you to check that all your items have been moved successfully and you’ve not left anything behind. Remember to use bubble wrap, airbags, foam peanuts and plastic wrappers for all your fragile items- it’s always good to be prepared rather than regret not getting them as you are packing! 

Home starter kit

Nobody wants to struggle with the financial stress of a new home after the high of a wedding celebration. So don’t worry, just ease into your new home with the Great Eastern Home Kit! With 6 months of free Home Contents Insurance*, couples get to enjoy coverage that includes:

  • Sum assured of S$50,000 for Renovation (including fixtures and fittings on first loss basis)
  • Sum assured of S$25,000 for Contents (on first loss basis)
  • Sum assured of S$500,000 for Worldwide Personal Liability

This kit includes free 3-hour cleaning services, 25% off your first air-con servicing, as well as 10% off your first laundry service from Helpling! You will also receive 3 issues of Home & Décor e-magazines that will give you inspiration for your home design. If you’re feeling lucky enough, you might also stand a chance to win a Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer worth $599!

If you have gotten or are getting a new house between 1st October 2019 to 30 November 2020, this is a promotion that you and your partner won’t want to miss! Kickstart your new home journey by signing up for the Great Eastern Home Kit! Get it free when you RSVP at the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival between 4 to 19 September, or pop over to the Great Eastern booth during 19th – 20th September to register! 

T&Cs apply. *Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

Prepare measurements 

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With all the excitement to get new furniture for your lovely new home, don’t forget the crucial step of taking the measurements of your new house! During the trips to evaluate your new house, bring along a measuring tape and prepare a list of measurements for future references when going furniture shopping. These measurements are guides for you to plan what types of furniture you’ll want in different spaces. It’s crucial to note that you should leave a few centimetres gap allowance in case of measurement errors. You don’t want to buy the perfect sofa and realise it can’t fit in your living room! 

Take pictures of your electronics and wires

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This might sound like something completely unnecessary, but don’t belittle the vital need to take photos of the layout of your electronics and wires. If you’re bringing stuff like personal computer sets and complicated television and speaker wires from your household, take a photo of the layout! You should anticipate the event where you might forget how things are supposed to be connected when feeling disorientated in your new home environment. You don’t want to give yourself extra stress with the realisation that you don’t remember how to get your electronics working again.

Though some of these moving tips may seem like small things, we can guarantee that it will make your moving process less challenging and a little bit easier for both you and your partner! Take things one step at a time, with thorough planning and research, everything will fall into place. All the best, and we hope you will achieve your dream home soon! 

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