“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad, and that’s why I call you Dad because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right.” Wade Boggs

It’s the time of the year to show our appreciation for the most important men in our lives! Every year, we wreck our brains thinking “What should I give Papa this year?” With all our papa-s being unique in their own way, we’ve gathered a list of quirky gift ideas to suit the different Dad personalities.

Is your dad the “Workaholic Pa?”, the “My Jokes are the funniest Pa?”, the “Commando Pa?” or the “Best friend Pa?” Look no further and get inspired by our gift ideas now!

  1. The “Workaholic” Pa

Pa… it’s dinner time. Put your phone away!” Sounds like something your dad would say to you when you were younger?

Ironically, here’s to the dads who are constantly buried in their smartphones, either busy reading their emails, making phone calls or constantly reading the news to keep up with the latest business trends. Don’t you sometimes find your dad fumbling around the house, looking for something that he lost or an old contact number that he wrote on a notepad? Give your Superdad a helping hand by gifting him a stylish new notebook so that he can jot down all his meeting information and also pointers from his long phone calls! This way, he would not need to turn the house upside down just to look for that missing piece of paper he scribbled on!

For a classic leather notebook with a minimalistic design, check out J Artisans Leatherworks for ideas. They offer free initial debossing of maximum 5 characters, so no two notebooks are the same. Shop away now! They come in Forest Green, Navy & Brown.

2. “My Jokes are the funniest” Pa

…Pa? Enough of your dad jokes! You hit the daily quota already!”  Constantly giving yourself facepalms because you’re simply embarrassed by the jokes your dad cracks? Or like your dad would say “Jokes are not eggs, they can’t be cracked!”

These dads are out to give you a “whale of a time” with their lamest jokes! Have you ever thought of pranking them for cracking all these dad jokes all the time?

Here’s the perfect gift idea! Check out Sophisca which has a range of quirky chocolates such as the Medicated Vapour Rub chocolate, Crayon Candy Sticks, Mahjong sweets and many more. Be sure to trick your dad into consuming something he would not have imagined!

These Crayon Candy Sticks are melt-in-your-mouth candies are designed as coloring tools with 12 flavors: honey peach, tropical fruit, strawberry, grape, chocolate etc. Your papa will surely remember how he celebrated this special occasion!

3. “Commando” Pa

Pa, you’re not in the army and we’re not your soldiers!”  The Commando Pa is all about strict rules and demands good behavior from you 24/7.  He is uptight and is always training you to be a tough cookie! “Didn’t we agree to leave home by 9 am? Now 9:02 already and we still haven’t leave. Where’s your time consciousness?”  Does this sound familiar? If so, then we have a great gift suggestion for your Commando Pa!

Tease your Commando Pa with a cute You Think I Thought Who Confirm T-Shirt on this special day! Does this phrase ring a bell? This is often how officers and instructors roll, and surely, your dad has said something similar. Remind your dad to take things lightly sometimes with this cheeky gift. Feel free to check out Wetteeshirt for other cute T-shirt designs they have in store!

4. Best Friend Pa

How was today kiddo? Come on, give Papa a hug!”  These are the dads who jumps on board all types of activities with you! Go on rollercoaster rides? Sure! Solve 1000 puzzle pieces together? Sure! Just as he is a great dad, he is also a great best friend. You have no worries confiding in and sharing with him all your little secrets and crushes!

Spend this Father’s day building Jecka Blocks together with your papa! Gift him any Jecka design that best suits him and strengthen your bond with him now. What better way than to bond with your Best Friend Pa over this? Get your Jecka Blocks from Blue Stone Craft Gift and Toys now!

Our Superdads are unique and great in their own way but one thing for sure is that everything they do for us is out of pure love and genuine intentions. Be sure to show your appreciation to them not only during Father’s day but every other day too.

Before we end off here, Delegate wishes all fathers a Happy Father’s Day! Thank you all for being great fathers and for playing such a significant role in our lives.