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Perfect Locations to Match Your Event’s Theme!

Date of the event? Check. Guest List? Check. Theme? Check. Location?

While planning your next big event is always a tedious yet exciting experience, we know that one of the biggest worries you will have as a party planner is: how to find the perfect location. Especially if there’s a theme to the event.

But party planners, we hear you!

We have curated a list of locations – each with its own timeless, thoughtful concept carrying a unique story and an aesthetic that could just be what you were looking for. So, with your theme in mind, discover what these different locations offer and find your perfect event venue!



Image credits: OverEasy

Theme: Old-School, Retro.

Food: Good Ol’All-American Food – diner classics, nostalgic favourites like the best M&C or wild spins on classic burgers, decadent milkshakes and American-inspired cocktails.

Pax. Capacity:

OverEasy Fullerton – up to 450

OverEasy Orchard – up to 320

If you’re thinking of hosting an event that is looking for that extra touch of Southern comfort, look no further than OverEasy. Besides bringing the All-American dining experience to our shores, OverEasy is driven by its timeless recipes, quality ingredients and a warm personality.

When it comes to interior design, OverEasy’s classic booth tables, neon lights and checkered floor looks exactly like a scene brought to life from Riverdale’s Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe or any movie featuring a classic American diner. Given the space’s capacity, there is no need to worry about there not being enough space for your guests and is perfect for any retro-themed event – be it for parties, corporate events or even family-friendly gatherings!

If you’re interested in planning your event at OverEasy Fullerton or OverEasy Orchard, Book with us now!  

Tanjong Beach Club


Image credits: Tanjong Beach Club

Theme: Beach, Tropical. The Ultimate Luau Party!

Food: Coastal cuisine from your brunch favourites to seafood delicacies and a variety of artisanal cocktails!

Pax. Capacity: up to 600

The restaurant boasts an open concept, allowing natural sunlight to stream in while your guests dine with a view of the sea. The interior of the place also keeps closely to the theme, maintaining a cool colour scheme matched with woody furniture. Give your guests the sense of dining in a beach house at Tanjong Beach Club.

Fresh and savoury, the food served at Tanjong Beach Club is sure to impress your guests. From brunch favourites like avocado with poached eggs on toast to savoury seafood platters, there is a wide selection of cuisines for you to choose from – for any time of day!

Last but not least, there is also a beachfront dining option that you can opt for your guests, allowing yourselves to enjoy a magnificent view of the sunset while your event takes place.

Given the space’s capacity, it does not matter whether your event is meant for an intimate party of 20 or for hundreds who will be filling up the sands of the beach. Hence, if you do have a tropical theme in mind, this location is sure to be a strong contender in your list of locations!

If you’re interested in planning your event at Tanjong Beach Club, Book with us now!  

The Black Swan


Image credits: The Black Swan

Theme: Luxury, Glamour, Mystery, All-themes-dark-but-definitely-fancy!

Food: An impressive chophouse selection perfect for meat lovers, a variety of mains and creative desserts carefully prepared by in-house Chef Alysia Chan.

Pax. Capacity: up to 120

If you’re thinking of where to host your next event to impress, this place checks all the boxes. Aptly named The Black Swan, this art deco style institution sports an aesthetic that is elegant, grand and glamorous whilst wearing a veil of mystery.

Its black, red and gold theme spills opulence and invites visitors to indulge themselves in a luxurious dining experience. Situated right in the middle of the bustling Central Business District of Singapore, The Black Swan’s interior design and ambience makes it easy for visitors to leave the city behind, the moment they are past the two front doors.

As for the menu, The Black Swan pays homage to New York’s canonised steakhouse trope, offering a grand expression of chophouse classics paired with an inspired wine list to complete the experience.

Not to forget, The Black Swan also has an outdoor space that is beautifully adorned with fairy lights and carefully designed to make your guests feel a part of a dreamy landscape. The space’s design captures the attention of every visitor and serves as a very instagrammable yet cozy space where you and your guests can enjoy post-dinner drinks.

If you’ve set your sights on having your event here, you have the option of booking the entire place for a larger group or perhaps just one of the private dining rooms for a smaller event – making it perfect for any luxury or glamour themed event.

If you’re interested in planning your event at The Black Swan, Book with us now!

Attic At Straits Clan


Image credits: Attic At Straits Clan

Theme: Versatile, Intimate, Heritage. Perfect for smaller private events.

Food: In-house catering. With three restaurants, Straits Clan’s culinary programme allows guests to savour a slice of Singapore’s vast culinary spectrum, with a focus on comfort flavours and fresh produce. At Clan Cafe, the all-day lounge situated at the lobby of the club, the menu showcases a selection of Asian-inspired grain bowls and broths.

Pax. Capacity: up to 74

If you’re thinking of hosting your private event in an intimate yet professional setting, the Attic is the space for you. It is located at the 4th floor of Straits Clan, a private members’ club, set inside a conservation building in the heart of Chinatown. The club is designed to reflect Singapore’s heritage, thoughtfully incorporating Southeast Asian motifs and materials, weaved in with modern sensibilities. The Attic is a purposefully versatile events space in what was the former New Majestic Hotel.

A dynamic space for an ever-changing roster of programmes, the Attic is a modular and multi-dimensional space fitted with superior sound acoustics, multiple light settings and a beverage bar.

A tier above the rest, the Attic is conveniently equipped with a projector, free WiFi and movable furniture to suit your set up preference. The venue provides quality in-house catering focused on comforting flavours and fresh produce that delivers an excellent culinary experience underscored by unparalleled service. The team delivers world-class hospitality to take care of your needs so you can focus on the important with a peace of mind.

If you’re interested in planning your event at Attic at Straits Clan, Book with us Now! 


LOOF1Photo Credits: Loof

Theme: Fun, Chic, Quirky, All-themes-out-of-the-box!

You can check out our chic mood board on Pinterest here.

Food: Southeast Asian-inspired food and drinks, alongside Asian beers and whiskies!

Pax. Capacity: up to 150

Introducing to you, Loof (Singlish pronunciation of the English word ‘roof’), Singapore’s first quintessentially local rooftop bar. It was created as a toast to local culture – celebrating all things that make us uniquely Singaporean.

Located within its offbeat art and design locale Bras Basah, Loof has hosted the works of emerging and established local artists, designers and musicians alike. Being a hub for creatives, it is the perfect location for events that are looking for a place that is modern and chic, with just a little taste of home.The bar’s staple neon lights, accompanied by its warm and bright colour scheme, gives the place a vibrant energy needed to match up to any quirky event taking place on its grounds.

The food at Loof is one of its most defining character traits. With the names of their various mains and cocktails taking after local dishes and colloquial terms such as the B.C.M Grilled Cheese – B.C.M short for Bar Chor Mee and the Little Pink Dot cocktail (as seen above). If your event involves someone new to town, this is definitely a creative way to go about sharing a slice of Singapore with them.

Once again, there’s no need to worry about the space’s capacity. Here, different pockets of space are carved out to cater for events of all sizes, making Loof the venue of choice for networking events, product launches and company get-togethers.

If you’re interested in planning your event at Loof, Book with us Now!

With all the different characteristics of these different spaces, find the perfect location for your event and be one step closer to charming your guests!

Do check out the rest of the articles here on our blog for more tips and ideas for your next party!

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