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Social distancing should not stop us from supporting local businesses

With the nationwide circuit breaker measures kicking in this week, Singapore is clamping up on efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19. In the next few weeks, disruption will enter our lives like never before. Home based learning will roll out for school children, those already working are expected to do so from home. However, businesses under the essential services category would still be open throughout this difficult period. They are bound to struggle financially and small local businesses that depend on in-person foot traffic seem most at-risk. Throw in social distancing measures and things start to get complicated. Despite all this, it should not stop us, as a community, from doing what we can in supporting our small local businesses – even from a distance. Take a look below at some of the reasons why we should seriously consider doing so.

During this circuit breaker period, as part of the community, we will be donating SGD1 for every package purchased on Delegate to The Courage Fund by NCSS. Donations will go towards supporting vulnerable individuals and families affected by COVID-19.

Care for your neighbour

local businesses - care for neighbour
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For many of the small local businesses scattered around our neighbourhood, their owners are people we’ve grown accustomed to. For some, relationships have formed over the years and they’ve become our friends. To be there for them now is to be socially aware. Behind small local establishments are people, people of our community. If there ever was a time to be resolute and show care about our community, it is now. Why not consider putting your money back into the community and the others who call it home too?

Heartbeat of our community

Local businesses - many hands forming a heart
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Small local businesses often form the heartbeat of our community. Especially so in a place that is as commercial as Singapore. The commercial world is great when it comes to meeting large scale demands and being highly efficient when doing so. In the midst of this chase for efficiency, the commercial end of business tends to lose that human touch. Thankfully, not all hope is lost! Small local businesses tend to keep the human touch and are exciting hubs of activities. Character and individuality are at the forefront and for the most part, highly noticeable at such establishments. Also, interactions and transactions at these places are often a point of discovery, given the sheer diversity and uniqueness which they bring to the table.

Financial struggles

local businesses - piggy bank
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For the most part, small local businesses stem from passion. On top of that, a whole lot of money is needed to start one’s own business. Having saved up a substantial amount, these people made the conscious decision to begin a new chapter by taking a leap of faith. Pursuing one’s passion in life is much easier said than done. It takes a special kind of courage and fearlessness to do so. This has resulted in them bringing their craft to you. From F&B outlets filling your tummy to photographers who capture your special moments. They have done so much for us, maybe it is about time we do something for them.

With the disruptions and challenges that COVID-19 brings, they are having a rough time pulling through. Luckily, there is still something that we could do about this! Many local businesses have turned to online avenues in order to reach out to their customers. So, even as we practice safe social distancing, let’s do our part too.

Support through digital gift cards

Image credits: Unsplash

Many small local businesses are reacting to COVID-19 by launching digital gift cards. By purchasing these digital gift cards now, you’d be helping your favourite local businesses increase cash flow. Your money goes directly to that specific business. When the COVID-19 transmission curve starts flattening and life returns to a new normal, you’d then be able to enjoy their product and/or services. It may seem like a tiny action but buying now and using later means that your chosen local business has a chance of keeping its doors open for another day. Check out some gift cards offered by our vendors here.

Even if we are short on cash ourselves, we can still do our part. Showing support through our personal social media channels is one. Follow them on social media and share their latest deals, updates or announcements. Though the impact may not be fully tangible, you are still doing your part in helping them gain a wider net of potential customers. Who knows, one of your friends might end up discovering a brand new local business from your small action of sharing. Also, do drop a comment if you know of more gift cards from local businesses!

Final words

Doing our utmost best to purchase local is key in the coming weeks and months. We all want to see our favourite local stores survive. We all want to head back out and patronise them when the world gets that little bit safer. So, if you ever have that dilemma of deciding between a local business and a giant superstore, you’d know which is likely to be the better choice. As a community, let’s step up our game and do our part to keep the local business scene afloat. Keep their stoves hot, their cash registers ringing and everyone’s hearts warm! Take care of each other and stay healthy!

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