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The ultimate list of gift cards for your friends and loved ones

What do you think of when you hear the word “gift cards”? Probably something free, unused or unwanted. These are words usually associated with gift cards. As for companies, probably the likes of Sephora, Steam, Starbucks, Apple store. Well, you get the point. Amidst the troubling times we currently live in, it seems that gift cards have gotten popular and not just amongst the “usual” businesses one can expect.

That’s why we’ve come up with this ultimate guide of the best gift cards in Singapore. You can have it as a gift to yourself or get one for your friends and loved ones. From food to beauty services, art workshops to event planners, variety is not something you can complain about when it comes to gift cards! We’ve categorised the gift cards into 4 categories for ease of reading – Food & Beverage, Activities, Event Planners & Stylists, and Gifts. 

We will continue to update this list with more gift cards. Check back for more! Should you be a vendor and are interested in listing your gift cards with us, please fill in this form.

Food & Beverage

The Maks’ Coffee

The Maks' Coffee Gift Card
Image credits: The Maks’ Coffee

Tea, who? For all the caffeine addicts who can’t start their mornings without a fresh cup of coffee, this is definitely a gift card you don’t want to miss. Hopefully, you can perk up your work from home mornings with The Maks’ Coffee‘s freshly roasted coffee right at your doorstep. Enjoy smooth and rich coffee in peace without the adrenaline rush to get to work on time. Or send it to your coffee-date buddies out there who miss the cafe days.

Rattana Thai Restaurant

Rattana Thai Restaurant Gift Card
Image credits: Rattana Thai Restaurant

Let’s just start with “Who doesn’t like Thai food?”, the mix of spicy, sweet and sour falls perfectly upon the taste buds. Rattana Thai Restaurant is focused on serving fully authentic flavours of the Thai cuisine. Expect only the freshest ingredients and be prepared for a well-balanced Thai meal to savour. 


Loof gift card
Image credits: Loof

Dubbed as the country’s first standalone rooftop bar, Loof is perched on top of Odeon Towers in downtown CBD. Loof has got a whole list of hearty bar grub as well as drinks with Singaporean flair, bringing a taste of nostalgia to you. Circuit breaker extending is quite demoralising, but doesn’t mean you can’t wine and dine in style. This gift card applies to takeaway orders for the duration of the circuit breaker.

Tanjong Beach Club

Tanjong Beach Club gift card
Image credits: Tanjong Beach Club

Lauded by Condé Nast Traveller as one of the World’s Best Beach Clubs, Tanjong Beach Club is a serene sanctuary located on the finest sun-soaked stretch of sand in Sentosa. It’s a peaceful hideaway from Singapore’s concrete jungle, offering a slice of tropical paradise. Most of us would be craving for a simple day by the beach for a bit of relaxation, once we overcome this pandemic of course.

Extra Virgin Pizza

Extra Virgin Pizza gift card
Image credits: Extra Virgin Pizza

Extra Virgin Pizza is a bold craft pizzeria serving up some of Singapore’s best thin-crust pies! Handmade with nothing but the best, Extra Virgin Pizza was the first to import Italian Caputo 00 flour to achieve pizza perfection. Every pizza that gets out of the twin Woodstone ovens bear leopard spots – proud marks of an authentic Neapolitan. Once you’ve tried their pizza, it’ll be hard to go back to any of your previous pizza establishments!


OverEasy gift card
Image credits: OverEasy

OverEasy is everyone’s favourite restaurant and bar down the bay – a modern American-style diner serving up comfort food and drinks, blurring the line between drinking and dining. Think of burgers to-die-for, spicy wings and chocolate milkshakes! Nobody can resist tasty American diner food and nobody does it better than OverEasy!

The Skewer Bar

The Skewer Bar gift card
Image credits: The Skewer Bar

The Skewer Bar is a culinary venture of a few friends who share tremendous passion for food and entrepreneurship. With an advantage of strong culinary background, perfecting recipes, creating menus & improvising cooking methods is not an exception for them. The Skewer Bar has a wide selection of yummy yakitori and grilled-to perfection skewers. Their food is always prepared fresh daily, lightly marinated in some lovely homemade seasonings!

New Ubin

New Ubin gift card
Image credits: New Ubin

With a cult following of foodies, young and old, New Ubin has carved a reputation for retaining its rustic roots and kampong essence whilst delivering an inimitable tze char ingenuity. Most notably, the homegrown brand was a Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient for three consecutive years (2016 – 2018) since the guide launched its inaugural edition in Singapore. If you know of a friend who can’t wait to gorge on some local goodies after circuit breaker, this might be the right gift card for them!

Iconic Wines

Iconic Wines gift card
Image credits: Iconic Wines

At Iconic Wines, passion runs deep in their Spanish roots, and even deeper in their love for wine. Established since 2011, they are Asia’s dedicated purveyor of exceptional Spanish wines – curated directly from farmers and families of the finest vineyards in Spain. From humble boutique vineyards to leading breweries, they’ve got all that Spain has to offer. Know a family member or good friend who’s a bit of a wine connoisseur? Getting them this gift card wouldn’t be a bad idea!

The Foodist

The Foodist gift cards
Image credits: The Foodist

The Foodist is Singapore’s first bespoke cuisine curation platform and gatekeeper of local epicurean highlights. With decades of combined corporate experience and in-house culinary experts, The Foodist delivers experiential food discovery for any event looking to delight and impress the busy food connoisseur. Their gift cards can be used on a number of different boxes – from Lacquer to Premium!


Co+Nut+Ink gift cards
Image credits: Co+Nut+Ink

Co+Nut+Ink is Singapore’s famous award winning F&B outdoor lifestyle concept. Their famous coconut ice cream is just heavenly, especially in this heat! Their mission is to help people find happiness through their products. Trust us, buying this gift card for a loved one will definitely bring some happiness to their day!

Cellarmaster Wines

Cellarmaster Wines gift cards
Image credits: Cellarmaster Wines

Cellarmaster Wines helps you celebrate the good things in life! What started off as a wine club amongst friends has grown to become the leading wine distributor in Singapore. Backed by an extensive portfolio of wines from around the world including Italy, Spain, France, Australia, (the list goes on and on, trust us!), Cellarmaster Wines is confident that your new favourite wine is waiting to be discovered!


Grain gift cards
Image credits: Grain

Grain are on a mission to create food experiences that will put an end to this dilemma once and for all. By pushing the limits of how food makes us feel, we can build a community that has only one thing on their mind: “what will we eat next?” Their food is thoughtful and wholesome. It’s warm and comforting, the Grain experience should satisfy not only a hunger level but also an emotional one.


Image credits: Naturelle

Naturelle celebrates comfort food and slow living. Working closely with local produce farms, they embrace a thoughtful approach to sustainable cooking. Their mission is to invoke an emotional resonance with food and strive to deliver a comforting and warm experience that will linger. Prepare yourself for a combination of French cooking methods and South East Asian influences, yum!

The Dragon Chamber

The Dragon Chamber gift cards
Image credits: The Dragon Chamber

The Dragon Chamber is not just a Chinese restaurant, but an immersive experience. The one-of-a-kind speakeasy restaurant and bar is for guests who are looking for an adventure and an all-round unforgettable dining experience! Of course with the current circuit breaker situation, that’s gonna be quite challenging. To keep your adventurous spirit alive, The Dragon Chamber has launched an islandwide delivery service! So, you can still indulge in their signature dishes at the comfort of your home.

Fireless Kitchen

Fireless Kitchen gift cards
Image credits: Fireless Kitchen

Fireless Kitchen serves up affordable, hearty, and healthy protein bowls that are prepared without the use of open flames. They do so by primarily using sous vide culinary techniques. Ingredients are vacuum sealed and cooked in a water bath at a precise temperature to deliver consistently tasty, juicy and nutritious meals. Fireless Kitchen offers customers the option to “Build-Your-Bowl” for a customised meal, opt for the specially curated Fuss-Free Salads, as well as catering options with bento sets or mini buffets.


Image credits: Winestories

Winestories are a family-owned specialist importer of Italian wines in Singapore. They believe in wines which convey emotion, and which are an authentic representation of land, place and time. Also, an unrelenting focus on quality will only add to your experience as you explore the wild, wonderful world of Italian wines with Winestories. With their gift card, you can explore said world with your entire family, all whilst sitting in the comforts of your own living room!


A2 Parkour

A2 Parkour gift cards
Image credits: A2 Parkour

Ever dreamt of being a stealthy urban ninja? Of course you have, we all have at some point of time! Maybe it’s time to strike off something off your bucket list – parkour. Originating from France, this sport develops fluid body movements while training the mind to see reality from different angles and consider other possibilities. Get the gift card for you and a friend, join A2 Parkour classes and learn to be stealthy ninjas!

Mouschi Studio

Mouschi Studio gift cards
Image credits: Mouschi Studio

Mouschi Studio offers watercolour and acrylic art workshops for children and adults, ideal for team building, small parties or social outings with friends! Their workshops are a great bonding activity for family and friends. Fret not, there will be an artist on hand to guide you step by step through the process! The gift card can be applied to all their workshops.


Image credits: Rehyphen

Rehyphen pioneers an up-cycling initiative whereby they collect discarded cassette tapes and weave them into a piece of MusicCloth. This is done in an effort to reduce and eliminate e-waste, while giving the product new life! With their gift card, you can either purchase an eco-friendly product or join one of their workshops for a truly unique experience!

Palate Sensations

Palate Sensations
Image credits: Palate Sensations

Palate Sensations offers fun and exclusive themes for corporate team building activities with spacious outdoor facilities for your team’s use. You can also host your own private event in their open concept kitchen studio which can accommodate up to 75 participants working in ten groups. For their gift cards, it is applicable to all publicly scheduled classes. So, what are you waiting for? Get their gift card and enjoy one of Palate Sensations classes!

Room To Imagine

Room To Imagine gift cards
Image credits: Room To Imagine

Room To Imagine is a studio specialising in acrylic pour and resin pour art workshops. It is an art sanctuary where curiosity, creativity and community are encouraged. Beyond just teaching art, Room To Imagine is also about changing people’s perspectives and creating unforgettable art experiences. So grab their gift card and join them on an adventure to discover the artistic side that you’ve never thought you had. This gift card can be used to purchase workshops, art supplies or merchandise.

Art for Good 

Art for Good gift card
Image credits: Art for Good

Art for Good is a social enterprise which helps communities by creating good through art. They promote mental well being through visual art and creative expression – art therapy, art workshops, team building workshops and community art projects. Art for Good has a vision of using art to help as many as possible. Your artsy friend is sure to enjoy this gift card as a surprise gift!

The Posture Lab

The Posture Lab gift card
Image credits: The Posture Lab

The Posture Lab focuses on the art of fixing bodies. They aim to enlighten you on how your muscles work and body functions, so that you are able to take care of yourself, in order to take better care of those you care about. If you know of a friend who’s always complaining about muscle aches or back pain, this could turn out to be a very useful gift card! This gift card can be used for all services except physiotherapy. 

Virtual Room 

Virtual Room gift card
Image credits: Virtual Room

A gift card from Virtual Room would be an awesome surprise for your friends or family! Also, the virtual reality (VR) experience suits people of all ages. VR is truly the future of entertainment, get ready to experience a truly immersive and mind-blowing adventure with your chosen team! To be transported into a whole different world is an experience unlike any other. Feel the adrenaline and thrill at the virtual room!

The Little Things

The Little Things gift card
Image credits: The Little Things

The Little Things pride themselves as being Singapore’s pioneering culinary studio for children, bringing families into the kitchen to have fun with food! Nothing brings friends & family together the same way that food does. We couldn’t agree more! The Little Things seeks to bring more children into the kitchen to explore a world of food, getting their hands dirty… and of course, to savour the fruits of their labour! If you’ve got a little one at home, this would be a great gift card to get for ‘em!

The Nail Social

The Nail Social gift card
Image credits: The Nail Social

The Nail Social is a socially-conscious salon that was established with the aim of training and employing local underprivileged women with a higher barrier to employment, so as to help them progress from a position of vulnerability to security and self-sufficiency. They offer services like manicure, pedicure and foot massages. A gift card from The Nail Social works great as a gift for your loved ones!

Event Planners & Stylists

Kindled Events

Kindled Events
Image credits: Kindled Events

Kindled Events is your go-to destination for any of your future events – weddings, parties, the whole lot. They’ve got photobooths to help capture the most precious moments of your event. It also lets your guests leave with tangible memories! On top of that, they also do flower bars to add colour and fresh botanical scents to your event!

Events Partner

Events Partner
Image credits: Events Partner

Events Partner is a leading provider of premium furniture rental for the events & exhibitions industry in Singapore. They offer modern & exquisite event furniture rental from acclaimed designers around the world, providing quality furnishings for events ranging from parties,, corporate meetings, weddings, festivals, conferences, trade shows & exhibitions. Their gift card can be used to redeem any of the services engaged with Events Partner!

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey gift cards
Image credits: Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey is an event design company specialising in bespoke events in Singapore. This includes baby showers, baby one-month parties, children’s birthday parties, wedding receptions, intimate corporate events or exclusive gala dinners! Arranging any other little touch that might make the occasion extra special would be their forte! Their list of gift cards are sure to get you excited to plan your next big get-together!

Makors Events

Makors Events gift card
Image credits: Makors events

Makors Events are passionate about their in-house classy and fun handcrafted photo booths. If you’re looking for a vintage feel or a rustic theme, their photo booths and funky props will help make your wedding or special occasion even more memorable for you and your guests. Once the circuit breaker ends and normalcy resumes, you’d want to make sure you get a hold of this gift card. Always good planning ahead for future birthday parties 😉

Dees Boutique

Dees Boutique gift card
Image credits: Dees Boutique

Dees Boutique is a treasure trove of beautiful items perfect for that special day of yours (or any event really!). They’ve got dresses which are great for parties, proms or bridesmaids, headpieces and bespoke hats for your guests. The options are almost endless. Might we suggest the clean heels – heel protectors. These work amazing so say goodbye to sinking in the grass whenever you’re in your heels!


TheMeetUpSg gift card
Image credits: TheMeetUpSg

In these times, throwing birthday parties or having large gatherings may not be all that wise. However, there will come a time when things look a bit brighter and we are all out and about again. You’d want TheMeetUpSg to be part of any private event you’re planning! They are a team of event coordinators sure to make your party full of lasting memories – you name it, they’ll do it!

Liz Florals

Liz Florals
Image credits: Liz Florals

Liz Florals focuses on arranging flowers in order to celebrate happiness. They’ve done weddings, special occasions and event decorations too. A great motivation of their work stems from the desire to bring joy and inspiration to clients and their personal events. Love and happiness can best be expressed through flowers (hard to argue against that!). Liz Floral’s gift cards can be used to offset any of their flower items and used on top of any discounts.

Wanderlust Dream

wanderlust dream gift cards
Image credits: Wanderlust Dream

Wanderlust Dream can help you escape from the busy world, while capturing beautiful moments of you and your partner. Telling stories through visuals of a camera lens is their forte. So, leave it to them to capture gorgeous landscape, impromptu laughter and quiet moments throughout your wanderlust trip! These shots will be cherished for a lifetime, that is for sure. Also, the Wanderlust Dream gift card is applicable to a wide variety of wedding events – from overseas/local pre-wedding photoshoots, actual day packages to ROM/solemnisation packages.


Rachel P Jewels

Rachel P Jewels gift card
Image credits: Rachel P Jewels

Ever heard of the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? Well, Rachel P Jewels has a range of unique and natural gems that are suitable for any kind of girl! With jewels that sparkle in a variety of colours, the rarity of them is the most valuable quality of Rachel P Jewels’ gemstones. This special gift card goes at a rate of $600 for customised jewellery, which consists of a full credit value of $800. It’s a promotion you definitely don’t want to miss if you’re looking to get high quality jewellery for your girl!

Unusually Creation

Unusually Creation
Image credits: Unusually Creation

Unusually Creation is where you should go to if you’re interested in getting personalized & custom 3D caricature figurines. These figurines serve as an ideal personalized gift for friends and loved ones, and are suitable for any occasions. Their top priority is to produce a “one and only figurine” according to their customer. So, why not get a gift card and send your loved ones a figurine of themselves!

Le Marlin Violet

Le Marlin Violet
Image credits: Le Marlin Violet

The marlin is one of the ocean’s fastest swimmers. Le Marlin Violet was named affectionately by the founder as a reminder to stay efficient and outstanding, while bringing joy to others. Le Marlin Violet provides a wide range of customisable mobile accessories to address consumers’ needs of protecting their mobile phones. They also specialise in customisable gifts like pillows, keychains, necklaces, and bracelets. This is definitely a very practical gift card to get for a loved one!


Image credits: Honeyspree

Honeyspree is here to help you delight your guests by letting them savour mini jars of golden honey! They have ready-made designs as well as customisable designs to suit your party theme. You can surprise your guests with personalised labels bearing your names or short messages of love and gratitude! Send everyone buzzing as you sweeten your way to say thank you to your guests, one honey jar at a time.


Image credits: Amusse

Since 2013, Amusse prides itself as a local brand that specialises in curating artisanal handmade products of refined quality. Each piece is earnestly crafted and made from scratch! They  provide made-to-order products and bespoke services. Choose from a wide range of faux leathers and fabrics and finish off with a monogram name either in bold or cursive font! Getting an Amusse gift card works perfect as unique custom-made gifts for your loved ones.


Image credits: Sol+

Sol+ started with a simple passion – scents. Scents invoke feelings, as the sense of smell connects directly to the emotional center of the brain. Sol+ makes beautiful scents accessible to today’s flexible lifestyles, packing well-balanced scents into a convenient roll-on. This gift card is applicable for purchases made on Sol+ online store. 

We, at Delegate, have started an initiative to support vulnerable individuals and families affected by the COVID-19 situation. During this circuit breaker period, for every package purchased on Delegate, SGD1 will go to The Courage Fund by National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Do feel free to spread the word and support this cause!

Another initiative we’ve started involves the wedding industry. This global pandemic we are in has brought a host of challenges to everyone involved in said industry. From brides-to-be to wedding vendors, these are unprecedented times. We want to be part of the solution. That is why we started this Facebook group – Save Wedding Vendors. We aim to build a community of helpful vendors and members. You can post your queries, ask for recommendations and share promotions or reviews as well.

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