These Wedding Gowns Are Not Your Usual Vera Wangs – 5 Dress Trends to Follow

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. But with all the designs to choose from, this can be a challenge. To help, we’ve rounded up the top six wedding dress trends this year that we’ve seen on runways, celebrities and real weddings!

Off the Shoulder

If there’s one fashion craze that many women can’t get enough these days, it’s the off the shoulder. The great thing about off shoulder dresses is that it is very forgiving. Brides of different body types can wear it. It’s very alluring without showing too much skin. This type of dress is fantastic for weddings that take place in cooler months.

Sheer sleeves

Nothing is as romantic as a wedding dress with sheer sleeves. Sheer sleeves with hints of lace and some beads are a great combination. Sheers sleeves or back shows just the right amount of sexy. It is important though, that brides check the placement of the lace or beads on the sleeves. Correct placement makes for proper silhouette.

Shoulder Streamers

Shoulder streamers are all the rage this year thanks to Lupita Nyong’o and her iconic red dress at the Golden Globes. From then on, people have been sporting dresses with capes and shoulder streamers. With its classic and elegant style, it’s no wonder brides want in on the trend.


Fringe-y dresses exude fun and playful elements. If placed correctly, fringed dresses can have great patterns that complement the bride’s body shape. This trend is perfect for petite or slim brides.

Bridal Dress Separates

Anybody who is into fashion and beauty can probably deduce that socialite and fashion icon Olivia Palermo started this trend. It’s non-traditional, but totally doable. A white crop top partnered with a lace midi skirt is not only budget-friendly, but also ultra- chic!

Classy Jumpsuit

Perhaps the most modern and non-traditional bridal dress trend these days is not an actual dress, but a classy jumpsuit. A crisp white jumpsuit paired with stylish pumps or sandals is as stylish as any classic white dress. This trend is great for simple, civil wedding or brides who are very modern, powerful and fashion-forward.

Are there any wedding dress trends we forgot to include in the list? We’d love to read your comments below!

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