Outdoor Solemnization at Village Hotel Changi

Downsizing your wedding guest list and adhering to the new regulations during your special day may be far from what you imagined for your special day, but with a little tweaking and trimming, you can still achieve the wedding of your dreams and commemorate this milestone in your life through cool and creative ways. 

Whether you are planning a chic wedding or an intimate one with a quaint twist, the 17 indoor and outdoor function venues offered at Village Hotel Changi are the perfect options for you. Tucked away in the East, the serenity paired with the picturesque nature backdrop surrounding the hotel, brings about a romantic ambience to set the mood of your wedding and charm your guests.  

Crowned ‘Best Overall Outdoor Solemnization Venue’ and ‘Best Traditional Wedding Theme’ by Her World Brides Singapore, Village Hotel Changi offers a generous sea view from its infinity deck where you can exchange your vows while overlooking at the glistening blue waters of South China Sea.

Exuding an air of tranquility and elegance, Village Hotel Changi offers couples an opportunity to seal their love in a graceful style. 

Image Credits: Village Hotel Changi

Available Wedding Packages for 2021

Village Hotel Changi offers a wide range of wedding packages such as Western and Chinese Solemnisation Packages, Intimate Nikah Package which consist of a three-course specially curated Halal-certified menu, and also Bollywood Packages with a choice of either North or South India cuisine. Apart from the extensive wedding packages, the hotel also offers a range of thematic decorations to enhance your wedding theme. This includes traditional themes such as Oriental, Malay, Bollywood and also modern wedding settings.

Image Credits: Village Hotel Changi

Venue Descriptions of Wedding Venues

With the different function venues of varied sizes, you will have no trouble finding a suitable space that allows your wedding celebration to be carried out in a comfortable manner while maintaining the social distancing regulations. 

Image Credits: Village Hotel Changi

Tucked away in idyllic Changi Village, the hotel feels private and exclusive, while offering a handsome choice of 17 indoor and outdoor venues. Walk through intricate floral arches, toasting to love and happiness as you and your guests enjoy the sunset and sea views at our rooftop infinity pool. Then watch as they transform the Creek Pool into a fairy lit ground for a rustic chic outdoor banquet. 

Being so close to nature means that their venues are of a whimsical charm, creating the most magical setting to make your nautical or garden-themed wedding dream come true.

Image Credits: Village Hotel Changi

Their poolside venue offers a scenic South China Sea view as a backdrop to your celebration. Having attained the Singapore Halal Certification by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) for their banquet kitchen’s food preparation, the hotel is able to provide Halal menus.

Covered in natural earthy tones and elegantly chic, modern designs, Village Hotel Changi offers various function spaces with attractive, scenic foliage, making it the perfect spot for couples looking for something out-of-the-ordinary while staying in touch with nature. This is a destination and venue ideal for weddings with a whimsical charm and elegance.

These are some of the popular venues to choose from:

  • Square
  • Poolside 
  • Infinity 
  • Creek 
  • Quad 
  • Sphere 
  • Oval 
  • Cube

Whether it is a cosy, intimate affairs or elaborated celebration, the location of the hotel brings about the exclusiveness that hardly can be felt in the bustling city we live in. You won’t run short of picturesque views that the natural surroundings create up against the function venues to marvel at and impress your guests.

Tips to Pull Off A Safe Wedding 

As we all make our small but significant contributions to try and flatten the curve, it’s important that, even in the midst of celebration, we remember to adhere to government restrictions when it comes to social gatherings.

As such, it is essential that you settle for a venue that takes the necessary measures to keep you and your guests safe, while also providing flexible cancellations or even postponement terms. The team at Village Hotel Changi understands how stressful organizing a wedding can be, more so in the middle of a global pandemic. 

As such, they take their role seriously in assisting you and ensures that every one of their clients receive valuable tips in the process of planning the perfect wedding until the moment you walk down the aisle. 

Image Credits: Village Hotel Changi

Find out more about the venues at Village Hotel Changi by visiting them on Delegate. Pick your ideal venue to host your swoon-worthy ceremony from their wide range of 17 indoor and outdoor venues . At Delegate, we’ve scoured the best vendors to help ensure that your wedding is an absolute dream. Having partnered with Village Hotel Changi, you can expect your ceremony to look elegant effortlessly.


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