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Get A Perfect Look For Your Pre-Wedding Photos With These 10 Tips

Most couples choose to have a pre-wedding shoot as a chance to get comfortable with the photographer, but also as a chance to have gorgeous pictures taken before your big day. If you’re looking for a few tips to help you with how to get a perfect look for your pre-wedding photos, then you’re in the right place!

Image Credits: The GAS Station

1. Find The Right Photographer

Many people can hold a camera, what you need is someone who’ll be able to understand your vision and bring it to life. Your photographer’s personality needs to be something you can work with. You don’t want someone (professional as they might try to be) who doesn’t suit you. Maybe their personal style is a bit too eccentric for you and you want a traditional approach, or they’re very serious and you’re a very playful couple. Small things like that add up.

2. Check Out Pinterest

Find inspiration, whatever your theme or favored aesthetic and create your own Pinterest board you can share with your photographer. Remember not to be too rigid though, these are only for inspiration, bring in a bit of your own personality into it without trying to copy the exact same pose. Relax and be in the moment.

3. Beauty Prep

Get your beauty rest the night before, that way you’ll look fresh and have that gorgeous glow for the shoot. Have your facials done and get the perfect grooming to make sure you look fantastic.

Image Credits: The GAS Station

4. Go Easy On The Alcohol

Tempting as it may be to enjoy the open bar and keep the drinks rolling, know your limit. While you definitely want to have fun, alcohol makes you a little reckless, so make sure to watch the number of glasses so you can remain clear headed. Also, alcohol dehydrates your skin, and it won’t be flattering to your face, taking away the glow you want the camera to capture. Ideally, at least a month or so before the big day, completely go off the booze to make sure your skin builds that glow.

5. Be Easy-Going and Open

Yeah, there’s a giant camera in your face flashing away, but don’t overthink the shots. Instead, play with your partner and pretend it’s just you and them. You’ll avoid tensing up, and look ten times better when you’re in your elements. Also, make sure to have comfortable clothing on so you’re not fretting over bulging, ill-fitting clothes.

6. Exercise and Boost Your Confidence

It’s true that when you look good you feel good, so months before the big day, make a habit of sweating it up a little. It’ll help you look great, you’ll fit into your dress, and the endorphins working out induces will have you feeling great, even behind the unforgiving gaze of a camera. 

7. Take Care of Your Skin

Ladies, leading up to your big days, go for regular facials and do frequent masking to keep your skin in supple glowing condition. In addition, good complexion makes it easier for makeup as well. Definitely, don’t try out new makeup or skin care products at the last minute which has a risk of causing allergic reactions or pimple outbreaks.

Men, you’ll do well to involve your wife-to-be in taking care of your skin too! Couples doing facials can be a great bonding experience. Who knows, you might just get hooked!

8. Cosy up

Wedding photos are meant to capture the love and intimacy between a couple. So don’t hesitate to plant one on her cheek, lean in for a romantic kiss, or lean on his shoulder. Just remember to keep it PG so you don’t make it awkward for your photographer.

9. Go With The Flow

Your photographer knows best, so while you’re encouraged to share specific shots you want, do leave the photography to the professionals, and focus on basking in your love and enjoying your day. Instead of obsessing over getting the perfect shot, let loose and keep it light-hearted, no need to be tense.

10. Remember to Laugh and Have Fun

The best way to have natural-looking photos is to actually have fun while on the shoot. Forget the camera and enjoy yourselves exploring a new place, or pretend you’re on a date and make each other laugh!

Image Credits: The GAS Station

As Delegate, we have trusted vendors such as The GAS Station to let you take the most gorgeous wedding pictures you’ll look fondly back at years from now. The GAS Station produces visuals with heart. Weddings are one of those beautiful days you will remember forever, so they celebrate the decision you’ve made – to wake up to the same person for the rest of your life. You want a team that will listen, create and weave your story into pictures that speak of your love. The Wedding GAS is here for you!


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