Pandemic Wedding Trends Here to Stay

Weddings are an important milestone in every couple’s life. However, with the recent increase in disasters and pandemics, it also brings a silver lining for couples who were planning on getting married during this time period.

However, the pandemic still offers wedding trends that are here to stay for good! In spite of rising prices and less availability, there are other ways that you can combat high prices and low stocks like choosing more budget-friendly locations, unique venues or dress styles or opting out of certain aspects. After all, it’s not every day that you get married! You don’t need to worry about your big day being ruined because of this virus! We bring you these pandemic wedding trends that are here to stay when it comes to weddings for good.

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Outdoor Venues Are A Priority

It’s no secret that the pandemic has been a harrowing experience for many. It even affects those who are not infected, such as when indoor weddings were made less popular due to fears about mass gatherings of people in confined spaces – which have caused some outbreaks this year. Consider having an outdoor wedding instead – with so much beauty and serenity available outside, it may be just what you need on your big day! There is nothing more peaceful than being surrounded by nature as you wed your loved one; after all these years we deserve something sweet from life before everything goes away forever.

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Guests Will Be Carefully Selected

Couples’ guest lists will be more conscious to the people who really matter. It won’t just be a list of every single person they know, and there’s no need for large weddings either – it’ll all depend on what their priorities are as individuals in terms of family life or after-wedding friendships. Couples must give careful consideration which guests should get priority status at their wedding: those that have been involved with them from before the pandemic struck or even those that they might not have kept in contact with but still remain important because they’ve been a part of the couple’s lives in one way or another. 

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More Intimate Music Performances Expected

Expect a whole lot more intimate musical performances on wedding days. Ambient music will contribute to the overall guest experience, so you won’t see as many dance floors with mini-concerts and opera singers at tables like before the pandemic took over; instead it’ll be live entertainment that’s far more personal than anything else: family members or friends giving speeches dedicating songs to one another during dinner that would make your night worth remembering.

More Adventures With Fashion Choices

The pandemic has created an opportunity for couples to express themselves through fashion and style choices. Brides are stepping away from the traditional norm, opting instead for more personal styles that make them feel confident on their wedding day. As a result of this intimate atmosphere at weddings during the pandemic, there is less emphasis put on what would traditionally be worn by bridal parties; truly allowing every bride’s individuality to shine!

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Focus On Your Intimate Gathering

Brides and grooms have come to realize that there is something truly magical about small, intimate weddings. The pandemic restrictions make it more difficult for them but they are able to find benefits in this change as well. When couples reduce their guest list, not only does it save money on a big ceremony set-up or meal preparations but also provides less stress overall since you are celebrating with your closest loved ones instead of having an overwhelming number staring back at them from across the room.

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Your Meal Being More Of An Experience

Couples are creating culinary experiences for their guests that will make them feel like they just sat down to eat at an amazing restaurant. Couples are heightening the dining experience by focusing on smaller details and making menu options more personalized and special. Guests get to celebrate love with loved ones while also feeling taken care of because couples want each guest’s night out together to be amazing!

While there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty about what the pandemic will do, it’s important to remember that love and weddings are not canceled. With these wedding trends here to stay, you don’t have to worry about your plans for your big day being affected by whatever this pandemic may bring our way. Check out Delegate where you’ll find an array of wedding resources and wedding vendors to help you on your wedding planning journey. 

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