8 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories

Do you happen to be a sucker for sentiment by any chance? I think we’d be lying if we answered that with a resounding no. Even the most stoic of us, surely there’s a tiny bit of room in everyone’s heart saved for being sentimental. This is especially so when the topic of discussion happens to be wedding memories. We all would like to believe that we’d remember every single aspect of our wedding day. I can almost sense you rolling your eyes as you read this. You’re probably whispering under your breath “come on, I know I won’t forget my own wedding day”.

But just ask any married individual you know; your wedding day has a tendency to go by in a blur. One minute you’re walking down the aisle, blink and you’re already in your dinner dress, raising a toast to your guests and enjoying the final few moments of your wedding ceremony. No doubt that photos and videos will do this job of preserving wedding memories. Here are just some other ways to make your wedding come to life again.

Preserving your wedding dress

The wedding dress is going to be one of the most distinct and prominent parts of your wedding day. Not to mention, one of the most tangible (and pricey) items too. So, why not preserve it then? Have your gown or dress professionally cleaned right away so that any possible stains don’t have a chance to set. Then, take it to a professional gown preserver. They will ensure that the dress won’t yellow or deteriorate by cleaning it and storing it in an acid-free box.

wedding dress
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Preserving your wedding flowers

Drying her bouquet or his boutonnière is a nifty alternative when it comes to preserving wedding memories. Look for a professional flower preserver to press or quick-dry your wedding blooms using silica gel, and store in a frame or dome, or freeze-dry the flowers to keep the whole bouquet intact. For a wearable keepsake, you can have your wedding flowers preserved into a beautiful pendant. Also, you can preserve them yourself by hanging them to dry. The dry flowers and leaves can then be formed into an arrangement. Just like that, you’ve got a room decor that reminds you of your wedding day every time you set eyes on it. Get bouquet ideas here!

wedding flowers
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Preserving your wedding cake

Let’s start with a disclaimer first, some cakes don’t freeze well! In order to keep it tasty, wrapping it properly is a must. If your cake has any flowers or decorations, do remember to remove them first. It’s also important to let the cake sit in the refrigerator for a few hours first to chill. Wrap up your cake with plastic wrap to keep air out. Finish with two layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil and you’re good to go!

wedding cake
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Time capsule

On your wedding day, you can choose to have a keepsake box at your reception. Maybe you can add a note for guests to add mementos, letters or photos of this special day. To make it fun, have your guests fill out a questionnaire with predictions about you and your partner. You and your partner can then make a promise to each other that you’ll open up the time capsule on milestone anniversaries.

notes for mr and mrs
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Journal or Scrapbook

This one right here is rather flexible. It can even apply from the moment you get engaged all the way to your honeymoon! By having a journal or scrapbook, you’re recording down all the major (and even minor) events, milestones and experiences about your big day. This can include thought bubbles for your wedding vows, fabric samples of your dress or whatever you deem significant enough to jot down.

journal wedding memories
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Wedding Playlists

evoke wedding memories
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A key part of creating a particular atmosphere or vibe at a wedding ceremony is the choice of music. Chances are you and your partner will be putting in quite a bit of effort in curating the wedding playlist. Maybe after your big day, you don’t see much value in keeping the playlist. Hold up though, we are suggesting it be best to keep it! Sure, the both of you would remember that big love ballad – insert Ed Sheeran song here – that you’ve chosen. It’ll be nice to keep that playlist and be reminded of why you chose certain songs or play them every now and then to evoke memories of your wedding day.

Don’t be limited by what our suggestions, there are plenty of ways you can preserve your wedding memories. Off the top of our head, other suggestions include framing wedding keepsakes such as meaningful lyrics or wedding vows. For those tech-savvy couples, creating a website dedicated to your wedding day would be pretty cool! Aside from an online photo gallery, create a wedding journal with details of the special times before, during and after your wedding. Whichever method you decide on, make sure it doesn’t stray away from the main aim of helping you and your partner cherish those wonderful moments together.

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