Brides are such sentimental creatures. Physical reminders of your wedding day will bring back many happy moments. There’s no question, you want your wedding memories to be preserved forever.

While there are traditional ways of preserving your wedding memories like photography and videography, there are also some creative options for you to remember as many details as possible and keep the memories alive.

Here are some ways you can save a piece of your wedding celebration and cherish those wonderful memories for years to come:

  1. Preserving your wedding dress

Have your gown or dress professionally cleaned right away so stains don’t set. Then take it to a professional gown preserver who will make sure the dress won’t yellow or deteriorate by properly cleaning it and storing it in an acid-free box.

  1. Preserving your wedding flowers

Look for a professional flower preserver to press or quick-dry your wedding flowers using silica gel, and store in a frame or dome, or freeze-dry the flowers to keep the whole bouquet intact. For a wearable keepsake, you can have your wedding flowers preserved into a beautiful pendant. Using a resin method, bits of your wedding bouquet are turned into gorgeous pendants using bits of metallic leaf.

  1. Preserving your wedding cake

Many couples follow the tradition of saving a piece of their wedding cake for their first anniversary. Make sure to wrap it properly. Remove any decorations or flowers. Put the cake on a foil wrap cake board then stick it in the freezer so the icing hardens.Then cover the cake completely in plastic wrap, making it as airtight as possible. Finish with two layers of heavy duty aluminium foil.

  1. Time capsule

Have a keepsake box at your reception for you and your guests to add special mementos of the day, then you and your groom will make a promise to open it on your first and succeeding milestone anniversaries (5th, 10th, 25th, etc.)

  1. Shadowbox

A shadowbox is a splendid way to keep your memories of the momentous occasion. Gather the little things, like save-the-date cards, invitations, special cards, garters and hair accessories, then arrange and layer them using pins and tacks in your shadowbox. Then hang it on your wall. You could create a shadowbox of your wedding stationery only. Keep all your invitations, save-the-dates, programs, and handwritten vows, and put everything in a shadow box and display them.

  1. Framing

Surely you have your favourite wedding photo framed to hang on your wall. Why not frame other keepsakes, like your written vows, the lyrics of the music from your first dance, your wedding invitation and your save-the-date announcement. Ask to have them framed using museum quality glass so they will keep from fading over time.

  1. Wedding guest book

Make your wedding guest book even more special with notes from your guests. Ask them to include well wishes and advice.

  1. Wedding website

A wedding website is the techie way to keep wedding memories alive. Aside from an online photo gallery, create a wedding journal with details of the special times before, during and after your wedding. Imagine the happiness that these memories will bring in the future.

(Image Credit: Pressed Flowers)