10 Florists With Blooms That Won’t Wilt on Your Wedding Day

Whether its torrential rain of biblical standards or sunshine to challenge even the most ardent of summer fanatics, humidity is – unfortunately – a constant here in Singapore. This could spell trouble when it comes to your wedding florals. It’s a justified and rather common worry among brides to be. However, a good florist coupled with the right choice of florals can remedy this. So, here are just some recommended florists for you to consider! As Troye Sivan so poetically puts it, let’s take a trip into our garden / we’ve got so much to show you.

Ask a French – Flowers

Ask a French - Flowers florist
Image credits: Ask a French – Flowers

At Ask a French – Flowers, their blooms take inspiration from the beauty of wild nature and classic still life paintings. Started by Aude, a floral designer based in Singapore and trained in the city of love – Paris. Her goal is to create and style bespoke poetic flowers that are both unique and chic. So if you’re striving for that special “je ne sais quoi” in your wedding florals, Ask a French Flowers have definitely got you covered.

Fleur Boutique

Fleur Boutique florists
Image credits: Fleur Boutique

Fleur Boutique is a floral design studio with a mission to inculcate and grow the appreciation of artisanal flowers and floral art. Driven by this desire, you will be able to find lush, exotic flowers in their arrangements. Flowers are sourced from fields all across the globe, including places like the Netherlands, Colombia, South Africa and Kenya. Going beyond boundaries with bold designs while keeping things natural and organic is their flow. Get ready to be taken on a journey and experience joy, freedom and discover your inner self while you’re at it.

Liz Florals

Liz Florals
Image credits: Liz Florals

Arranging flowers to celebrate love and focusing on rustic, whimsical and romantic designs. If that entire sentence strikes a chord with you, then Liz Florals could just be the florist for your big day. At Liz Florals, attention is focused on the clients preferences and personalities. Hence, creations come out highly personalised and timeless. So whether you’re looking for dreamy pastel tones of blush or that classic palette of red, blush and cream, Liz Florals are more than equipped to provide your dream wedding blooms.


Ina.Shea florists
Image credits: Ina.Shea

Ina.Shea is a creative floral studio that seeks to utilise floral and botanical elements as creative anchors to bring a natural, complementary and cohesive ambience to your occasions. Besides aiming to bring out the philosophy of beauty in its most natural way, this pair explores the current possibilities inherent in new technologies, new material and new ways of living with urban organics. Ina.Shea offers the beauty of flowers to elevate each wedding to an exquisite and elegant experience. From pedestal stands to reception centrepiece, bridal bouquets to groom boutonniere, they’ve got it all!

Fern & Foli

Fern & Foli florists
Image credits: Fern & Foli

Fern & Foli was born out of passion; a passion for flowers and craft. With a combined background in architecture and greenery design, floristry presented an alternative medium for expression. Flowers express life, celebration and love. Each one is unique and their beauty is fleeting, making them that much more special. By playing with materials, colours, textures, Fern & Foli are more than capable when it comes to crafting bouquets, boutonnieres or otherwise into an experience that fits your specific wedding plan.


Bloomen florist
Image credits: Bloomen

For Bloomen, every flower arrangement has to be made with a healthy mixture of soul and passion. Using the freshest bloom, creating designs that leaves a lasting impression is what Bloomen strives for. When it comes to a wedding occasion, Bloomen is excited to help set the mood and atmosphere with their blooms. So it matters not if you are looking for something lush and grand or just something simple. Bloomen is eager to hear your plans out and help turn that dream into reality.

The Bloomish Eden

The Bloomish Eden
Image credits: The Bloomish Eden

The Bloomish Eden takes great pride in the expression of heartfelt connections through carefully crafted edens. They buzz hard to live by their philosophy – “irregardless, everybody deserves blooms”. Just like every element of nature, we are all unique. Curating the coming together of unique souls through flower arrangements is the core of The Bloomish Eden. Through the whole process, from enquiry to the finale of delivering wedding florals, they are dedicated in nailing all the details in order to make your special day that much more special.

Florals Actually

Floral Actually
Image credits: Floral Actually

When jaunty blooms and lush foliage come together in a playful concoction of depth and quaintness, you’ll find yourself looking at a creation by Florals Actually. Founded in early 2017, Florals Actually provides flower services for all occasions, specialising in wedding styling. From bold splashes of petals to rustic berries shrubs, they carefully curate every bespoke design to bring you a floral experience that’s uniquely yours. So, why not let their blooms make your weddings more colourful, beautiful and ultimately more memorable.

The Wallflower Bud

The Wallflower Bud florists
Image credits: The Wallflower Bud

The Wallflower Bud was created with the aim to bring a sense of freedom and joy to whoever receives them. Hence, they ensure their bouquets contain a variety of flowers, put together in a simple manner. Celebrate your special day with rustic arrangements and a touch of the wild as The Wallflower Bud brings nature to the doorstep of your wedding location. Fresh, dried or preserved flowers is no issue a they can customise according to the theme or colour palette of your choice.

Dancing Petals

Dancing Petals florists
Image credits: Dancing Petals

Quality floral designs topped with super service is what Dancing Petals is all about. They work their hearts (and guts) out making sure that your floral purchases come at prices tailored to your budget, without compromising on quality. Dancing Petals desire and strive to make hearts dance through their floral creations. The current portfolio includes hand-tied bouquets and vase arrangements of both fresh and dried flowers. By request, they also create bespoke designs for weddings.

When it comes to battling Singapore’s weather, speaking to your florist will help alleviate the uncertainty you’re feeling about flowers wilting. For example, Gerbera daisies need full sun to grow so they’d be right at home in our tropical weather. Other examples of blooms that thrive in the summer heat would be carnations, lilies and (of course) sunflowers.

Upon speaking to your florist, you’d get a much clearer idea of what kind of flowers work best for your big day or which flowers are in season and which are not. The end product may not always turn out to be exactly what you envisioned but hey, life ain’t alway a bed of roses. Mini thorns are to be expected once in a while. Let’s not have it rain on your parade, it is your big day after all!

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