2020 Wedding Theme Trends

The new year is fast approaching, and many of us are already planning on making big life changes in the coming months (BTO anyone?). One of which could be to hold a wedding — the one big day where you’re treated like royalty and fussed around by family and loved ones! Let’s rewind a bit though: before the magical day happens, lots of preparation needs to go underway (that Delegate can lend a hand with!) Yet, one crucial decision would need to be made by the happy couple — the wedding theme. On that note, we have gathered the most relevant and trendy themes of the coming year in this article for you, so get inspired!

Movie/TV show-inspired

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If you and your partner are major fans of a particular film or TV series that you have both have been binging on end on Netflix, bring it to life at your biggest and most memorable day. Whether it’s the sitcom FRIENDS and it’s iconic cafe interior and couch, or the sci-fi franchise of Star Wars and it’s gleaming light sabers and robots, translating them into the ceremony will certainly be a conversation starter amongst guests and loved ones and makes it a symbol of your love in the future. Check out more Movie/TV show inspirations here!

Around the World

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Maybe you met them while you were on your student exchange, or backpacking in the mountains; this theme is perfect for those with the spirit of adventure and can’t wait for their next expedition. Include map motifs at your reception and hot air balloons or paper airplanes. Print pictures of all the countries you and your partner have been to as a testament to your travelbug (and love bug). What’s more, send guests an invitation to the wedding in the likeness of a plane ticket as a request to jet over to your nuptial — no refunds allowed! Check out more Around the World inspirations here!


2020 wedding themes

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Always envisioned your wedding to be magical and dreamy? This theme will be perfect for that –– think: modern Alice in Wonderland setting. Pepper tea lights and fairy lights strewn generously around the venue to create that mystical vibe. Strawberry pink and white flower wreaths, small succulents and a spread fit for a tea party in the woods will certainly elevate your outdoor (or indoor) affair into something straight out of a storybook. Quirky vintage clocks and tea sets are great alternatives to normal number holders for centerpieces. Check out more whimsical wedding inspirations here! Also, see Cheryl & Roy’s whimsical wedding that looked like something out of a fairytale!


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The upside to the perpetual summer weather on the Singaporean shore is that we have beach access all year round — and with that, beach weddings too! We recommend Tanjong Beach Club as they already have indoor and al fresco dining spaces and bars at the ready so you will not need to make extra special arrangements. White sheets will be your best friend for the drapes and walkway down the aisle while providing some respite from the sun’s rays. And while you’re at it, don a pair of sandals or just go barefoot for a true beach experience. We recommend you to do a sweep of the area to make sure the sand is free from any sharp or foreign objects that might get in the way. Check out more beach wedding inspirations here! Take a look at Angela & Nicholas’ beach wedding in Thailand that had absolutely stunning views!


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A well worn aesthetic loved by millennials, a minimalistic, understated theme is nothing out of the ordinary. Suited for couples who aren’t fond of the glitz and glam and love the simplistic decor. Wood and botanical accents will overlay well against the white majority. Cubic shapes like trapezoids complement the theme should the old reliable rectangles and circles look too repetitive in the decor or invitations. Try to incorporate an accent material or object as knowing what to omit and add into your decor will help you  to ensure that the event does not look overly minimal. Check out more minimalist wedding inspirations here!


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The venue is key for a rustic wedding, look out for places with brick or wood walls and plenty of fauna to resemble a cottage house of sorts. Faux oil lamps can act as a key piece of decor and can be readily found online for cheap. Wood pieces such as coasters or frames also help strengthen the cohesiveness of the theme. If you are a vintage car fan, classic automobiles are available for rent in Singapore from different organisations and will make a great photo opportunity for guests. Who wouldn’t want to be able to catch a glimpse of a Vespa again? Check out more rustic wedding inspirations here! Also, check out Stan & Kate’s wedding at The Warehouse Hotel that exuded some seriously cozy, rustic vibes!


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The bohemian style is everlasting, and more so now where the trend is the modern and eccentric, it is healing to indulge in something more homely and comforting in a way. Smaller intimate areas can be spruced up with a pastel and neutral colour palette, and don’t forget the tapestry rugs and throw pillows! Hanging flower installation or arches can be utilised as an entrance piece and further spoil your guests will a dessert table or two, decorated with dried wild florals and macrame. Wicker baskets are functional to hold letters to the couple or to hold petals when the couple walks down the aisle. Check out more bohemian wedding inspirations here!

Tropical Garden

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Being the green city that we are, our shores isn’t in any shortage of flora and fauna. Though an outdoor wedding in Coney Island isn’t the most ideal due to the uninvited mosquitoes that accompany it, make up for it by bringing in palm leaves and potted mossery into your wedding venue. Door gift ideas include a small potted seedling or air plant — which are easy to care for and package for carry (bonus points for doing your part for the environment as well!) Check out more tropical wedding inspirations here!

Contemporary Traditional

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In such a melting pot of races and cultures, incorporating them into your nuptials are a great way to pay homage and respect to your roots. But you don’t have to go full traditional, opt for a modern take with an oriental flavour. Old school snacks and household items like tingkat sets and keepsakes are items that hold great nostalgic memories to the Peranakan while the Chinese can bring out the fine china and tea sets and other traditional decor with red accents. And with that, your guests can also be a part of the blast from the past by requesting them to doll up in accordance to the theme. Check out more contemporary traditional wedding inspirations here!

Which theme will you choose for your big day? Tag us on Instagram & Facebook @justdelegate and show us what wedding theme you’ve chosen! Meanwhile, check out Delegate to discover and book wedding vendors now.

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