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4 Ways to Get Your Business Ready for Easter Holidays


Celebrated by the Christian community, Good Friday and Easter Sunday commemorates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus respectively. While they head down to church for service throughout the long weekend to observe and celebrate these special days, others have definitely set their sights on taking a well-deserved break from work. The long weekend is a great time for people to spend precious time with their family or catch up with their friends and let loose.

For you – the host of workshops and event spaces – it’s the perfect time to make this long weekend a special one for them, whether or not they celebrate Easter. Check out some tips we have for you to prepare your business for the upcoming Easter Holidays!

1. Easter Deals

With people looking out for things to do and places to go this weekend, they’re definitely going to be looking out for good deals too. Grab their attention with special, Easter weekend promotions on your website or Delegate profile. This can increase your brand’s visibility during a potentially high-traffic season and help you to maximise revenue for the period.

Some deals you could consider rolling out are:

  • price deals on products or packages
  • price deals when a customer brings a friend along
  • Special, limited edition gifts that come along with purchasing a product

2. Easter-themed decorationseasterBunnies hopping around a freshly-mowed lawn, as you sit on your rustic front porch, enjoying a cup of tea and a breath of fresh air – doesn’t Easter remind you of a relaxing, simpler life? Of course, you may not be able to recreate the whole scene for your customers but you could always add an Easter vibe to your business with subtle Easter-themed decorations, adding a nice touch to your customer’s experience with you. Check out our Easter mood board to get inspired for the season!

3. Easter-themed activitieseasterEspecially when it involves kids, Easter-themed activities can create a memorable experience for your customers! If you’re hosting a workshop, why not incorporate Easter vibes into your lessons? You could add elements of Easter such as bunny ears, carrots and baby breath. Better yet, you could host a surprise egg hunt for your participants and get them digging to win a prize!

4. Engaging Social Media

Let your potential customers know about your egg-cellent offers this Easter through your Facebook and Instagram pages! Engage them with relevant Easter-themed content that brings their attention to the activities you have in store for them for the Easter weekend.

With that, time to hatch your plans for Easter! Keep your customers cracking and earn some egg-stra points with them down the road!


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