You simply can’t have a good party without great music. Great tunes elevate the spirits of guests, set the mood for the event and create a soundtrack to remember your party by.

Even if you consider yourself music savvy, a professional DJ is a must if you want to elevate the party experience for your guests. We’ve got some of the best ones right here at Delegate!

Take your pick from Singapore’s hottest DJs right now:

1. Adrian Wee


Adrian has been part of Singapore’s nightlife for 15 years now, wearing different hats as a club owner, promoter, and DJ. His first love, however, is DJ-ing, and it has earned him many residences in various clubs.

With his decade-strong career, he knows the ins and outs and can break rules already. In fact, his other irreverent moniker ‘weelikeme’, spawned from the highly successful decade-strong party Poptart, ruffled some feathers in the entertainment industry by breaking rules and introducing alternative and indie rock to dance floors that were previously ruled by electronic sounds.

2. Brendon P


Brendon’s three-decade career has taken him around the most prestigious and hip clubs around the globe (including Geneva, Gothenburg, Melbourne, London, New York, Miami, Taiwan, Hanoi & Hong Kong, just to name a few). His exposure to different club cultures, together with his vast musical backgrounds over his years as a DJ, has given him a keen ear and passion for dance music.

With his stringent adherence to music style and sophistication and attention to detail, it’s not difficult to understand why Nicolas Mattar, owner of New York’s ‘Cielo’ and ‘Output’, calls him a ‘taste-master’ and one of the best DJ’s in the region. Expect nothing less from him, than a set that crosses vast musical boundaries; past, present and future.

 3. Patrick Oliver


Originally from Miami where he played through the early 2000’s at the regular hot spots on South Beach, Patrick was soon performing at nightclubs and festivals all over the world.

He made it to Singapore in 2014 and was simultaneously the resident DJ and music director at the luxe Pangaea club. Today, he currently based here and, when he is not playing records for the bottle popping elite of this island city-state, he’s usually clocking up air miles across Asia performing at renowned massives and playing at some of the hottest clubs and private events in Asia and Europe.

4. Seng Wei


Seng Wei started playing electronic dance music as a university student in L.A. Upon returning to Singapore in 2003, he continued to do it as a hobby, and hasn’t stopped since.

Seng Wei’s style is deep, funky and progressive house with an infusion of tech and organic elements. Although his musical tastes are always changing; he presently is playing a lot more of the nu-disco and deep tech house sound with a touch of electro thrown in there for good measure, which is diversified and incorporated into his sets. He transcends any boundaries between the different genres of music, and really knows how to move the floor.

5. Stephen Day


Stephen started his DJ-ing career as young as 17 years old, in the north east of England in 1997. He started playing in the best club in his hometown of Darlington playing his passion, deep and soulful house music, and the offers didn’t stop coming.

In 2005, Stephen packed his bags and moved to Singapore to become resident DJ at the brand new super club Ministry of Sound. He remained resident from the opening of the club to the closing of it in 2009. Today, other than being a DJ, he also provides consultancy with regards to night club design and full music playlists for restaurants, clubs and bars.

Main image: Pexels