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5 Live Stations to Make Your Party Stand Out

Looking for something to really set your event apart from the rest? Why not hire a live station? Live stations are a great way to make sure all the food and drinks at your party are prepared and served fresh! And no worries about having to run around entertaining your guests because they’d be ooh-ing and ah-ing over at the live station ?

1. Chunky Lobsters


Looking for a lavish live station that will wow your guests? Check out Chunky Lobsters! Specialising in lobster rolls filled with sweet and succulent lobster meat, Chunky Lobsters offers 3 differently flavoured rolls that’s sure to entice your taste buds. You’re sure to impress your guests as the live station whips up a fresh batch for them.

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2. Kava


Family-owned business Kava Coffee is a great live coffee station to look into if you know your guests will want a pick-me-up during your party. Let the aroma of their ethically sourced coffee beans fill the air and c’mon, who doesn’t like freshly brewed coffee? They also serve ice cream and cupcakes for guests who need a sweet treat

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For a truly unique live station, check out CO+NUT+INK! Wow your guests with coconut ice cream that’s served in an actual coconut husk! Perfect for a tropical themed party, CO+NUT+INK’s live station will satisfy even the healthiest of guests with their fruity flavours and healthy toppings.

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4.  Kafve Coffee

img_6701Another great coffee live station, Kafve Coffee brews high quality espresso-based coffees, as well as non-caffeinated options like Hot Chocolate and Matcha Lattes! And what better way to top off your event with some instagrammable latte art? You can even customize the coffee cups to fit in with your party’s theme. What more could you ask for?

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5.  Liquid Chocolate Singapore


Liquid Chocolate Singapore doubles up as both a live station and a dessert table! Let your guests mix and match their desserts with this live station’s offerings. Chocolate fountain? Popcorn? Candy Floss? You name it, they provide it! Be sure to hit them up to find out how you can customize your own dessert live station for a creative party.

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