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5 Quality Furnishings For Corporate Events

Comfy lounge seats, stylish and modern chairs, statement tables, eye-catching podiums, and much, much more. These may be at the background of your event, but they are small things that make a huge difference. Furniture and décor not only create visual appeal, they are also crucial in putting your guests in the right mood, be it energetic and fun to comfortable and luxurious. Check out these furniture suppliers where you can rent high-quality, well-maintained, and stylish pieces for your next big event.

The Events Storethe-events-store

If you are looking for same-old, boring furniture, do not look here. The Events Store is about modern, high-end designer pieces. From sleek bar stools to illuminated benches to sculptural tables, The Events Store has it for you. They items are available for rent for parties, fashion shows, media launches, corporate gatherings, and even private home functions. They also offer advice on selections, as well as set-up and strike down services. Their exclusive and refined pieces are perfect for modern, edgy events with a touch of luxury.


Is your event going to be fun, funky, and youthful? Forget the typical boring chairs and consider bean bags instead. Doob has a wide selection of bean bags with different shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations which you can mix and match to your heart’s content. They work for both indoor and outdoor events making them perfect for outdoor film screenings or festivals, as well as team-building activities and birthdays. They create a casual atmosphere while still making a statement. Not only will your guests be super relaxed, they will also remember you for a long time to come.

Events PartnerScreen Shot 2017-07-06 at 3.35.15 PM

For a taste of the truly chic, check out Events Partner’s catalogue of designer rental furniture. Their pieces are simple and elegant, but oozing with style. Modern cube seats, illuminated bars, and lush sofas are only some of their statement pieces. Along with their designer pieces, Events Partner also provides exemplary customer service to match. They provide personalized service in order to help clients achieve their vision.


It is all about innovation and mobility with E-Nov8ight’s event furnishings. Modular stools, stackable chaises, and foldable cocktail tables make transportation, setup, and storing a breeze. Their pieces also have a contemporary feel, adding beautiful form to exemplary function. You do not get the typical Tiffany chairs here. Instead you get stacked balls, brightly colored lounges, sculptural seats, and other furniture that look more like works of art. It is a sure fire way to add an edgy and dynamic feel to your event, while also making logistics so much more convenient for you.


A one-stop event styling shop, CLProduction also offers décor, accessories, plants, and backdrops on top of their furniture pieces. They are a great stop for traditional items and classic furniture like Tiffany chairs, sofa sets, and dining sets. Their furniture comes in a wide variety of styles, from more formal ones to more modern and contemporary pieces. When it comes to accessories, CLProductions also has a myriad of choices depending on fabric, all of which they could customize for your event. For more traditional and formal get-togethers, nothing says “style” better than having your furniture tailored to your needs.

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