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5 Trendy Venues to Celebrate Your 21st

Turning 21 soon? Well so will all your other friends! Throwing a truly memorable 21st birthday party celebration is really hard to do, especially when all your other friends are gonna be throwing the same party celebrating their 21 years of living as well…

But not to fret, we’ve put together a list of cool and trendy venues to hold your party at! Check out these 5 venues that are sure to knock the socks off your friends and family.

1. 7th Heaven KTV & CafeLove singing? Celebrate your birthday at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe. This whopping venue can seat up to 150 people so it’s perfect for the social butterfly to invite all their friends and family! Well equipped with 15 private karaoke and dining rooms, your different groups of friends and family can enjoy themselves without having to awkwardly mingle. There’s also a pool table for those who are shy to showcase their vocal talent! The 7th Heaven Cafe even provides an in-house catered buffet so you can take your mind off catering food for your party. What a relief for a busy bee like yourself!

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2. Control Space

Looking to host a cozy party with close friends and family? Control Space is the perfect venue for you. Packed to the brim with fun games and activities to do, your guests won’t be leaving your party early. Control Space features great amenities like enlarged Beer Pong, enlarged Jenga, Foosball, Darts, Mahjong and even a Wii! It’s the perfect environment if you want to throw a house party, but don’t want to be stuck with clean up duty after everyone’s gone home.

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3. La Pompage

If you’re looking for a venue that reflects your thrill-seeking, sporty soul, La Pompage is a great outdoor space to celebrate your 21st! A tranquil green space away from the hustle and bustle of the city, La Pompage features Singapore’s only modular pumptrack. Ride and scoot to your heart’s delight, while the younger guests of your party enjoy pony rides. La Pompage is a great spot where both your older and younger guests will have the time of their lives!

4.  Needle in a Haystack

Seeking to truly wow your guests at your 21st? Needle in a Haystack is the ultimate getaway venue. With external facilities like a BBQ pit, pool and tennis courts, and even professional horse trainers to conduct activities like horse feeding and riding, this is a venue that will make your party truly unforgettable. Worried about rainy weather ruining your big day? Needle in a Haystack has got you covered, literally. You and your guests can hide out in a repurposed stable, fitted with an air hockey table, arcade machine and a movie area. This venue has got something for everybody!

5.  Sandbox VR

For the gamer, why not hold your party at Sandbox VR and live out your gaming dreams in real life? Able to accommodate a party of up to 30, Sandbox VR promises a thrilling time for you and your friends. Choose to either fight off Davy Jones and be the hero of the day, or escape the undead zombie residents of Deadwood Mansion. Either way, we guarantee an unforgettable time at your 21st party.

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