Fun and creative wedding gatecrash ideas

In Chinese wedding traditions, wedding gatecrash games are challenges created by the bridesmaids for the groom and groomsmen as a ceremonial demonstration of the groom’s love for the bride. On the morning of the wedding ceremony, this will take place at the bride’s family home, with the bride’s extended family members as their witnesses. The groom has to complete difficult tasks with the help of his groomsmen to enter the bride’s family house and receive the bride in her room. Some popular wedding gatecrash games include the consumption of unpleasant food, answering questions related to the bride or their relationship, and dancing or singing performances. You can read more about Chinese wedding traditions here!

Bridesmaids are known to “torture” the groomsmen to test the groom’s sincerity of his love. If you’re reading this, you probably have a wedding coming up, or you’re an upcoming bridesmaid who is planning wedding gatecrash games for your BFF’s big day. From creative wedding gatecrashing ideas to the more meaningful and heartfelt ones, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a compilation of wedding gatecrash game ideas that are sure to make you laugh till your sides hurt, but also make your heart go “aww” at the presence of true love.

Identify the bride

Prepare a few boards and some pictures- we can’t trust a groom who doesn’t know every part of his bride! This game allows the groom to go through different stages of boards and find out which picture is his bride amongst the bridesmaids. You can have different themes for your boards, such as body part pictures, lipstick kiss marks, baby photos, or even old class photos. The board themes can also be in sync with your wedding theme. If you’re looking for wedding theme ideas, we have some suggestions for you here. Remember that you don’t want to make this too easy for the groom! Make use of body parts that are difficult to identify, such as elbows, or extremely zoomed-in photos, and watch as the groom struggles. For lipstick marks, you can even throw in your male friends’ lips for extra laughter. And for childhood pictures, you can add baby pictures of his future mother-in-law. After all, like mother, like daughter, right?

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Make-your-own meal

It’s not a wedding gatecrash if you’re not torturing the groom and groomsmen with unpleasant food! Let them create their own nasty meals, so you can shift the blame away from you and say that it was their bad luck if they manage to get something that tastes bad. Prepare a box filled with different ingredient names written on strips of paper, as well as dice to indicate how many scoops of the ingredient should be placed inside the dish. For funky cocktails, you can include ingredients like fish sauce and soy sauce for that extra kick in the nose too. For meals, spicy noodles are the best representation of a spicy love to come. Have fun with the endless combinations. Make sure every groomsman has a meal, though remember not to go overboard with the nastiness! You don’t want to clean up vomit on a special occasion.

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Pass the seaweed down

Time to put the bond of the groom and his best mates to the test. You can either use thin sheets of paper or pieces of seaweed for this game. The groom and the groomsmen have to pass down the seaweed in a relay system- only through their mouths! And no, it’s not as simple as biting one end of the seaweed and having the next person take it from the other end. They have to pass with the seaweed placed parallel to their faces like a kiss. Make them feel the shape of each other’s lips with this wedding gatecrash game. This will be a cringe-worthy memory they’ll never forget!

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Work out some sweat

Make the groomsmen sweat their butts off to earn the right to come in! In this exercise relay, the groomsmen will be given a list of different types of exercise, and each one of them has to choose a particular set. These exercises can range from push-ups and sit-ups, to jumping jacks and many more to be done in a relay system. After all the exercises are completed, the groomsmen have to form a human pyramid with the groom at the top. Once on top, the groom has to answer three questions about the bride. If he answers them wrongly, everyone has to redo from the start!

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Multitask dance game

It’s fitness time! Find a tough Zumba dance or a sexy dance video for the groomsmen to follow. While the groomsmen are busy strutting their stuff, have the groom answer questions about the bride. These questions can be from factual questions like “what was her PSLE score?” to cheeky ones such as “how many children are you going to have together?”. You can also have all the groomsmen repeat nonsensical quotes or play “Simon Says”, just to add some extra punishments to this game. This workout will definitely help ease the groom from his wedding nervousness for the evening ceremony. You can also find other tips to counter wedding nervousness here!

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Blind touch test

Of course, it’s only natural for couples to hold hands, but how familiar is the groom with his bride-to-be’s hands? Blindfold the groom while the bridesmaids and the bride line up and in a row together and offer their hands. All other accessories on the hands have to be taken off. Through only touch and nothing else (no giggling either!), the groom should identify his bride’s hands amongst the other ladies. For some cheeky fun, don’t include the bride in the game at all and watch the groom struggle in confusion.

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Find the key

The main point of a wedding gatecrash is to get into the house for the groom to meet the bride- but how can you do so without the key? Wedding gatecrash games that involve finding the key to open the door are common, and there are many variations of this game. Here are some suggestions from us. Firstly, you could freeze the key in a large block of ice and watch them struggle to melt it in a short amount of time. You could also drop the key in a bucket of cornflour mixed with water and filled with other toy keys. This will become a thick and resistant substance which will give them a hard time to find the key. Our last suggestion would be to hide it in a large tray of flour, and the groom would have to search for it using his face. Happy hunting, boys!

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Wedding gatecrash 10 promises

Who says chivalry is dead? Nothing spells knightly courtship like putting up a performance for your future bride. Give the groom a limited amount of time to create a song performance with his wedding vows or promises to the bride. You can include some props as well, such as children’s toy instruments or flashy items for them to wear for extra cuteness. Of course, as supportive brothers, the groomsmen should also be part of this performance by either being background dancers, the band “playing” the instruments, or acting out the lyrics. As serious as wedding vows are, there should be extra points for making this performance quirky and funny as well. Bridesmaids shouldn’t let them pass until it is a satisfactory performance!

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Shake it

Here’s a highly popular wedding gatecrash game- watching the boys shake their stuff! In this game, you would need to fill an empty tissue box with several ping pong balls. Attach this tissue box to a string and tie it around the groomsmen’s waist (with the box on their butts). Then, with a limited amount of time, the boys have to shake their butts to let all the ping pong balls fall out. By using materials you already have in your household for this game, this contributes to making your wedding more eco-friendly. Other ideas to make your wedding more eco-friendly can be found here as well! This game is way harder than it sounds- let the twerk off amongst the men begin!

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Wedding gatecrash Ang Pao money

Negotiations through the giving of red packets are commonly made by the groomsmen to ease the bridesmaids’ demands. The easiest way to taunt the groomsmen at the gate is to ask for Ang Pao money. Groomsmen should be lucky to be tasked with something so simple- the only risk is the hole in their wallets! Bridesmaids, keep asking for the Ang Paos until the amount of money satisfies you. You can’t let these men off and hand the bride over so easily. Extra huat on this special day!

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Suan Tian Ku La with a twist

Another conventional wedding gatecrash game involves the use of the sharp senses of the tongue. Suan Tian Ku La, which translates to “sour sweet bitter spicy” in Chinese, symbolises the different emotions that couples will go through together after being married. This is a meaningful wedding gatecrash game because getting through it signifies that the couple will be able to overcome anything together. Firstly, find some ingredients that satisfy all of these senses to an extreme- the more extreme it gets, the better they will get through tough times together. This food relay comes with a twist whereby not only is the food hard to swallow, but it is also hard to eat the food with the given utensils. This can be like drinking soup with a fork or eating a prata with a spoon.

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Memory game

If you’re looking for meaningful wedding gatecrash games, here’s one you can consider. Test how well the groom remembers important dates of their relationship by printing photos of anniversaries, important milestones or significant travel events. The groom then has to organise these photos from the least recent to the latest on a board. Each space to pin the photo also has a riddle that is related to love written underneath it. The groom has to solve the riddle before they can put the next chronological photo in the following space. The groomsmen can also help to solve the riddles. This game can be a meaningful and fun trip down memory lane for the groom on their big day! You can also find fun ways to preserve your wedding memories from this day here.

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What’s in the box?

Here’s a fun game that was taken from Korean variety shows and made popular in wedding gatecrashes today- trying to guess the item in a box from a distance away. Place a personal item from the bride into a box (the smaller, the better), then ask the groomsmen to stand a distance away from the box. Lift a flap from the box to quickly flash the item once, then close the flap again. From that 1 second of vision, the groomsmen have to guess what the item is. They can see it twice. Any subsequent extra chances such as lifting the flap up longer or going closer to the box have to be “exchanged” with punishments, such as doing push-ups or eating something unpleasant.

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Stretching it out

How flexible are the groomsmen? Combine that with their teamwork, and you will get embarrassingly funny yoga poses that will never be forgotten. In this wedding gatecrash game, show the groomsmen different pictures of group yoga poses that become progressively harder every round. The groomsmen can only pass the round if it looks the same as the photos you’ve shown them. An alternative game would be to play twister with an extra twist, whereby you can write different missions on the dots for the groomsmen to complete on whichever colour they land on.

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Hairy boys, be gone! No need to call on a waxing specialist, this is one of the top games in which bridesmaids love to play. The groomsmen will first pick out a strip of paper from a container with different (predominantly hairy) body parts written on them such as armpit, legs, arms, and chest. Next, have them roll a dice. The number they roll will indicate the number of strips of duct tape that will be on that body part for waxing. The groomsmen will then take turns pulling the tape off each other. It’ll be hilarious to watch them groan in pain while marvelling the new patchy hair patterns on their skin.

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Comparing lips

Lips are an essential feature of one’s face. As friends of the brides, you’ll want to see if your BFF’s groom has the best lips out of all. In this game, you’ll need to get lipsticks in the brightest shades of red. The groom and groomsmen have to apply this lipstick on their lips. Prepare plastic sheets or cling wrap and attach them to a frame to stabilise them. The groomsmen will then take turns to stretch their mouths open as wide as possible and imprint the sheet with their lipstick marks. With the use of a ruler, measure the distance between the top and bottom lips of the lipstick imprints. How did the groom fair amongst his friends? Whatever the results are, this is just a game to capture the silly faces the groom and groomsmen make while stretching out their sexy lips.

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It is important to keep wedding traditions alive because it creates a sense of cultural identity tied to a huge part of our lives. Your wedding becomes an event that is kept close to the heart because of such meaningful traditions. Wedding gatecrash games are a fun and exciting way to start the morning of the big day. This is a once in a lifetime experience for both the bride and groom, thus we want to make sure that these games turn out to be an absolute success with hilarious and heartwarming memories to look back on. Here at Delegate, we hope you can find wedding gatecrash games from this list that are best suited for your wedding!

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