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5 Best Workshops for Corporate Team Building

With corporate team building being all the buzz nowadays, many of us are spoiled for choice on what to choose for our next company cohesion day. We all know a good activity can bring many funny and memorable experiences to a team. This could translate to an even more cohesive company. Luckily for you, we’ve curated some workshops from our vendors that are sure to go beyond the Plain Jane corporate activities that we’re all used to. Here are 5 of them that might just be the icing on the cake at your next company event.

1. Leah Design Ever glanced at a piece of calligraphy art and question your lack of creative genius? For the naysayers who think twice about their artistic skills, Leah Design’s calligraphy workshops are perfect for you. With the growing popularity of calligraphy because of its easy-to-learn structure, you can be sure that your team will have plenty to take away from this experience. Learn the basics of lines and strokes, bring that up another level, and voila! You suddenly have a team of calligraphers ready to design invitations for this year’s dinner and dance.

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2. Legacy Dance Co.

One would be amazed at the power of dance in building rapport. Here’s one for the fitness buffs and active junkies who never get tired. Legacy Dance Co’s dance workshop combines elements of hip hop and pop into their routine. The workshop is sure to jam out youthful vibes and keep your colleagues on the same beat, on and off the dance floor. Even better, no prior dance experience is required! Now you can realize your dream of seeing your whole team do a massive dance off.

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3. Team Music

Music lovers, get ready! Team Music’s BANDINC® workshop is catered for the rockstar in you. Learn the basics of various instruments and have fun with your colleagues over some sour notes and off pitch keys. Not to mention, your team will also have to put together a performance by the end of the workshop. Who knows, you might find the next Beatles or Bon Jovi to perform at your upcoming company function. Start and end the day on a high note (pun intended)!

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4.  Blaster Empire

Sharpshooting, team tactics and all-out war! Blaster Empire has the perfect activity for your next corporate event. For the people who’ve always wanted to try out paintball – minus the pain! Blaster Empire employs Nerf guns for their Battlepack workshops. Learn the ropes of sharpshooting and head into the battlefield for an awesome session that is sure to bring everyone back to their childhood days.

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5.  J Artisans

You might be asking if this is just another one of those leather workshops. Take my word, this trendy workshop takes the cake when it comes to customizability. With all the rage around being unique now, J Artisans’ Leather Craft workshop lets your team create something they will not forget.  Customizable designs and even imprints can be arranged directly with the vendor beforehand. Moreover, they even offer an event workshop package which includes refreshments! Everyone can be sure to take away something limited edition that they can show off to their family and friends.

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