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6 vendors to get your CNY goodies from

With CNY less than 2 weeks away, some of you might be deciding on what goodies to get to feast on like a pig for the lunar new year. Instead of just getting goodies from Chinatown, why not get other goodies as well? Not only will it impress your relatives, we’re sure it’ll impress your tummy as well. Not too sure where to get them? Fret not, the Delegate team is here to help!

1. Kueh Ho Jiak

Want something that’s both traditional yet modern?  Why get some traditional kuehs from Kueh Ho Jiak? Handmade with no pork or lard, there is a wide variety of flavours like your traditional mung bean to newer flavours like kaya salted egg from you to choose from. They also come in adorable shapes both so we’re sure both the young and old will be impressed. They also have special releases for CNY so be sure to check them out on our website!

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2. Smunchies

Still on that salted egg yolk hype? Then you’ll want to get your salted egg yolk snacks from smunchies! Specialising in salted egg yolk chips and fish skin, their snacks are sure to keep you snacking the whole CNY. If you’re not into the salted egg hype, they also have other snacks like vegetable chips and BBQ candied pork strips for you to munch on. Check out our blog for a special package deal for your snacks as well!

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3. Fish Sh-nack

If your family and relatives are huge fans of fish skin, you should check out Fish-Sh-nack! Their crispy fish skin with homemade condiments makes for a great low-calorie snack, which is helpful if you are trying to lose some weight. With flavours like salted-egg, tom yum and chilli crab, they make for a great snack for adults and kids alike. If you don’t like any of the aforementioned flavours, you can always get their original crispy fish skin instead!

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4. The Kettle Gourmet

If you’re not a fan of fish skin or seafood but still want to bring something unique to the snack table, why not get some popcorn? With no trans fat and Non-GMO products, The Kettle Gourmet’s popcorn is wholesome and delicious. They also have many unique flavours like chicken rice and teh-tarik for you to choose from. During CNY, they even have ba-kwa flavoured popcorn, perfect for the occasion!

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5.  Fairyfloss

If you grew up in a traditional household, there is a good chance that during CNY, you would have consumed spring rolls. This is because spring rolls signify wealth. However, Fairyfloss’ take on the spring roll is slightly different. Their fairyfloss crepe can be said to be the modern take on these spring rolls. With the delicious combination of their candy flavoured floss wrapped in a soft and thin crepe, it is the perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth.  

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6. Sweet Enchantment

It’s not really CNY without candy now is it? Be it for your own consumption or for colleagues, Sweet Enchantment’s handmade all natural rock candy is perfect for the occasion! It’s cute design and vibrant colours will add a nice touch of colour along with your display of snacks for CNY. If you’re ordering for a large event this CNY, you can even have you candy customised. Now that is how you celebrate CNY.

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