Your big day is fast approaching and one feature of your wedding which you do not want to get wrong is the choice of florist. A wedding celebration is an event well deserving of beautiful blooms. Flowers are just about as important as a wedding gown when it comes to envisioning your wedding. Whether it be the groom boutonniere, bridal bouquet or the inclusion of a flower arch, finding the right florist to complement your overall wedding style is key. The sheer quantity of florists available might mean that your search could take a while.

So, why not start here? These are – in our eyes at least – 16 of the best bridal florists Singapore has to offer. We hope that this helps you seamlessly zone in on the one that calls out most to your personal style.

Charlotte Puxley Flowers

charlotte puxley flowers
Image credits: Charlotte Puxley Flowers

Channel the classic English countryside on your wedding day with Charlotte Puxley Flowers. Their style is based on all things wild and wonderful, beautifully adapted to the tropics. Charlotte Puxley Flowers believes that beautiful arrangements comes from an amalgamation of texture, colour, and form. Every morning, they visit the markets to hand pick the best blooms for their clients. Their bespoke designs would work great as wedding center pieces, aisle décor, and bouquets.

Fleur Boutique

Image credits: Fleur Boutique

Fleur Boutique are a French-inspired floral design studio driven by the desire to inculcate and grow the appreciation of artisanal flowers and floral art. Bold arrangements are what they pride themselves upon – be it a small bridal bouquet or a large floral arch. They also favour exotic blooms from all over the world. Fleur Boutique believe in making things personal, ensuring you exemplary service from the first consultation to the point of delivery. Throughout this whole process, matching their service to the feel or style you have in mind is their number one priority.

One Olive

one olive bouquet
Image credits: One Olive

If you are into all things quaint and have a love for nature, One Olive is an artisanal florist which might be the perfect fit for you. One Olive specialises in bespoke floral arrangement services, as well as styling and conceptualising events and weddings. A true advocate for the “au naturale“, they are deeply passionate in adopting contemporary techniques and modern styling of floral pieces. To add to that, One Olive also provides you the choices of quaint accessories that complements their blooms. This could come in the form of vases, pots, and vintage wares.

Bucket Full of Roses

bucket full of roses
Image credits: Bucket Full of Roses

Commonly known for their bucket bouquets, as their name suggests, Bucket Full of Roses also builds customised wedding backdrops and signages too. They are big on translating ideas into tangible forms. With a keen eye for aesthetics, they see customisation as key given that every wedding is unique to each couple. So, if you’re the type that is eager to participate in the conceptualising of your wedding flowers, this would be perfect!

Flower Story

flower story florist
Image credits: Flower Story

Whether you are having a rustic outdoor garden wedding or an elegant affair at a five-star hotel, Flower Story can liven up your space with their exquisite blooms. Their highly experienced team believes greatly in letting each story unfold. This paves the way for unique creations tailor-made for you and the kind of celebration you have envisioned. So technically, all you need is a theme and a budget – Flower Story will handle the rest!

Petite Pétale

Petite Petale Florist
Image credits: Petite Pétale

Petite Pétale is the dream child of three best friends, realising the shared vision of starting their very own floral boutique. Through their floral designs, they hope to bring wonderful memories to your wedding day. For them, it is all about balance, harmony, and attention to detail. They are able to achieve a unique symmetry to their work, while highlighting the lightness and softness in the choice of flowers. This is evident in the aesthetics of their bridal bouquets, groom boutonnieres and wedding center pieces.

Pastel Hues Florals

pastel hues florals
Image credits: Pastel Hues Florals

Soft, feminine, subtle and romantic, Pastel Hues Florals signature style promises to bring your dream wedding to life. Passionate owner Sharene fine-tuned her floristry skills at the New York Flower School to pursue her dream of running a flower business back home in Singapore. On top of the typical blooms one would expect at a wedding, they also provide additional wedding flower arrangements such as the flower bar. Just something a little different and unique, adding an interactive experience for guests at your wedding.

Shinine Designs

Shinine Designs florist
Image credits: Shinine Designs

Not only does Shinine Designs create bouquets that last forever, they also add an extra layer of customisation with the use of handmade jewelry. Shinine Designs’ bouquets are made of silk, but are crafted such that each stem is as dainty and natural as a real flower. The arrangement is topped off with gems, adding another layer of personality to each design. These bouquets are arranged to reminisce memories and can be used as a centrepiece on your wedding day or even décor for after the wedding!

The Flower Library

Image credits: The Flower Library

Go for the right balance of whimsical and classic with The Flower Library. Their expert florists are inspired by the textures and elements from the natural world. This shows very clearly in the laid-back charm and easy mood their creations create. Their distinctive style is botanically focused and every composition is evocative of the inspiration found in art, travel and nature. The exclusive use of only the freshest blooms means you can get your hands on seasonal flowers that are rare and timely. To top it all off, attention to detail ensures that preferences and personalities of their clients are brought out through their floral styling.

Poppy Flora Studio

poppy flora studio
Image credits: Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio’s creations are unique in that they do not always make use of flowers you might typically expect. Drawn to flowers that do not normally take center stage, they are consistently pushing the limits of what can be used in an arrangement of flowers. By incorporating various herbs, fruits and dried branches in their designs, they are doing something a little bit different from your usual florist. This then results in one-of-a kind bespoke pieces which channels originality and creativity.


fleur florist
Image credits: Fleurapy

What started as floral arrangement workshops for therapy has now evolved into a full-fledged floral boutique. Your preferences and vision are always the starting point with Fleurapy. This paves the way for creations that are uniquely you. Flowers and plants are their art medium and they aim to create works that push the boundaries of traditional perspectives. This could be through a simple bride bouquet or a complex floral installation for when you walk down the aisle. Their services include event design & styling, botanical installations, bespoke bouquets and wedding items.

C C Lee

c c lee
Image credits: C C Lee

If you are looking for grandiose structural arrangements, CC Lee may be your go-to florist. They are an established and leading player in floral designs. Their forte lies in conceptualising soft or structured decorations for wedding ceremonies. So, think large ceiling installations, medium-sized center pieces, or delicately potted arrangements. CC Lee’d comprehensive range of floral creations has a touch of flair sure to impress you and your guests.

Dawn Q

dawn q florist
Image credits: Dawn Q

Dawn Q’s bespoke blooms have an air of carefree fun about them. From the play on balance, form, and colours, it is evident that their aesthetic latches on the celebratory purpose of flowers. Their chic and unique arrangements are a result of their aims to replicate the beauty of nature. Giving life to your wedding day vision is what they do. This would be perfect for brides who just want to let their hair down and have a ball of a time at their wedding!

Cotton and Sage

cotton and sage florist

Cotton and Sage is all about bringing the effortless beauty of nature into all their floral designs. Each design is thoughtfully planned for and every bunch is meticulously curated into an organic, fresh and seasonal arrangement. Their arrangements also exhibit a touch of playfulness about them. They also believe that flowers can be seen as instant mood lifters (p.s we couldn’t agree more!). So, if you’re looking into flowers lifting the overall vibe of your wedding day, Cotton and Sage might be the perfect florist for you.

Liz Florals

liz florals florist

Arranging flowers to celebrate love while focusing on rustic, whimsical and romantic designs. If that entire sentence strikes a chord with you, then Liz Florals could just be the florist for your wedding day. Attention is very much focused on the clients preferences and personalities. Hence, creations come out highly personalised and timeless. So whether you’re looking for dreamy pastel tones of blush or that classic palette of red, blush and cream, Liz Florals are more than equipped to provide your dream wedding blooms.


ina.shea florist

Last but certainly not least, we have Ina.Shea. This creative floral studio seeks to utilise florals as creative anchors to bring a natural, complementary and cohesive ambience to your occasions. Besides aiming to bring out the philosophy of beauty in its most natural way, this pair explores the current possibilities inherent in new technologies, new material and new ways of living with urban organics. Ina.Shea offers the beauty of flowers to elevate each wedding to an exquisite and elegant experience. From pedestal stands to reception centrepiece, bridal bouquets to groom boutonniere, they’ve got it all!

We do hope you’ve found this list useful in your quest to find that special florist for your big day. If you know of any florists that deserve to be on this list, feel free to let us know. In the meantime, happy searching!