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Delegate’s Essential Resources for Planning a Successful Event

Planning a networking session, conference, or any kind of corporate event? We know it can be pretty challenging to juggle the logistics, manpower and resources that entails the planning process. From our experiences, we believe the most important skill to plan a successful event is to be able to organise and keep track of all aspects of the planning process, and that’s why we’ve created some resources that you could use for your own events.

Here are our essential resources for planning successful event!

Event Budget Template

corporate event planning budget template resource

If you find it challenging to organise your event finances, this template is for you! Compiled into a shareable and editable Google Sheet, this template not only allows you to record event expenses, but also the income you generate for your event, and thus gives you a holistic view of your event profit (or loss). We’ve added in some basic segments, but feel free to in your own to suit your event better.

Get the event budget template here!

Event Venue Checklist

corporate event planning venue checklist resource

One of the most crucial aspects of any event is the hired space. Without it, you wouldn’t have an event at all! Once you’ve found an event space, you’re going to need to keep track of what you need to know and confirm with the venue in advance. Like the template, this checklist is shareable and editable on Google Sheets, and includes all the basic, relevant segments for any type of venue. Feel free to add in your own segments to suit your event needs.

Get the event venue checklist here!

We hope you like these resources, and let us know what else would be helpful for you! In the meantime, head over to Delegate to discover and book vendors you love.

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