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Delegate’s Guide to Picking The Perfect Dinner & Dance Theme

Hey you! Yes, you over there fretting about how to even begin planning your company’s annual dinner & dance. We get your worries, and we’ve been there before. It’s not easy coming up with a fun and exciting theme for your dinner and dance, and it’s even harder planning something that hasn’t been overdone. To share a little of our expertise, our team at Delegate put together a small and simple guide to planning your D&D! Check it out here:

Step 1: Know your audience!

Understanding your colleagues is key to throwing an enjoyable and unforgettable Dinner and Dance function. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with disgruntled co-workers if they aren’t the kind who are keen to pander to your requests to dress up according to the theme.

How many people are you planning this for? How big is your team? What’s the age bracket? These are some questions you should be able to answer before diving into any planning or picking of themes.

Some themes and entertainment work out better for smaller teams than larger ones, so make sure you pick one that matches your team profile, and tweak it here and there to make sure it’s perfect!

Step 2: Check out event inspiration!

On to the fun part: thinking about themes! The theme of your dinner & dance is integral to the whole experience. It dictates how your co-workers have to dress, the décor, event program, and maybe even the food (if you’re really committed to making the theme stick).

Not sure what themes to go with? Not to worry! Here are some of our more unconventional ideas to get you started:

  • Back To School

6cf215132f113e249c0a190098d6d07cCredit: Pinterest

Reminisce the old days by wearing your school uniforms! Not only is this a great conversation starter, but it brings us all back to the happier, carefree days of youth.

  • Pajama Party

08dff8ae31a8248b5a527626bac34c1bCredit: Pinterest

Come dressed in your pajamas and have a ‘slumber party’! Who says a dinner and dance needs to be all fancy? A theme that’s great for younger and smaller teams, this is a cosy and casual way to spend an evening with your co-workers. Remember to break out the popcorn!

  • Crazy Rich Asians

8983f42eef677ec054222f7668192de5Credit: Pinterest

Jumping on the Crazy Rich Asians bandwagon, come decked out in your fanciest, most frou-frou dresses and suits. After all, one can always dream of being a part of that 1% for a night J

  • Superhero

dbded7a3c57c857a1e7c4b8466c353b6Credit: Pinterest

With Marvel gaining so much traction, and so many different superheroes to dress up as, the Superheroes theme is a great way to hype your colleagues up for your dinner! You can be sure that the office talk in the weeks leading up to the dinner will be filled with discussions of who to dress up as.

Think about the décor to back up your theme. Use Delegate’s inspiration boards to browse our vendor’s offerings. It’s an easy way to consolidate and visualize how your party would look like, and is a great way to hype up the planning team. Brainstorm how various themes would look like, and the kinds of vendors that can make your dinner & dance daydream into reality!

But, before you get too carried away daydreaming the perfect dinner and dance… on to the next step!

Step 3: Budget it out!

Heh, we’re sure this isn’t something that you’re likely to forget, but just in case you’ve gotten carried away in the rush of planning for things, here’s a reminder! Budgeting is key, and you wouldn’t want to be breaking the bank planning your company function.

Be sure to make a list of the things you’ll need and portion out your budget to each section accordingly. From our experience, venue usually takes up a large portion of the budget. Skimping on food is also a huge no-no! Depending on your theme, you’d also need to think about how much you’d want to spend on decorations, backdrops and activities. And finally, you’d need a way to capture all the fun everybody will be having, so be sure to get a photographer for your event!

Not sure where to search and how to start budgeting? To make things easier for you, Delegate has a host of wonderful vendors, from venues and caterers, to décor and entertainment. Check them out and enquire to compare the most competitive prices on our site!

Of course, if all else fails, and you’re pulling your hair out trying to plan your dinner & dance, Delegate your work out to these event planners, who’ll be sure to make your dinner & dance an unforgettable one.

Happy Delegating!

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