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Planning the Ultimate Corporate Retreat to Thank Your Team

It’s nearly that time of the year again, where all of us are wrapping up the things we’ve done for the year, and the buzz of a new year will be hitting us soon. While some companies like to wrap things up by throwing a party of sorts, why not do something cooler like a corporate retreat instead? Though not the most conventional, it’s one of the best ways to bond with your colleagues, have fun, and thank everybody for the hard work they’ve put in in the past year! Not sure how to start planning? No worries, here’s the Delegate guide to planning the Ultimate Corporate Retreat.

Step 1: Pick Your Dates

Obviously this is better done sooner than later, but one of the very first steps to planning a corporate retreat is to decide when to do it! Use a poll to collect your colleague’s free dates, or set a date far in advance and put it on email blast so everybody knows and will keep those dates free!

Now, we know you must be wondering: how long should my company retreat be? To answer that, it really depends on your company’s needs and goals, and where you’re going. If you’re staying local (or a nearby city *hint* Johor Bahru), we’d recommend a retreat of 2-3 days, which is more than enough time to relax, unwind and learn whether your managers snore in their sleep. 😉

Step 2: Pick A Venue

Where you have your retreat will break or make the vibe. Pick somewhere that’s relaxing, with few restrictions and all the amenities you may need. After all, nobody wants to be reminded of the office when they’re on retreat, right?

While it’s hard for us to recommend venues because it’s dependent on the size of your team, budget and activities, browsing on Delegate is an easy way to find a great venue for your corporate retreat! With an abundance of  venues listed in Singapore, Hong Kong and the U.S., you’re sure to find something that’ll fit your company’s needs, and it’s also an easy way to compare prices so that you can get maximum quality for minimal costs!


Step 3: What Shall We Do?

Have a meeting to discuss the goals and activities that your colleagues want to do. This is important because you don’t want to end up with disgruntled employees at the end of your retreat. The ultimate goal of a retreat is to end up with a happy, well-rested and bonded team! Make sure you know your team’s needs and wants before diving headfirst into planning activities.

Make a list of your goals, and brainstorm together, before matching the activities to the goals. This way, you’d know that the activities suggested have a purpose. Having the whole team involved also creates a sense of ownership and fosters excitement and anticipation for the upcoming retreat!

There’s also absolutely no harm in Delegating some of that work out! Look out for workshops or teambuilding activities on Delegate for some inspiration.


Step 4: What Shall We Eat?

On to the fun part: planning what to eat! Food is always a highlight of the day in the office, so why not on retreat too? For smaller teams, cooking some meals together might be a fun way to bond with your colleagues, and enjoying a home cooked meal together is reminiscent of eating with family. Change things up by ordering a barbeque caterer, and holding a company-wide barbeque! And perhaps for the last meal of the retreat, dine in luxury by hiring a private chef to cook for you in the comfort of your retreat venue.

For larger retreats, catered bentos or buffets might be a better option, and removes the worry of having to cook for a large group of people! Browse through the best options for your company retreat on Delegate!


And if all else fails…

Maybe all this is just too much work for you. Not to fret, just Delegate the work to an event planner and coordinator. Sit down and discuss the goals for your company retreat, budget and preferences, then sit back and relax as you let an expert handle everything for you! After all, a corporate retreat is meant for the company to relax, you included! J Check out our list of corporate and exhibition planners on Delegate today!

Whichever way you go about with planning your corporate retreat, we hope this little guide can help alleviate a little of that stress! You can also sign up for a Delegate For Business account if you want vendor suggestions tailored to your company and event.

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