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In this post, we’ll introduce to you some of the services that Atos Wellness provides, as well as the health benefits of facials and massages (in addition to being incredibly de-stressing!).

Atos Wellness was founded by Mr Ananda Rajah in 1984. What inspired him to start his own company was his late father’s determination and perseverance in running his own business. Mr Rajah founded Atos Wellness with the goal of giving back to the society.

To him, a rewarding part of his experience in Atos Wellness was helping customers attain their wellness goals. One of his proudest moments was seeing one of the clients lose an astonishing 114kg.

However, a stroke in 2012 forced Mr Rajah to take a back seat in managing the company. Currently, he is writing a book on his journey to recovery titled ‘Stroke of Gratitude’.

Under his guidance, Atos Wellness has grown to provide a wide range of services from beauty/ spa to fitness and nutrition.

Atos Wellness Blog Post (2)One of the most popular treatments, the BM Pure Plus Body Massage is a full body massage that is customised to the individuals’ liking. Customer will get to select the essentials oils used for the treatment themselves to best suit their body’s condition and mood. These will then be blended in with grapeseed oil from Spain.

In addition, Atos Wellness has also initiated several community projects. One of the initiatives is sponsoring Xin Yuan Community Care Centre with Atos Bioresonance and Detox equipment to improve the holistic health of treatments at the centre.

As we work in an environment we benefit from, serving the community is our way of giving back to society as much as we have benefitted from them.” – Mr Ananda Rajah

Some tips Atos has shared to achieve wellness on a daily basis are:
– participating in relaxation techniques and regular physical activities
– obtaining healthy nutrition and adequate sleep
– managing healthy stress levels

Different branches of Atos Wellness and its respective brands can be found at the following outlets:

Atos Wellness: The Adelphi, THE CHEVRONS
Inner Harmony: The Cathay
Atos Fitness Club: THE CHEVRONS
Vivafit Singapore: The Adelphi
Atos Nutrition Centre: The Adelphi, THE CHEVRONS 

Photo credits: Atos Wellness

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