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How to have an Instagrammable wedding

Mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds is the personification of our particular generation. So, it’s only ‘natural’ that we turn to social media for inspiration when planning our own wedding. Whether it be on Pinterest, Dayre or Instagram, we are bound to be hit with a myriad of wedding posts that blows our mind (and maybe even demoralise us a little bit).

“How is it even possible to get an event to be so aesthetically pleasing?”

“Can I make my big day something like that?”

Chances are, these questions be swirling round your head as you double tap the post and close the app in frustration. Well, rest easy cause these picturesque weddings may not be as impossible to pull off as you may think. We’ve got the full lowdown on how to best create that Instagrammable wedding you’ve always wanted!

It’s all about location

wedding venue monti
Image credits: Monti

Whether you are interested in small wedding venues or more extravagant alternatives, you’d want to ensure there are ample spots to take amazing photos. Great wedding venues are able to provide stunning backdrops for photographs, no filters needed. This applies to both the couple and wedding guests! So, if your chosen wedding venue already looks stunning prior to all the wedding additions, you are in luck. If possible, find a location that already sets the stage for the rest of your wedding design. Location is an incredibly significant part of all aspects of your wedding, not just the actual day. So, if you’re looking to find hidden locations for pre-wedding photoshoots, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered here.

Come up with a witty theme

witty wedding theme
Image credits: Laura Demars

With aesthetics provided by the location itself, you can focus on how to accentuate it further with a witty theme. If you’ve chosen an outdoor wedding venue for your vintage travel theme, you can consider adding globes or antique suitcases. Wedding theme ideas are only limited by your creativity! Okay fine, your budget too. If themed weddings are a bit too excessive, try this instead.

It surely can’t go unnoticed, the recent trend of hashtags at weddings. For the most part, it’s a hashtag followed by an amalgamation of the couple’s names. Sometimes it’s cute and sometimes, it’s just not. So, be warned, this can go wrong. Have a creative brainstorm session and see if you and your partner can come up with a punny hashtag. It’s sure to add a bit of fun. Also, pictures from your wedding day stay organised on social media. You’d be able to scroll through them in future with ease!

Did anyone not mention lights?

instagrammable wedding lights
Image credits: Unsplash

If you’ve got your wedding location and theme settled, next up is lighting. It plays such a big part of your special day. After all, lighting alone can affect your wedding’s tone, vibe and overall atmosphere. So whether it be chandeliers or market lighting, try to match your choice of lighting to the event space. This would also add a few more spots for great photos. However, let’s also be mindful that when it comes to lighting, moderation is key. You don’t really wanna end up ‘overdoing’ it and make your wedding look tacky and non-professional. So, it’s important to find that middle ground between tasteful and tacky.


aww snap
Image credits: Aww Snap
Image credits: Ubersnap

It can be argued that what we have offered in this article thus far is rather run of the mill. Here’s an idea to help ease those worries that your guests may get bored throughout proceedings. Ever thought of having photo booths on your big day? In between munching down food or sipping on wine, a photo booth session doesn’t sound too bad. More chances for your guests to post on the ‘gram and who wouldn’t want that?

To get you started, why not have a look at Aww Snap? They have a host of premium custom-made backdrops and also a delightful selection of high quality wedding props. Alternatively, inject a little bit of magic into your wedding day with GIF printing services. Ubersnap provides one-of-a-kind prints with GIFs coming to life on animated prints. No doubt it will get people excited and talking. Have your guests ready to be bedazzled!

Find yourself an event stylist

instagrammable wedding
Image credits: WOOD AND THE WILD

Time to catch our collective breath, it’s been quite a bit to digest. Fret not, there’s no need to go through this whole planning experience alone. Finding yourself an event stylist for your wedding can be a potential lifesaver. This is where WOOD AND THE WILD comes into play. They are a concept based space styling studio and understanding your stories and personalities is at the core of how they go about transforming spaces. So, if you’re super keen on having the ultimate Instagrammable wedding, don’t hesitate to let them know. They are more than happy to listen in and will pull out all the stops to bring your wedding ideas to life.

Save Wedding Vendors 

This global pandemic we are in has brought a host of challenges to everyone involved in the wedding industry. From brides-to-be to wedding vendors, these are unprecedented times. We, here at Delegate, want to be part of the solution and that is why we started this Facebook group – Save Wedding Vendors. We aim to build a community of helpful vendors and members. You can post your queries, ask for recommendations and share promotions or reviews as well.

We also started a second initiative to support vulnerable individuals and families affected by the COVID-19 situation. During this circuit breaker period, as part of the community, we will be donating SGD1 for every package purchased on Delegate to The Courage Fund by National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Do feel free to spread the word and support this cause!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far. Let’s make it a habit to check in on our loved ones and do our part to support one another.

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