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Hidden pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore

In recent years, there’s been a trend of couples going overseas for their pre-wedding photoshoots and also theme-ing their wedding photoshoots. It could be a short hop to Bali for some beach vibes or trips to far-flung cities like Paris or Rome. If burning a hole in your pocket isn’t quite what you want to do, Singapore has plenty to offer too! Also, shall we look beyond the “usual” locations for pre-wedding photoshoots? Sorry MBS and Botanic Gardens, we will, unfortunately, be overlooking the likes of you. So, in no particular order, here are just a quick rundown of some hidden pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore.

Tiong Bahru Estate

One of the more prominent and immediately recognisable housing estates in Singapore is Tiong Bahru. More specifically, the blocks around Yong Siak Street and Moh Guan Terrace. It’s a hipster wonderland with indie boutiques, bookshops, and cafes galore. Okay, but let’s stay on track here. We’re focusing on hidden photoshoot locations and the apartment blocks here fit the bill with its art deco and shophouse architecture. The white-washed walls around the area are sure to bring a certain charm and nostalgic feel to your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Image credits: Awesome Memories

Mount Faber Park

When talking about hidden pre-wedding photoshoot locations, we simply couldn’t leave out Mount Faber Park! It’s well-known as a popular spot for tourists but not many might consider it a photoshoot location. The second highest hill in Singapore is sure to offer a beautiful backdrop to your pre-wedding photoshoot. You can even consider incorporating cable car rides to make your photoshoot a little bit more special.

Image credits: TheSmartLocal

Pulau Ubin

Alright, we get it. Pulau Ubin isn’t technically within Singapore per se but it is worth that short ferry trip, we promise. Once you set foot on the island, get ready for an off-the-beaten-track experience. Not only is this a very ulu location, but it also provides a whole host of hidden and unique photoshoot locations – from bike rental shops to ferry jetties. If you are the adventurous type or are looking into kampung vibes for your pre-wedding photoshoot, try Pulau Ubin!

Image credits: The Synchronal

Tuas Lalang Fields

All the way out in the West of the island sits a hidden secret of sorts. Just look at this picture above, surely that’s not Singapore, right? You better believe it is! This open field of lalang provides a beautiful setting with romantic and sun-kissed vibes perfect for pre-wedding photoshoots. Chances are, you’d be the only ones there so there’s no need to worry about onlookers being present. Do take note though, getting to this location takes a little bit of effort. You’re basically having your photoshoot in the middle of an open field, so wear appropriate footwear and be careful.

tuas lalang fields - hidden photoshoot locations
Image credits: Bobby Kiran Photography

Gillman Barracks

Gillman Barracks visual arts cluster sits a number of galleries, art organisations, restaurants and bars. Set in former military barracks dating back to pre-World War II days, it is a great spot for pre-wedding photoshoots. The white pillars and colonial architecture would fit in nicely should you decide on a minimalist-themed photoshoot. Also, we recommend you take advantage of the lush greenery surrounding the barracks!

Image credits: Awesome Memories

Upper Seletar Reservoir

Famed as the ‘Seletar Wedding Tree’, this specific space within Upper Seletar Reservoir has slowly gained traction as a must-go photoshoot location. So, if we’re being picky with our definitions, it’s not particularly hidden but it’s so picturesque that we just had to include it. Come by at sunset and you’d be amazed at the kind of photos you’d be able to get!

upper seletar reservoir - hidden photoshoot locations
Image credits: Mike Chen Photography

Upper Peirce Reservoir Park

Sticking to the theme of outdoor parks and reservoirs, we have the Upper Peirce Reservoir Park. Not too far away from Upper Seletar Reservoir which we mentioned above! You can let your creativity run free at this hidden location. With shrubs and trees reflected in the waters, it creates a beautiful and romantic setting for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Also, this location provides plenty of shade so you don’t have to worry about the weather being too unbearable.

upper pierce reservoir park
Image credits: Flairfolio Photography

Punggol Beach

Yes, we are back at Punggol and this time it’s off to the beach. When asked about Singapore beaches, Punggol wouldn’t naturally be your first answer. In this case, that’s great! Think of quiet, calm and tranquil. That is Punggol Beach for you. We even suggest that you go the extra mile by having a specific theme to match this serene setting. Think along the lines of “Wild and Free”, “1989” or “Halcyon”. Okay, we could just be naming songs and albums of our Spotify playlist but you get what we’re saying!

Punggol Beach - hidden photoshoot locations
Image credits: SingaporeBrides

Kranji Marshes

A world away from the hustle and bustle of city life is Kranji Marshes. This freshwater marshland is home to a rich array of flora and fauna, leading to a certain rustic charm about the area. Once you’re there, head over to the Marsh station. This lookout tower works great as part of your photoshoot backdrop. Alternatively, you can also climb the structure and have your photos taken up on the tower!

kranji marshes
Image credits: Zula

Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Hands up if you’re a big fan of Peaky Blinders! What if we told you that the 1920’s West Midlands vibe of the show can be replicated in your pre-wedding photoshoot? Bukit Timah Saddle Club offers a photoshoot package – complete with a horse – at $330/hour. Should you decide to just use the location, that will set you back $110/hour. All that’s left is to pretend your fiancĂ© is Tommy Shelby reborn. No big deal.

bukit timah saddle club
Image credits: The Luckiest Chick


Remember the days when you were young, roaming around the neighbourhood after school hours. Playgrounds were likely the meeting point for you and your friends. These structures are incredibly nostalgic, sure to make your photoshoot all the more Singaporean! Having playgrounds as a backdrop will add a bit of fun and quirkiness to proceedings while you and your partner enjoy a sentimental and casual throwback to your younger days.

Image credits: Under The Stars Photography
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