Creative Wedding Car Options in Singapore

As you go through the checklist of what to prepare for the wedding day, it seems like you have overlooked the wedding car. In the midst of selecting a specific wedding venue, cake, gown, photographer, the wedding car might have slipped your mind. Well, you can always revert back to the family car but let’s keep that thought in the back burners for a quick second. Let’s be a little more creative and have a look at alternatives wedding car options (no real harm in doing so, right?) 

We don’t have to look much further than Wedding Carriages. With their wide range of wedding cars, they aim to create an experience that adds to the overall uniqueness of your wedding day. These premium cars are kept to the highest standards and are driven by experienced chauffeurs to ensure a smooth journey. For the adventurous couple, self-drive options are available as well. To whet your appetite, here is just a short list of creative options you can consider as your wedding car on that very special day.

Mercedes E-Class

wedding car Mercedes E series
Image credits: Wedding Carriages

Let’s start with an option that oozes class, the Mercedes E-Class. No doubt, it delivers luxury and comfort and who doesn’t want that for their wedding day? The size of the sedan is also a big plus. There is more than enough leg room for brides with those 3-metre long wedding gowns. Take it from wedding couples who’ve chosen this car, they come off extremely satisfied after the long day as the Mercedes E-Class offers them a nice rest whilst on the way back to their hotel or home.

Audi A4

Wedding car Audi A4
Image credits: Wedding Carriages

If Mercedes’ aren’t quite getting you off your seat, maybe an Audi will. The Audi A4 is a pathbreaking synthesis of technology and aesthetics. No real surprises here, given that their slogan is Vorsprung durch Technik (Being ahead through technology). The A4 also has practical controls in the cockpit which allows the driver to handle the car with minimum distraction. If you’re into a compact and sporty car to zip about on your wedding day, the Audi A4 is the one for you. Available for self-drive or be chauffeur driven.

Audi A6

wedding car Audi A6
Image credits: Wedding Carriages

Agile, sporty and intelligent. That’s the Audi A6 in a nutshell. The sharp edges and striking lines are a definite head turner. To add to that, the Audi A6 offered by Wedding Carriages comes with premium interior options – unlike the usual set up. The pine wood console and the matching brown coloured seats transforms the interior entirely – sure to be a very soothing experience for the both of you. You can have the Audi A6 chauffeur driven but why not try the self-drive if you’re feeling a little gutsy.

Audi A3 Cabriolet

Audi A3 cabriolet
Image credits: Wedding Carriages

Okay, last Audi plug we promise. We couldn’t possibly miss out the A3 Cabriolet. Fascinating at first glance, it’s both alluring and energetic. Of course, what is particularly eye-catching is the open top. Close your eyes and just imagine. Bride in her flawless wedding gown, groom looking suave in his wedding suit, sitting in an A3 cabriolet with the top down. The fully automatic cloth hood operates in less than 20 seconds so the only major concern is whether your hairdo will be affected during the top-down ride! The A3 cabriolet is available for self-drive.

BMW 740

bmw 740 wedding car
Image credits: Wedding Carriages

Staying with the trend of German automobile, this particular one is immediately recognisable. The distinctive front is a giveaway to the brand. Even if you don’t particularly know too much about cars, you’d know that this is a BMW. Forget the 3 or 5 series, let’s go big for the wedding day right? The premium BMW 740 series might just be what you’re looking for. Stylish and sleek, it offers the passengers comfort through a first-class experience. It’s sheer size and presence impresses from the very first moment, making it a stellar wedding car. The BMW 740 is available for self-drive or be chauffeur driven.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF
Image credits: Wedding Carriages

Last but certainly not least, the Jaguar XF. If Mercedes, BMW and Audi are too ‘common’ and you want something a little more left field, a Jaguar could do the trick. Wedding Carriages has a unit in Fuji White which is sure to bring a huge wow from gawking guests and onlookers alike. It’s generous rear cabin is a destination of luxury, choice and space. Legroom will not be an issue in the XF as the space offered is among the best in class. All you and your partner have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your special day. The Jaguar XF is available for self-drive or be chauffeur driven.

These are just 6 of the extensive range of cars available at Wedding Carriages. Drop them an enquiry on Delegate and have them advise you on which cars meet your requirements. This could be in regards to a host of things – be it car size, budget, wedding theme or leg room. It is quite common that your final choice ends up being vastly different from what you originally intended. To be honest, it’s all part of the process of wedding planning in general. So sit back, have your feet up on the dashboard and enjoy the ride.

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