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How to plan the perfect Halloween party

It’s time to level up your party game as Halloween nears. Don’t you just love going to Halloween parties, seeing all those creative energies channeled into making things scary and fun at the same time?

If you’re hosting a Halloween party for adults, here are some tips to make it easier for you to thrill your guests:

Decide on a theme

A party with a theme is easier to plan than one without because the theme ties everything together. Will it be a Monster’s Ball? Famous Horror Movies, Dead Rockers Society, A Vampire or Walking Dead party? Try to twist or combine multiple themes. Like maybe a monster’s ball in the ‘70s, or superhero vampires. How about Harry Potter characters as zombies? Once you choose your theme, have fun thinking of ways to make things unusual and scary.

Decorate your venue

You can rent a big place or have it in your home if you have space. Trick out your venue with fun, festive Halloween decorations that will bewitch your party guests. Light up pumpkin lanterns and lawn skeletons. Coloured light bulbs, lamps or glow sticks make for an instantly spooky atmosphere. Recreate Halloween movie sets like a graveyard or inside a haunted house. Keep in mind to make everyone’s safety a priority when you set-up your venue.

Use audiovisual effects

Notch up the scare factor by throwing in some dramatic audiovisual effects. Surprise your guests with sudden lightning and thunder sounds. How about playing a recording of random bloodcurdling sounds and dialogue from horror movies?

Encourage guests to come in costume

Halloween parties are all about the fabulous costumes, right? So ask your party guests to show up in the most amazing costume they can find. Let everyone know that you’ll be giving a nice prize to the one with the best costume.


Don’t let your guests go hungry or things may turn out bloody! Fill the buffet table with some creepy-looking but delicious food and lots of drinks. You can serve bloody alcoholic drinks, hors d’oeuvres, finger foods (or foods fashioned to look like bloody human fingers,) and veggie sticks and dips. Set-up candy and dessert buffet tables including everyone’s favourites like cakes and cupcakes with artistic Halloween frosting.

Keep the party going with fun games

Keep everyone entertained by having a series of Halloween-themed party games. You can do a horror movies-themed trivia game or charades. A great list of games to try can be found here.

Don’t forget the goodie bags

Send your guests home with a Trick or Treat bucket with Halloween candy and chocolates to thank them for coming to your fabulous party.

If you’re pressed for time to plan for a Halloween party, leave it to any one of Delegate’s party planners to do the work for you.

Have a night to remember with all these tips. Happy Halloween!

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