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Top Tips in Organizing a Teambuilding Event

A successful company nurtures relationships, recognises milestones and respects individual differences. One of the best ways to do these is by organizing team building activities. Here are our top tips for organizing a team building activity.

  1. Determine your goals.

What would you like to achieve at the end of the event?

Team building events often fail because of the lack of goals and objectives. Whether it’s about getting the employees to learn how to trust and support each other, or imparting ways on how to resolve issues, it is essential to identify the event’s purpose.

  1. If possible, choose offsite venues.

Offsite venues not only excite participants, but it also makes everyone interested in the event. Choose a venue that can accommodate the group as well as give the right services the group will need. Team building events require a lot of interactions, activities and moving around. Keep these in mind when doing ocular inspections at tentative venues. Beach resorts, convention centers and out of town team campsites are just a few of the most common choices for team building.

  1. Think fun and meaningful.

The general goal of this event is to be able to have a more cohesive unit, a group that can trust and support each other whatever the tasks at hand are. There are countless games that encourage collaborative and communication skills. So, avoid planning activities that are monotonous and old. Make the participants remember the event for the right reasons. Come up with fun and interactive activities that will always be remembered by the participants. Below are some examples you can try to apply:

a. Survival scenarios = “You are stranded on an island. What are the first five things you should build?”

b. Balloon games- There are hundreds of games you can play with balloons. They’re also affordable and mighty entertaining.

c. Problem Solving games- These may include building something or untangling objects or people.

d. Puzzle completion – Puzzles may seem boring but it all really depends on the puzzle size and style, as well as the rules for the game.

  1. Keep the groupings small.

No matter how many participants are coming, always keep their groupings small. Remember that the larger the group, the less participation or cohesion it may espouse. Keep the groupings up to 10 members at most.

However, also factor in the complexity and size of the activity. The complexity of the game may need either more preparation time or more group members.

Of course, it is always a good idea to hire a supplier that specializes in team building. This saves the company a lot of time and resources. Most importantly, it gives all employees a chance to participate in the event.

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