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#HowtoDelegate: Making The Most Out Of Delegate PRO

Having a well curated vendor profile on Delegate is important. It gives a great first impression to potential clients and showcases your work to attract the right ones. But is it enough? Apart from optimising your vendor profile, we have some cool tools on Delegate PRO to help you reach out to your target audience. Here’re some tips to make the most of your Delegate PRO account!

1. Generate leads through Interested Users

lead generation user perspective
Users can click on your contact information in your vendor profile

You may be wondering why your contact information on your vendor profile is partially hidden. We figured that if a user is keen in hiring your business, they would click on it with the intention to find out how they could contact you. Thus, we notify you on these users and aid your lead generation process.

Under the ‘Interested Users’ tab, you’ll see a list of users who have clicked on the contact information on your vendor profile. You can view their contact details and send them a follow-up email directly, as well as upload email templates to make the follow-up process more convenient for you.

Note: 1 credit is deducted for every unique-user click on your contact information, and once your credits run out you will cease to have access to this function. Find out more about credits here

2. Track Your Performance

v - performance 10 credits
Delegate PRO provides performance statistics

It is important to keep track of your vendor profile statistics to decide if you should maintain or improve your reach to potential clients. In the ‘Performance’ tab, you can see details such as:

  • Profile views
  • Potential clients: users who have enquired with you
  • Interested users: users who have clicked on your contact information
  • Website referrals: number of clicks to your website/social media from your vendor profile
  • Credits left
  • Total amount collected from transactions

3. Add a booking widget to your own platforms

v - booking widget
Delegate PRO provides you with booking widgets to add to your own website or blog

Include a booking widget on your website to direct potential clients to your Delegate vendor profile and make it convenient them to hire you. Choose from three designs and simply paste the widget’s HTML code into your website or blog. We recommend placing the widgets under package or service descriptions, or pricing pages on your site.

4. Inspire event planners

When users are planning an event, they can create inspiration boards for the event to visualise how they want their event to be. Similar to Pinterest, users can add images they like to their respective event boards, and these images come from none other than you – our amazing vendors!

Users can sift through images provided by vendors to find inspiration for their events

Your portfolio and main gallery photos can all be added to user boards so remember to upload as many high resolution, relevant images as possible. The more images you have pinned on user boards, the more exposure you get for your business!

Users can curate event inspiration boards with your images and contact you should they find you to be the right fit for their event

Apart from sourcing for images through vendor profiles, users can browse the inspiration page, and filter the images through category, themes, concepts, vendor type and event type. Tip: Try to add as many relevant categories to your images when you upload them, so you’ll appear in the curated inspiration page of potential clients! 

5. Delegate your marketing exposure to us

Yes, you heard it right. We can help you market your business too! Here are some of the marketing services we provide:

  • Feature on Delegate blog. This helps potential clients get to know you and your business better.
  • Smart retargeting, where we target ads to people who have similar demographics to users who have shown interest in your Delegate vendor profile.
  • Dedicated newsletter feature about your business and exclusive packages.
  • Brand video or photoshoot.
  • Social media shoutouts.
  • Strategic placements of your listing on Delegate.

At Delegate, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best tools on Delegate PRO to streamline and improve your business. Let us know in the comments what other tools and tips you would like to see on our platform in the future!

Our team is always eager to hear what you think. So please feel free to reach out to our vendor support team any time at vendors@justdelegate.co

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