Is a big bash coming up on your calendar? If you’re getting ready to throw a party for March or April, consider a spring-themed party to create a bright and fresh mood that goes with the season. The year promises to be filled with stylish design favorites that’ll make your party the ultimate trendsetter. Whether you are holding a grand celebration outdoors or having an intimate dinner with a few friends at home, these simple and in-season décor ideas are sure to brighten up your party’s atmosphere.

Fresh-picked Greens on Marble and Brass

Nothing brings spring to mind better than vibrant greens. Think ferns, palms, and other foliage with interesting shapes or textures. And what’s a more stylish way to display them than with the sleek look of marble and the rich hues of brass? According to Vogue Magazine, the marble and brass combo is going to hit it big in 2017. By contrasting the hard lines of the marble and brass with the natural softness and grace of the greens, you create a subtle but sophisticated conversation piece.

Vegetable Bouquet in Copper Containers

Bouquets don’t always have to be fancy flowers and imported blooms. Celebrate the new life brought by spring by highlighting none other than produce! Bundle carrots together and dunk them in a clear vase filled with water, while letting their long, bunchy leaves drape dramatically over the side. You can also take small copper containers (which are another big trend for the year) and fill them with small colorful fruits, like grapes, berries, and tomatoes, interspersed with flower petals and leaves. You can then arrange them in clusters as a centerpiece, use them as edible accents for your place settings, or hand them out as party favors.

Rustic Touches with Mismatched Textures

Farmhouse chic has been gaining popularity over the past few years, and it’s not ready to go out of style yet. Take old crates, chipped metal pitchers, woven baskets, and rough textiles like canvas and turn them into works of art. Mixing and matching textures are a major thing this year, according to Elle Décor, and your party shouldn’t be left behind. By filling them with different kinds of brightly colored flowers and fresh produce, you also add to the authenticity of the look. These rustic arrangements are perfect for entryways, hallways, or little corners, where their texture and variety can truly shine.

Add Butterflies

According to Martha Stewart, the queen of housekeeping herself, butterflies are a stylish design element that should flourish in 2017. They are also the perfect embodiment of spring, as they help blooming flowers propagate. You can add this design detail in small and subtle ways, such as decorating your light fixtures with paper butterflies. You can also add plastic butterflies among your centerpiece, or accessorize your place settings with butterfly graphics. Just remember, the key here is restraint. Just enough butterflies and you create a soft and sweet sight; but too many and you risk becoming tacky.

Create Nest Centerpieces

Finally, one of the biggest things happening in spring is Easter. Make this big day a part of your occasion by using nests instead of vases to hold your centerpiece. Create them in different sizes and put them together to add depth and dynamism to your table. Fill them with a big bouquet and you immediately liven up the room. You can also use them for your vegetable bouquet to add a quirky touch that’s sure to have your guests talking. Or, best of all, fill them dyed eggs resting on a bed of flowers for a truly Easter feel.

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