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Fun and quirky Valentine’s Day gifts – a quick guide

With the flutter of family get togethers over the Christmas period and new year – both Gregorian and oriental – something that may have gone unnoticed is that Valentine’s Day is just round the corner! We figured you might need some last minute Valentine’s day ideas for your significant other. So, what we’ve done is to just come up with a quick list of possible presents you can ponder over! Let’s start with a rundown to help the lost husbands and boyfriends. These next 5 are Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

1. Everlasting flowers

Ektory - Valentine's Day
Photo credits: Ektory

Flowers are synonymous with Valentine’s Day but the problem with a bouquet of fresh blooms is that though they’re gorgeous, they don’t tend to last beyond 2 weeks. Instead, why not opt for a bouquet of dried baby’s breath or preserved roses? These will last much longer – with proper care of course. Even better, we suggest you opt for Ektory’s paper flower bouquet. It completely removes the issue of flowers dying out! Also, it requires close to zero maintenance. What more, it is so aesthetically pleasing and will serve as a beautiful desk decor. This is a gift your girlfriend or wife is sure to appreciate!

2. Top-notch baking supplies

Baking Blocks - Valentine's Day
Photo credits: Baking Blocks

This is the kind of win-win gift you get for a girl who puts baking at the top of her list of interests. She’ll be more than thrilled to have such quality ingredients to play with as she crafts and weaves her magic in the kitchen. She might even share the fruits of her labour with you so technically, you win too! Even if she’s new to the baking game, premium ingredients would do no harm to her learning experience. The products from Baking Blocks can also be used for snacking. I mean, just begin to imagine a slab of Pure Hazelnut Paste or Matcha Chocolate Spread on toasted bread, oh so heavenly.

3. Juice cleanse

HIC Juice - Valentine's Day
Photo credits: HIC Juice

Has your partner been complaining that she’s feeling bloated because all you guys ever do on dates is eat? Or maybe she has been promising to take better care of her health in 2020? Well, if the answer to both those rhetorical questions was a resounding “yes!” then HIC Juice may have the Valentine’s Day gift you are looking for. Support her by treating her to a day of detox juices or go one step further and join her in her juice cleanse. All that natural goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables cold pressed into one bottle!

4. Personalised gift boxes

Giv Giv - Valentine's Day
Photo credits: Giv Giv

This is a safe space right? Cause let’s be brutally honest here, gift buying is a skill that only a rare number of people have gotten down to a tee. The rest of us mere mortals struggle along and resort to redundant or unimaginative gifts, leading to awkward “oh you really didn’t have to” from our disappointed partners. Giv Giv is a nifty concept which could possibly be the saving grace of your gifting woes. They do personalised gift boxes which are perfect for Valentine’s Day! You can curate a selection of items that you know she’ll love or even easier, you can choose to have a pre-curated box. Also, most gift boxes already comes beautifully wrapped so that’s one less thing you have to fret about.

5. Calligraphy letter

The Wild Abandon - Valentine's Day
Photo credits: The Wild Abandon

I’m sure I’m speaking for most girls when I say that there is nothing more heartwarming than receiving a letter from your special someone. I love the sincerity of it and knowing that the writer had me on his mind while penning down his words. Take this simple handwritten letter one step further by having it be beautifully crafted onto handmade paper. Custom calligraphy by The Wild Abandon would be the perfect present for your girl – whether that be a special poem that’s uniquely yours or a heartfelt message. This gift is bound to be a special keepsake which she can frame up in a cosy corner of her room.

What about the guys, we hear you say. Don’t worry, we’ve got them covered too – the next 5 are for him.

1. Artisanal alcohol

House of Rum - Valentine's Day
Photo credits: House of Rum

Hands up if you have a boy who’s picky and rather hard to please when it comes to alcoholic drinks! We’ve got just the gift that might align with his rather refined taste. House of Rum is a reference for rum and spirit lovers and they stand out for their tireless curiosity and never ending quest for perfection. Much as your significant other might appreciate a good bottle of vodka or whiskey, treat him this Valentine’s Day to something a little different in the form of artisanal rum instead!

2. Sign up for a leather-crafting workshop  

Maketh Project - Valentine's Day
Photo credit: Maketh Project

Leather is always a good idea. After all, he can always keep an extra wallet/ belt/ cardholder/ key-holder on standby in case the current one spoils, right? You may even want to consider hand-making a Valentine’s Day gift for him. If you’re fretting that your handmade item won’t turn out as nicely as expected, no worries! Just sign up for a workshop together at Maketh Project and their lovely staff will be there to guide you through the whole process. Bring him along and the two of you can exchange the items you made for each other. What are crooked stitches or slightly wonky buttons if you had an enjoyable time making them? “Oh, what’s that wallet made of?” “Girlfriend material.” 

3. Adrenaline rush

Mega Adventure - Valentine's Day
Photo credits: Mega Adventure

Are adrenaline pumping activities something your boyfriend lives for? Maybe the both of you have already conquered Universal Studios or have done every possible trekking route in Singapore. Well, there’s still Mega Adventure over at Sentosa island. Have a fun day out in the sun as you experience a whole hosts of obstacles and activities bound to keep you entertained for the entire day! Give the famed Megazip a try as you fly at a heart pounding speed of over 60 km/hour from a height of 75 metres high! It’s a chance to spend some quality time together and take a risk in an exhilarating and fun outdoor space. So what else are you waiting for? Take that leap of faith!

4. Virtual reality experience

Sandbox VR - Valentine's Day
Photo credit: 8days

For something truly unique and out of this world, give Sandbox VR a try. What they do here is combine the latest virtual reality technology, real-time motion capture rigs and AAA-quality game experience sure to excite anyone! You and your boy would be having a cutting edge experience seemingly straight out of a George Lucas spectacle. While the other couples do the same old boring dinner date on February 14th, you and your significant other would be busy fighting off undead zombies and cursed pirates in an alternate universe. Now that’s what I call a memorable Valentine’s Day.

5. Letting off some steam

The Fragment Room - Valentine's Day
Photo credits: Vulcan Post

Living in a fast-paced city like Singapore can be extremely taxing and we tend to hold in our frustrations with no outlet to release it. When was the last time you heard your boyfriend grumble or – whisper it quietly under your breath – have slight anger issues? The Fragment Room could just be the antidote this Valentine’s Day. Release all that suppressed anger in a safe and judgement-free zone and feel so much better right after. It’s not rocket science, just a new age of anger therapy. Also, your significant other will thank you after – we guarantee that!

Whichever activity or gift you decide on getting, just remember to stay in the present and enjoy these moments. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance from all of us at Delegate! Don’t forget to treat yourself too in this season of love and giving. So, whether you’re single, attached or it’s rather complicated at the moment, never forget that it all starts with a little bit of self-love.

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