With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, we’d figure you might need some last minute gift ideas the for your other half! Sure, flowers and letters will move most girls’ hearts but practical gifts will never go wrong. Take a look at the 10 gift ideas we’ve curated below!

For the ladies:

1. Everlasting flowers

Flowers are synonymous with Valentine’s Day but the problem with a bouquet of fresh blooms is that though they’re gorgeous, they don’t tend to last beyond 2 weeks. Instead, why not opt for a bouquet of dried baby’s breath or preserved roses? These will last for much longer with proper care. Even better, opt for Ektory’s paper flower bouquet. It’ll never die, requires almost zero maintenance and will serve as a beautiful desk decor! 1+(7+of+10)

Photo credit: Ektory

2. Quality baking supplies

This is the kind of win-win gift for a girl who enjoys baking. She’ll be thrilled to have quality ingredients to play with you and you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of her labour! Treat her with a set of premium ingredients, from pure hazelnut paste to artisanal dark chocolate. baking_blocks_delegate_event_planning_justdelegate_delegatesg_corporate_gifts_favours_weddings_1

Photo credit: Baking Blocks

3. Juice cleanse

Has your partner been complaining that she’s feeling bloated because all you ever do on dates is eat? Or has she been promising to take better care of her health in 2018? Support her by treating her to a day of detox juices! Don’t forget to add in a sweet note to remind her to stick to the juices and away from the snacks. img_0139_02

Photo credit: HIC Juice

4. Personalised gift boxes

If you want to be the kind of spoil-market boyfriend, surprise your partner with a whole parcel of gifts! The best part of personalised gift boxes is that you can curate a selection of items that you know she’ll love. Also, most gift boxes already come beautifully wrapped so that’s one less thing you have to fret about.

Photo credit: Giv Giv 

5. Calligraphy letter

I’m sure I’m speaking for most girls when I say that there is nothing more heartwarming than receiving a letter. I love the sincerity and knowing that the writer had me on his mind while penning down his words. Take this simple handwritten letter one step further by turning it into a beautifully written print! Now instead of stashing your letter away, she’ll be able to frame it up/ pin it on her board.

Photo credit: Mamahand

For the guys:

1. Artisanal alcohol

Much as he’ll appreciate a good bottle of vodka or whiskey, treat him to something different with a bottle of artisanal rum instead!

Photo credit: House of Rum 

2. Handmade leather products 

Leather is always a good idea. After all, he can always keep an extra wallet/ belt/ cardholder/ keyholder on standby in case his current one spoils, right? Besides purchasing one from stores, you can also opt for personalisation services. Take it a step further and hand-make something just for him.
“Oh, what’s that wallet made of?” “Girlfriend material.” 

Photo credit: Maketh Project

3. Sign up for a leather-crafting workshop 

If you’re fretting that your handmade item won’t turn out as nicely as expected, no worries! Just sign up for a workshop together and the two of you can exchange the items you make. What are crooked stitches or slightly wonky buttons if you had an enjoyable time making them? Also, now you have something else to do on dates besides just dining out! file_000-2

Photo credit: Maketh Project

4. Uber/ Grab credits

If you’re at your wits end, just opt for something incredibly useful and practical. Who says the guy has to be the one sending the girl home all the time? Top up his uber with some credits so he’ll always get home safely after spending a day/ night out with you!

5. Tech credits

It’s incredibly hard to shop for presents for guys so if you’re really out of options, buy him some vouchers for his favourite tech store! Afterwards, spend the day with him patiently as he ponders between the pros and cons of the latest gadgets.

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance! Don’t forget to treat yourself too in this season of love and giving. Whether you’re single or attached, don’t forget to love yourself!