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8 New Hobbies to Try Out in 2020

Out with the old, and in with the new (year)! Although everyone has been occupied with their yearly mantra of working out or eating healthy, we all know this “new year, new me” spirit will fizzle out of existence after the passing of each January. Needless to say, we all understand the elusive nature of New Year’s resolutions and how they never seem to be achieved. All that aside, 2020 is here and it is high time we kick start the decade with something new –– perhaps learning a new skill or two? Fancy a baking course or always wanted to try your hand at coffee making? Find all that and more below along with some of our Delegate vendors that will love to take you on new experiences to usher in the new decade. Here are 8 new hobbies for you to try out this 2020!


Leah Design

Ever chanced upon those satisfying handwriting videos on social media where the artist makes beautiful strokes with a brush pen? Say goodbye to boring cards and murals with the skill of calligraphy in your hands. Leah Design and Nehohmee are two such vendors that possess this magical talent, and in time, so can you.

new hobby 2020
Photo credits: Leah Design

Leah Design has worked with corporations such as Google, American Express, DBS and UOB so you can be certain that she has a knack for the art. Gather a group of 4 and join her craft workshops to master the pen and create calligraphy pieces worthy to hang on your wall. You can also choose to dive deep into the art with her 4-day Brush Calligraphy Course!


new hobby 2020
Photo credits: Nehohmee

Nehohmee’s inks are bright and vibrantly coloured with floral and fauna motifs in between quotes and mantras on paper. Nehohmee regularly conducts workshops to individuals and corporations for team events and gigs at weddings and events so you can be assured that you’re in the hands of a wonderful teacher. 


Got a sweet tooth that always craves a baked pastry? Instead of splurging on store-bought cupcakes, why not make your own! Take on baking classes from Gra Baking Academy and Nanatang and be guided on the basics of baking to whip up your creations. Not only is it the perfect sweet treat to make in the comfort of your own home, bring them to share with your co-workers or the perfect dessert to end off a potluck gathering.

Gra Baking Academy

new hobby 2020
Photo credits: Gra Baking Academy

Gra Baking Academy provides all the logistics from planning, facilitation, ingredients, instructor, refreshments, and apron at your disposal so you can focus on getting your hands dirty.


new hobby 2020
Photo credits: Nanatang

If you are more expert in the field of baking, take it up a notch and go for Nanatang’s masterclass on creating Sugar Flowers as intricate toppers for your baked goods.


Fat Anvil Studios

Image credits: Fat Anvil Studios

Ladies, this one’s for you. If you have a mountain of earrings and dangles of necklaces that you rotate around and regularly stock up on (yet simply can’t get enough of), we hear you. Fat Anvil Studios is a specialised traditional silversmith studio that is a one-stop center for anything jewellery, from cufflinks to rings and more. Perfect for a date idea, they have jewelry and brass cuff making and silversmithing taster workshops taught by certified instructors with a decade’s worth of experience under their belts. Whether you are looking to customise a couple item that represents your relationship or an unorthodox date idea, bring your partner along for this class to learn this new skill together and get a shared hobby!


Smitten Coffee & Tea

Photo credits: Smitten Coffee & Tea

There is no better feeling than that perfect cuppa in the morning, or winding down with some freshly brewed tea. But leave your instant packets and tea bags at home and learn the true art of brewing with Smitten Coffee & Tea with their courses. Their barista course allows you the experience to pull your espresso shots, the theory behind coffee beans and participants will receive a course certificate from Specialty Coffee Association upon completion too! Better yet, this course is SkillsFuture claimable, so there is no need to fork out a huge sum to learn this. 

Homeware craft

The Rain in Spain

Photo credits: The Rain in Spain

The perfect activity if you miss the idyllic art sessions that we have in school, no matter if your painting skills are that of Picasso’s standard or a kindergartener attempting to be one. The Rain in Spain offers fun pot painting workshops to ease yourself back into the creative sphere. The more artistically challenges will have nothing to worry about as the instructors will patiently guide you through techniques that will help in the process of painting. These little pots will serve as great gifts or party favours as well as a decorative piece if you have a green thumb in the house. 

Furniture painting 

Frenchic Furniture Paint

new hobby 2020
Photo credits: Frenchic Furniture Paint

Some prefer smaller canvases or intricate pots, but others would rather show off their creativity on something bigger. Enter: Frenchic Furniture Paint, an all-natural and environmentally friendly mineral and chalk-based paint that is safe enough to use on any surface, and even toys! Have an old furniture piece that has been an eyesore for a while? Bring it to their Paint Your Own Piece workshops and walk away with a brand new upcycled piece of furniture, with the help of their extensive range of Frenchic Furniture Paint. Fastest fingers first, as the class size is small to allow maximum attention for each participant. 


Everyone owns a purse, or coin pouch, or wallet, you get my drift. But imagine making your own, and what’s more, from leather too! Semicolon Works and Maketh Project are two vendors that share that same love, and make their leather creations too.

Maketh Project

new hobby 2020
Photo credits: Maketh Project

Maketh Project has the largest selection of leather crafting workshops on the island and you will be taught the basics of crafting, cutting, sewing and finishing for whichever leather product you choose. Be it a travel wallet or camera strap.

Semicolon Works

new hobby 2020
Photo credits: Semicolon Works

Semicolon Works takes an eco-friendly approach, by upcycling leftover leather materials into functional daily necessities. Through their workshops, you will learn about sustainability and spark conversations on our consumption of goods, and that recycled materials can produce items of great quality as well!

Board games

King and the Pawn

new hobby 2020
Photo credits: King and the Pawn

Monopoly and Cluedo have been synonymous with many childhood memories and nail-biting moments while rolling the dice. Relive these nostalgic moments while racking your brains over more mind-boggling puzzles at King and the Pawn. A board game cafe and bar rolled into one, this homey location has board and card games as its residents, suitable for a group party, or an intimate date night out. Challenge yourself with more strategy and puzzle games to emerge victoriously and give your brain a real exercise away from the mundane weekdays in front of the computer screen. 

For Kids

Da Vinci Group Education

new hobby 2020
Photo credits: Da Vinci Group Education

This is for the little ones: Da Vinci Group Education is no stranger to parents and education department, merging science and the arts to help both adults and children to maximise their thinking skills. They hold Clay and Process Drama classes taking heed from their NeuroCeramics® and NeuroTheatre® concepts as the core of their teaching. Kids will have fun with clay and learn about process drama techniques that will allow them to learn while moving in the classroom. Finish your work at the same time as their workshops are held in a coworking space, perfect for on-the-go parents. 

What new hobby are you taking up this 2020? We hope you’ve been inspired by our list of hobbies! Meanwhile, head over to Delegate to discover more exciting workshops and experiences to book!

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