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5 Exciting Ways To Bond With Your Team

Great teamwork is one of the key factors for an organization’s success. Teambuilding activities are tried-and-tested in building collaboration and friendships among colleagues, and they’ve also been proven to help improve employee performance and productivity.

If you’re looking to kickstart the year by boosting your team’s morale, try these fun yet challenging suggestions:

  1. Host a bake-off.

One way to put some fun into teambuilding is to have colleagues create something unrelated to work but still makes use of strategy, teamwork and presentation. How about baking and cooking? Take your cue from MasterChef and have them create a cake or dish inspired by a theme, or throw a curveball their way with a special ingredient. Be sure to explain the criteria for judging to help them translate the experience from the kitchen to the workplace.

Tip: Find out who the skilled cooks and bakers are and make sure they’re spread out in different teams.

  1. Discover a place.

Teambuilding is a great way to keep the employees active and give them a break from sitting at their desks. Host your scaled-down version of the Amazing Race by having them explore the office (if your building allows) or a part of the city, through activities and puzzles that require them to move from landmark to landmark. Not only will this keep them active, it will also exercise your team’s ability to follow directions.

Tip: This is a great game for Singaporeans and visitors alike. Incorporate Singapore’s culture and history by adding important landmarks and practices that are unique to Singapore.

  1. Make them the boss.

Enjoyable teambuilding activities don’t have to be all fun and games. A strategy game can be the perfect fusion of fun and business acumen, giving your team insight to good business practices while bonding with their peers. Channel The Apprentice and give your teams a small investment that they should translate into a profitable business in a few hours. They will have to propose, plan, market, and implement a brand new business, then take it to Singapore’s streets – the team with the best return on investment wins.

Tip: Make the most of each team member’s strengths by delegating tasks and responsibilities.

  1. Unleash their inner Sherlock Holmes.

Mystery solving activities are a great because members are equally involved. Murder mystery games are party games wherein one of the partygoers is secretly, and unwittingly, playing a murderer and the rest of the guests must determine who among them is the criminal. This may involve the actual ‘murders’ of guests throughout the game, or may start with a ‘death’ and devote the rest of the time for investigation.

Tip: There are downloadable party kits to assist you with this game, but for bigger groups of 20 or more, it is best to find a teambuilding company to help you facilitate.

  1. Feed their need for speed.

Test your team’s creativity by having them design custom-made cars and put them through an actual test. Team members are given an instructional booklet and tools (such as wheels, axles, and wood) to create a custom-concept, people-powered vehicle. Then, take the contest outdoors by coming up with your own team chant and racing the cars to the finish line.

Tip: Judge your teams based on different criteria, such as design, delegation and speed.

Teambuilding ideas taken from our partners Tott, Anjali Chocolat and Jambar Team Building. Check out their profiles and start planning your teambuilding!

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