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The Best Christmas Gift Deals 2019

For the first time in a long while, the temperature outside actually feels akin to the holiday cheer of this time of the year. Indeed, the jolly period has come upon us –– mundane weekday routines have been replaced with the hubbub of arranging family dinners and celebratory parties with friends. Gift-giving however, takes centre stage as a holiday tradition practiced by many. Don’t settle for just any old mug for your secret Santa, we got you covered with some of our favourite Christmas gift deals from our very own Delegate vendors –– be it physical tokens, experiential dates or just delectable food!


The Flower Practice

Flowers don’t have to be confined to Valentine’s Day, The Flower Practice sure doesn’t think so. Swap out a simple bouquet by mixing it up with some of the Christmas gift deals* from The Flower Practice!

1. 3D Black Pop Up Frame and Flowers ($28.90)

A picture speaks a thousand words, so what better way to frame up one with one of their 3D Black Pop Up Frame and Flowers? Perfect for the edgy friend, the frame comes with it’s own special dried flower and is perfect for a table top or as a wall piece for that perfect photo that has yet to be framed.

2. Christmas Edition Diffuser ($188)

If you know someone whose house always smells good and alit by candlelight, grab one of these house-shaped candle holders for them. With a candle and rainbow baby’s breath to match, this set . Another option would be their Christmas Edition Diffuser, made in collaboration with dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Choose between lavender and peppermint and enjoy the health benefits of each scent from the diffuser, simply add three drops and relax in the comforts of your own home.

3. Galaxy Bouquet ($34.90)

You simply can’t go wrong with a bouquet, but don’t just settle for a random one from the neighbourhood florist. Opt for The Flower Practice’s galaxy bouquet adorned with dried rainbow baby’s breath and cotton flower for a truly colourful spectacle. What’s more, since they’re dried, these stalks won’t wither and you can keep them in any part of your house all year round!

4. Pinecone Vase ($68)

If you want to be a bit more unorthodox, substitute floral buds with pine cones with The Flower Practice’s Pinecone Vase, coloured in shades of green, gold and silver and draped with fairy lights. These pinecones won’t go to waste unlike fresh blooms and can be used as a in the day or let them sparkle at night. Bonus fact: pinecones actually symbolise luck, peace and rebirth!

Pétale Tea

Tea is the ultimate relaxer and best substitute for the morning caffeine boost for it’s many health benefits and healing properties. Pétale Tea has prepared a specially packed assortment gift set of tea balls. These handcrafted premium tea balls bloom in a cup of boiling water so watch as your tea unfolds it’s flavours and create the perfect visual for your tea time. Each sphere is sewn together with organic Maofeng green tea and dried flowers such as jasmine, osmanthus, gomphrena, marigold, rose, lavender and lily.

Check out their Delegate-exclusive Christmas deals – the Assortment Gift Set, Classic Blooming Gift Set & Miniature Box – on Delegate now!


Personalised gifts are the easiest way to show the receiver that it has been thought out specially for them and something they can personally use. Amusse offers Design Your Own Pouches for any occasion and gift. Versatile 5 inch pouches can be personalised with a wide array of leather and fabrics for that personal touch. Choose between bold or cursive script for their name to be monogrammed onto the pouch as well. These unique custom gifts will be a hit for anyone this holiday season.

Get this Christmas deal at $19.90 (U.P. $22.90) if you book through Delegate!*


The Virtual Room

More often than not, memories made and quality time spent are more valuable than lavish gifts, but doesn’t mean that you can’t buy experiences too. Introducing The Virtual Room –– the more immersive version of the normal escape rooms that we have in Singapore. Journey through Egypt and even Outer Space with mind-blowing virtual reality features for a cinematic experience. Solve challenges, throw objects and talk to your teammates stuck in other rooms as the game starts for the ultimate test of your friendship. Come in a pair, trio or a group of four to match your wits against the clock, you’ll be in for a truly out of this world experience.

This Christmas, get 10% off Virtual Room bookings through Delegate!*


Rattana Thai Restaurant

christmas gift deals

Although the usual presents normally come in the form of a physical object, nowadays time is truly the best gift for your loved ones. There’s no better excuse for people to come together than a good meal –– we definitely recommend Mookata for that. It needs no introduction as it caused a frenzy on our shores in recent years for its affordability and it’s likeness to our well-loved Chinese hotpot. Rattana Thai Restaurant is now offering the delicacy at a discounted rate* if you book through Delegate at $19.90 per pax. (U.P. $39.90) Indulge in seafood, bottomless veggies, dessert and soup to give you a bang for your buck and warm your bellies with some sweet tom yum to beat the rainy weather too.

The Kettle Gourmet

If you know someone who is a definite movie buff or just has a sweet tooth, pick up a bag of The Kettle Gourmet’s newest popcorn flavour: Chocolate! Known for their Asian fusion flavours such as infusing Bak Kwa and Teh Tarik into their kernels, The Kettle Gourmet is a home-grown brand that produces freshly baked popcorn with quality ingredients that aren’t processed and trans-fat free for a guilt-free snack anyone can enjoy. There are different pack sizes, family size to share or check out the snack size for a stocking stuffer.

Check out their Delegate-exclusive Christmas deal for their new chocolate-flavoured popcorn now!*

*all Christmas gift deals are valid till 25 Dec 2019.

What are you getting your friends and loved ones this Christmas? We hope that you’re inspired by this list of our favourite Christmas gift deals! Browse Delegate to find more vendors and deals for your Christmas celebrations now.

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