Dean Martin once said, “In a tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody.” If you and your friends feel more confident, attractive and powerful when wearing a tuxedo, why not bring your love for tuxedos to the next level by celebrating your birthday around this stylish theme? Here are some sophisticated ideas for you to ensure your Tuxedo Birthday Party will be an unforgettable one!

1) Color Scheme Etiquette

A Tuxedo is all about class, elegance and culture. Impose a strict color scheme to ensure that your guests only turn up in black and white.


2) Set the mood with DIY invitation cards  

Break the habit of social media invites by sending your friends a personalised DIY Tuxedo invite. Not only will it help you stand out, but it will also guarantee that your invite does not get lost in a mountain of digital spam. Be creative with your invitation design and be sure to include essentials like the date, time and venue as well as the dress code.

3) Set up a Delicious Dessert Corner

Hire a cake supplier who can customise fondant treats and other baked goodies like cake pops. Take some time to make sure they understand your needs by showing them inspirational photos and describing the look and feel of your theme.Groomcakepops-1024x682

4) Suit up your table

Dress your table up with a black or white tablecloth, or simply leave it uncovered if it a glass table. Create the right atmosphere with elegant cream roses and a musky scented candle, while keeping the tableware minimal in gold. A fun and personalised idea would be to slip a posh menu (caviar, anyone?) inside the tuxedo’s napkin fold. Finish off by displaying sweet cookies in the shape of a bow for your guests to eat on the spot or as take home favours.


5) Time to celebrate and pop the champagne

What would a birthday be without champagne and cocktails? Up the glam factor by adding fancy gold straws and little black bows on your glassware.

Cheers and let the festivities begin!