The photo booth has become a party essential. Whether it’s for a wedding, an office party – actually, any kind of party – having a fun backdrop is a surefire way to set the tone for the event, get people to loosen up and document memories.

Here are 12 ideas from our vendors. Say cheese!

 1. Express National Pride for the proud Singaporean inside you

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 2. Star Wars will always be a classic!


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3. A luau, for a summer or poolside party


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4. Ole! Mexican themes are always full of fun.


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 5. Here’s a creative take on florals

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 6. Allow people to clown around at your next office party…


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 7. Take them to India with this ornate backdrop…


Live Moments –

8. To Vegas if you feel like it…8

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9. Or ‘round the world if you please!


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10. This one’s for when guests are nauti-cal by nature


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11. For when they’re sweet, like candy

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12. And for when they’re feeling Super – which they sure will, at your party!


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