DELEGATE: Tell us more about yourself

Hi there, my name is Leah, 22 this year, and I am a lettering artist and graphic designer.

D:  How did you get the idea or concept for your business?

Funny thing is, I have zero art education. I was in the Triple Sciences Stream and eventually chose Accountancy as my degree. Granted, I appreciated the intellectual rigor in Accounting, but I realized I needed an avenue for creativity and expression – Creative accounting would be illegal, of course. I soon found myself dabbling more in the arts as a hobbyist, and eventually dived right in and got my hands dirty starting up LeahDesign. It was the perfect avenue for me to showcase my personality through my works, and also to deliver a message to the audience, be it to inspire, to heal or to simply, make someone’s day through a thoughtful piece of art.

D: What is your vision/mission for your company?

As a one lady show who covers all grounds of my business, my vision is seemingly changing as I acquire more experience and exposure in this field/ industry. That said, ideally, my long term vision would be to uplift the arts scene and create an inclusive and close-knitted community for the like-minded ones. All in all, I simply wish my works and efforts to be meaningful.

D: How did you start it? What were some adversities you faced when starting it?

Because I am passionate in the arts, specifically in lettering and design, it wasn’t particularly difficult to start; that is because I love doing what I do. I started doing art as a hobby and gradually put my works on social media. Others appreciated my works, and slowly, I managed to score commissions, followed by partnerships. As a self-taught designer, perhaps one challenge is to learn both the technical skills and simultaneously, take care of the business aspect as well. However, it was an enjoyable learning experience altogether and I would never want to have it in any other way.

D: What is something we might not know about the industry you’re in?

There are some players in the industry such as Fiverr for instance, who offer way, way more economical options for design services. Cheaper options of the like, tend to drive prices down – similar to a downward spiral effect and that is not good for the industry in general. They basically devalue the worth of creative professionals and the prestige of the profession altogether, which is absolutely terrible and not to mention, misleading. If you pay say 5 bucks for a logo design, I’d say don’t be bummed out if the quality isn’t that great. You get what you pay for, really.

D: What has been the most memorable experience for you so far in running your business?

Meeting like-minded individuals, hands down. I absolutely love how my business provides me an avenue to connect with others with a passion in the arts – it doesn’t have to be design in particular, but even collaborating with others of various artistries be it local or across borders, it is lovely to exchange ideas, cultures and make friends. Some of my workshop attendees are my personal friends now and even some customers who requested for commissions, they too become my friends in real life. It is amazing. I really appreciate these friendships forged. And I feel incredibly blessed.

D: How do you define success? Who do you see as successful?

Design is about creative thinking and problem-solving. Whenever a customer or client hires me for my design services – be it branding, customized type, menu design, poster design etc., it is always to provide a solution to a problem they are facing. In the technical aspect, I see myself as successful when I am able to deliver dynamic, creative work that makes them go “Looks awesome, that is what I am looking for!” On a personal level, success to me is to make my passion my paycheck and being able to provide for my loved ones, and also not forgetting, to impact individuals and society with my works.

There are many designers I see as successful based on their skills and expertise. However, I particularly look up to those who took a step further and contribute back to society. They inspire me to do so too.

D: Which habits of yours have gotten you to where you are today?  

The habit of life-long learning. Being self-taught is vastly different from being trained and taught. When you are self-taught, you require discipline. You require an inquisitive mind. And you require the love for learning.

D: What is one thing you would like your customers to know about your company?

I want my customers to know about my love for the art of writing and the effort and time I put in to create something absolutely incredible for them. Behind every work, ranging from customized poster designs to commissioned logotypes to lettering workshops, I make sure I do my best by providing tons of value and quality in my works, redefining standards and refining content on demand, and on top of simply meeting their design needs, delivering excellent customer service is also my top priority.

D: If you could give advice to fellow and budding entrepreneurs, what wold it be?

I would say, do it with passion. Be 100% authentic, be genuine. Know what your goals are, what actionable steps you can take to make the world a better place, do good, work hard, work smart and good things will come. Own your dream.

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D: Where else can we find you online? 


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