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Top 9 Creative Wedding Invitation ideas

Your wedding day should be that one monumental day worth celebrating. The planning behind it can be every bit overwhelming and significant, starting with the Wedding Invite. There are many countless different ways of choosing a wedding invitation, and given that it is the first glimpse and entryway for the guests into your wedding, it is normal to worry and fret about the sheer magnitude of choice in style, theme and even font of the invitations. Here are some top choices of different styles for you to choose from!

1. Dark and Regal Invite

Image Credits: Style Me Pretty & Martha Stewart Weddings

Dark-coloured invitations with shades of green, black or blue are fantastic pairings with light colors. The combination is a regal and sophisticated look that emits a royal vibe and let your guests know of the proposed theme of your wedding. Such invitations would go well with themed weddings or formal weddings that have a strict dress code. 

2. Pastel and Luxurious Invite

Image Credits: Style Me Pretty & Green Wedding Shoes

Pastel invitations are popular in weddings that are aiming for a more aesthetic or casual vibe. Soft light colours of baby blue, rose pink and lavender purple are best suited for a wedding that has a creamy pastels theme and will go well with browns, dark green bouquets and garden themed weddings. 

3. Minimalist and Delicate Wedding Invite

Image Credits: Shodialh

Minimalist invitations are also set on becoming the standard. Translucent envelopes are delicate to the touch but they also convey elegance and artistry. A popular choice for couples who are into the see-through through that veils their wedding invitations.

4. Japanese styled Invite

Image Credits: Favori Cloud

Japanese-designed invitations are a good choice to consider for couples who love Japanese culture and are hosting regal and elegant weddings. Whether your spouse is Japanese or if you are aiming for a Japanese themed wedding, this style of invitation is a good choice for anyone who loves the Japanese aesthetic. 

5.  Cute, animated and lighthearted illustrations

Image Credits: Favori Cloud

Instead of formal wedding invitations, couples can express their invitation through animated illustrations that are full of joy and creativity! The serious tone of a formal invitation can be switched out for cute themes with animated characters for a more casual vibe. There are endless options for exploring or creating the perfect animated invitation look.

Unconventional Invites

6. Paper scroll Invite

Image Credits: WedMeGood & CECI New York

An unconventional wedding invitation would be in the form of scrolls or a rolled up invite. Who says that wedding invitations have to be flat? The rolled up paper or a scroll in a box might be a good way to invite the guest to their wedding. While the scroll styled invite might be more common in the Arabic world due to their culture of papyrus scrolls, this option will definitely add a special touch to your theme! Colour themes can come in black, gold, white or in creamy pastels. 

7. Unique invites

Image Credits: Elegant Wedding Invites & Artful Beginnings

Couples are free to exercise their creativity when it comes to customising and decorating their invitations. There are endless ways to go about inviting your guest and including the details of your wedding at the same time. Fan shaped invites can indicate a gothic or a carnival themed wedding and stylishly endowed invites are hard for the guests to turn down! The above are some examples for you to have fun with! 

8. Transparent Acrylic Invite

Image Credits: Society 19 & Etsy

The ever artistic transparent style invitations blend neatly into any wedding theme. Its versatility and durability can allow it to fit into any wedding theme and still look stylish on the banqueting table! Furthermore, it can also be kept as a souvenir for guests and adds a sophisticated touch to the wedding theme.

9. Musical invite

Image Credits: Favori Cloud

A musical vinyl shaped invite is perfect for any music lovers hoping to host a music themed wedding! Couples can explore this option if they perfect a jazz vibe or a simple invitation. 

Looking for more wedding invitation designs and ideas? Check out Delegate’s wedding invitation vendors and choose one best suited to your liking!

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