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Quality Tips On How I Manage A Corporate Event

Quality Tips On How I Manage A Corporate Event

Corporate events. Love it or hate it, these events are fast becoming part and parcel of the working world. With so many requirements to take note of, companies often end up outsourcing event planning. However, having worked in Delegate (an events company) for a few years now, I believe that corporate event planning can be made easy. That’s right, even for first time planners! Here are some quick tips on how I successfully manage corporate events.

#1 Understand Your Event

Know what you have to do. Set an objective. Clichéd? Yes. But this is a key step in event planning and you should always have it at the back of your mind whenever you make any decisions. Whether it is a company dinner and dance or a product launch, planning corporate events can be very different from planning a private event. This is because companies often have hidden objectives to change either internal or external behavior (from customers) with the help of an event. Be it bonding together a team or driving sales for a new product, always have the end goal in mind and never dilute the objective. Remember to ask yourself if any event decision made would aid the objective.

#2 Venue Is Key

Finding the right venue is often a make or break for corporate events. You see, different corporate events call for different venue requirements. This can range from large scale events such as conferences to the smallest such as team dinners. Always remember to check capacity before booking any venue. Do also check if certain venues can cater more customized options for you. You’d be surprised at how many venues are flexible in terms of arrangements. You just have to ask! Luckily for me, Delegate has always provided me with a sufficient platform to make such enquiries to vendors known. But seriously, find the most suitable space for your corporate event – it’s life-changing!

#3 Food Is King

Perhaps the most quintessential part of any event for some people – the food. We all know it; delicious food can change the mood of any event. During my events, I often come across amusing moments where the coldest of people suddenly provide the warmest of conversations over a simple plate of delectable goodies. Some things to note would definitely be the amount of people to cater for as well as dietary preferences. These are crucial in minimizing costs and providing the best spread. If your management and budget allows for it, consider some alcohol to lighten the mood too

#4 How To Not Be Boring

Nowadays, corporate event planners are often mulling over the most innovative tricks to spice up the party. The emergence of creative photo booths is a prime example of bringing in some teen spirit. For starters, I would recommend having a lively emcee. A good emcee can liven up the crowd with good jokes and some light-hearted icebreakers. Moving on, musicians and novelty acts can also serve as general entertainment that is suited for people of all ages. If you’re feeling slightly edgy, you could also include vendors that provide unique experiences such as craft workshops or music crash courses.


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#5 Budget

Ah, usually the most important yet forgotten detail of organizing a corporate event. Here’s a quick tip – Always Check Your Budget. It would be great to allocate initial budgets to different aspects of your corporate event. Always check with vendors on the costs when planning and don’t be afraid to negotiate, especially if you’re making a large order. Note to self to also always keep your quotations and invoices at hand, you don’t want to go over budget! In my personal experience, using Delegate’s website to plan has always been hassle free. I can communicate directly with a wide range of vendors and also find packages that suit my budget. The site’s interface and curation truly makes a difference when I have to work with a limited budget.

With these tips, I hope that you can successfully organize your own corporate event. Seeing the many happy faces on event day never fails to warm my heart.  Trust me, planning an event is truly an experience like no other. Happy Planning (and Delegating)!

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