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Best Restaurants & Caterers for Lunar New Year 2020

The second the Christmas lights switched off, Singapore turned into a Lunar New Year storm of oriental music and bright red decorations that took the place of snow-covered store windows. As much as we love the end of the year festive cheer, Lunar New Year is right around the corner (at the end of January might we remind you) so it’s time to kick the reunion dinner planning gears in motion before your parents get any ideas about you cooking for the whole family if you haven’t touched a pot in ages. While the traditional home cooked meals are the norm, sometimes bringing your family out for a treat or taking the burden of cooking off your parents isn’t a bad idea as well.

Whether you have young adults who need a bit more kick in their meals or elders who are picky with the authenticity of the dish, we’ve compiled our favourite restaurants and caterers for your reunion dinner  – no matter if you are having a celebration at home or outside.


The Dragon Chamber

Photo credits: The Dragon Chamber

If you know what a speakeasy is, you would know that they are usually used for more secretive and hidden bars that come disguised as maybe a nail salon or convenience shop to the unsuspecting. The Dragon Chamber is Singapore’s first Chinese restaurant-bar speakeasy, void of signages and any representation of where it is located. Hence you will need to explore a little before stepping into their beautifully painted interior with hints of Bruce Lee, dragon motifs and other animals from the Chinese zodiac.

The real highlight is their unique menu featuring exotic Chinese cuisine with a twist – this Lunar New Year, you can try the Dragon Slaw Lo Hei (lobster tail), Dragon Mountain (lobster with mala peppercorn) and even crocodile penis! Apart from that, you have the ‘safer’ signature items on the menu, such as the Crab & Conpoy Soup or Wagyu Truffle Hor Fun. The cosy and retro fusion interior paired with their delectable dishes will surely be a hit amongst friends, and perfect for the ‘gram.

For a private setting, The Dragon Chamber has various rooms that can fit from 12 – 70 pax. For a larger event, you can also book the entire restaurant which can fit up to 110 pax! Find out more about these bookings here.

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Madame Fan

Photo credits: Madame Fan

This isn’t your usual run of the mill Chinese restaurant, instead, Madame Fan infuses traditional fine-dining for the modern palette. The stunning ballroom inspired Cantonese diner stays true to the Cantonese flavours while enticing millennials, perfect for family gatherings for the young and old. Located a stone’s throw away from City Hall MRT, it is helmed by famed restaurateur Alan Yau, whose vision with Madame Fan is to blaze a new trail in Chinese cuisine in our Singaporean landscape.

They have specially curated Lunar New Year lunch and dinner sets with a range from 7 to 9-course meals, and even vegetarian options to boot. Just a flight of stairs up and you’ll be greeted by the Madame Fan bar, a watering hole featuring award-winning cocktails with oriental iterations. Try the Yu Cha, poured from a porcelain Chinese teapot, or Tian Mi Mi, for a hit of nostalgia the adults will taste from the honeyed embrace of this alcoholic mix.

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Photo credits: Folklore

In our melting pot of races and cultures, it comes as no surprise that there are more fusion restaurants popping up and gaining traction. Folklore is one such dining place and they feature cuisine from the four biggest racial groups in Singapore. Be tantalised with creations from Chef Damian D’Silva as he drew his inspiration from growing up from a Eurasian-Peranakan lineage. He revisits the lost dishes reminiscent of your grandmother’s home style cuisine, with delicacies like Singgang, a Eurasian dish from wolf herring, Mulligatawny, an Anglo-Indian chicken stew and Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice, one of the chef’s most famed dishes that he has created. Great for those with older relatives to entertain, these nostalgic and forgotten dishes of the past are a great taster for the New Year.

Need to plan for a big reunion feast? Reserve their private dining area that seats up to 30 people for a more exclusive affair. 

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Photo credits: Yan

Derived from the Chinese character “宴”, Yan translates to “feast” and this restaurant aims to bring together friends and family through joyous gatherings and celebrations – perfect for a New Year’s meal. Their Master Chef Chen explains that to him, cooking is akin to creating a work of art, which is fitting enough as they are located right next to the National Gallery which houses many curated art pieces. That being said, their interior design doesn’t fall short of our expectations, with modern light wood walls and hints of reds and fuchsia complimenting one another. Suitable for more modern families who prefer the glitz and formalities of a luncheon while being able to indulge in authentic Cantonese cooking.

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Goldleaf Restaurant

Photo credits: Goldleaf Restaurant 

This next restaurant is no stranger to the culinary scene with its doors opened since 1971 before some of us were even born. Goldleaf Restaurant was the brainchild of Singaporean businessmen and a group of talented Taiwanese chefs and they are responsible for the Tze Char porridge craze that happened in Singapore in the early days, so you know they are legit.

Located in Katong Square, the cosy Taiwanese eatery boasts a wide variety of dishes including Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Egg, Prawn Rolls, Er Cai, and free-flow of their praised porridge. If you are looking for some tried and tested comfort food with friends, this spot will not disappoint.

Check out their Delegate-exclusive customised menu, available from $35/pax.

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Stamford Catering

Photo credits: Stamford Catering 

Let’s cut to the chase, Stamford has been a household name since our schooling years eating their bento boxes for camps and having their catered buffets for events. Their legacy in the catering community leaves them as one of the most trusted companies amongst Singaporeans, hence it is no wonder they are a hit with the Chinese New Year catering as well.

Choose between three buffet menus, Fortune Feast Buffet, Blossom Feast Buffet or Bountiful Feast Buffet or party sets for your home party to keep yourself free from the stress of cooking and cleaning up while having quality Chinese food catered and set up at your doorstep. Check out their on-going promotions where you can stand a chance to win up to $8888 gold bars just for placing an order! 

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Grain Catering

Photo credits: Grain Catering 

An up and coming caterer that has landed on our radar is Grain Catering, armed with eco-friendly cutlery and plates. Grain has been catching the attention of younger adults for their more modern international cuisine and dishes while being healthy. They have laid out their plans for Chinese New Year with their Fortune Bundle if you need to feed a regular family sized reunion meal, a buffet-to-go for the smaller homes who have space constraints and Prosperity Buffet for a true feast in the making.

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What have you got planned for reunion dinner this year? We hope you’ve been inspired by our list of restaurants and caterers! Meanwhile, head over to Delegate to discover more exciting venues and experiences to book.

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