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Spring Series: Custom desserts to usher in Spring

In this week’s edition of our Spring series, we will be looking at sweet treats that best embody spring. Why you may ask? Like Spring, these sweet treats are tender and delicate, yet vivid and vibrant. It showcases the liveliness of the flowers that bloom and the energy of the Earth. Not to mention this list will be especially helpful if you have a few parties to throw in the upcoming year!

1. Wishing Upon A Cake

Nothing sums up Spring like flowers! Better yet, why not get flowers in your cake from Wishing Upon a cake? Not only is their cake guilt-free there are even whole flowers embedded in their cakes! Eggless and flourless, these jelly cakes are not only lower in fat, they are also suitable for those who are vegetarians and those who have special diets. They are also very aesthetic so they are sure to wow your friends and family!

2. Tart Blanc

For many, Spring signifies a new beginning and a fresh start. Likewise, Tart Blanc derives inspiration from tart shells and believes that it is just like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with unique and innovative flavours. Not only do they use the best ingredients to hand make the tarts, they also have many unique flavours like blood orange matcha and caramel vanilla cheese. If you do not like sweet tarts, they have savoury tarts as well!

3. Teaspoon of Love

It’s not Spring unless there’s flowers! Made by a mother-daughter duo, Teaspoon of Love’s cakes fresh and wholesome. They are often made with edible flowers and herbs and even infused with vanilla beans, and local or exotic fruits and nuts! Their cakes are also free of preservatives and artificial flavouring so you know that they only use the best quality ingredients in their cakes. The best part? They are all handmade so each cake is unique and customised just for you.

4.  Deco Chiffon Cake

If you would prefer a lighter cake in a cute shape, why not check out Deco Chiffon Cakes? Made by stay-at-home-mum Susanne Ng, her chiffon cakes are cute and unique! Gone are the plain and boring pandan chiffon cakes you see at your local bakeries. Light and fluffy, their cakes are moist and full of flavour! They also use less sugar and natural flavours like tea or orange zest to keep the cakes healthy and guilt-free! Don’t just take our word for it though, you have to try it yourself!  

5. The Cake Parade

Nothing like a classic buttercream cake from The Cake Parade to signal the start of spring! Made completely from scratch, The Cake Parade’s cakes are flavourful and delicious. From baby showers to birthday parties and even spring parties, their cakes are customisable so you can order anything from galaxy themed to pastel themed. You can even get cute characters as cake toppers. If you’re not a fan of cakes, you can always opt for their macarons or tartlets instead!

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