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Spring Series: 6 caterers to hire for your spring party

In this edition of our spring series, we’ll be looking at some caterers you can hire for a party! Why a party in Spring you might ask? It’s because spring is the best time to hold one as it showcases the celebration of life and all things living! Here’s our shortlisted list of caterers that are perfect for your spring party!

1. Personal Chef Singapore

If you would like something luxurious and exquisite at your place, you should check out Personal Chef Singapore! Founded in 2008, they specialise in many cuisines like French, Italian, Chinese, Indian and more. All their chefs are professionally trained in The Culinary Institute of America, USA and Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, homes of the finest in culinary arts. They make all sauces and garnishes from scratch and they use only the freshest ingredients in their food so you know you are getting only the best.

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2. 1degreeC

It’s not a party without some coffee and tea! Since singapore is so hot, why not check out some cold brew coffee and cold tea from 1degreeC? Made with no added sugar, artificial flavouring and colouring, 1degreeC’s beverages are refreshing and will quench your thirst under this sweltering heat. Their coffees are also rich in flavour and low in acidity, making it extra smooth and palatable. Impress your guests today with unique beverages today!

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3. Oh’s Farm Catering

If you are having a small and simple party, why not check out Oh’s Farm Catering? With many cuisines like Oriental, Malay, Japanese and Korean to choose from, it will leave you spoilt for choice! If you do not want the standard buffets, they also have other choices like canapes, ready-made bentos and even a menu for high tea! If none of these is what you want for your party, you can even customise your own menu that’s just for you.

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4. The Cheese Artisans

Make any party extra fancy with some cheese from The Cheese Artisans. Their hand-picked artisanal cheeses are perfect for any party and can be catered to your budget and your preference. All their cheeses are sourced from farmhouse produces in France, UK and Europe. It doesn’t matter if you are a connoisseur or a newbie, The Cheese Artisans will offer you and your guests a curated experience with their well-aged cheeses .

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5.  The Local Box

If you want some local cuisine for your party why not get it form The Local box? Specialising in local Singaporean food, their food is cooked from the the heart and all have strong local flavours. The also make sure all their meals have greens in them to provide a balanced meal. Some of their popular items include dry laksa and salted egg chicken nasi lemak.  Their food takes comfort to a whole new level and you can be sure that it will provide a great experience.

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6. Cakeinspiration

No party is complete without dessert! Why not get some floral cupcakes from Cakeinspiration for that additional touch of spring? Being a lead company in customised cakes and bakes, you know that you will only be getting the best! They have many designs and you can even customised your own cake, right down to the toppers. All their cakes are handmade with love and care and the finest ingredients to ensure that you will always be satisfied with the end result.

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