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Spring Series: Spring Party Checklist

In our final article for our weekly spring series, we’ll be helping you plan your spring party! With easter less than a month away, it’s time you start planning! To make your job easier,  we’ve created a checklist just for you. If you haven’t checked out our previous articles (that have cakes and caterers) you can do so here and here. Here’s the rest of the checklist for your next spring party!

1. Bloop Balloons

Who said balloons were just for kids? It’s not a party if you don’t have balloons! Instead of your regular boring helium balloons, why not get unique balloons from Bloop Balloons? Specialising in balloon sculptures and balloon arches, all your guests will love it! They also make great pictures for Instagram! To make it more spring themed, we suggest going for pastels or different hues of green!

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2. Beautiful Revelry

Why not opt for some cute cutlery instead to match the vibe of your party? At Beautiful Revelry, you can get very cute cutlery at very afforable prices. Based in Singapore, Beautiful Revelry’s Founder Ann Thomas is passionate about designing and loves designs that have the ability to awe and inspire. Her designs are both charming in graceful, making it absolutely perfect for your party! We’re pretty sure both you and your guests would love it!

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3. Ducks & Crafts

Having children at your party? Why not hire Ducks and Crafts to keep them busy and entertained? Specialising in arts and crafts for children, Ducks and Crafts have a wide range of activities to pick from to keep them preoccupied! From face painting to henna and sand art, there are a ton of things for your children to do while at the party. If you’re unsure of how many artists to hire, you could always drop them a message and they will gladly help you out!

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4. A group of People

If your Spring party is one that is more formal, you might want to consider getting some live music like A group of People (AGOP) to add to the ambience, Consisting of a lead male vocalist, a female vocalist, lead guitarist and cajon player, the 4 of them are extremely passionate about their singing. Their band promises to not only use their music as a medium to express themselves and connect with your audience.

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5.  Artree

No party is complete without any photos! Instead of painstakingly lugging around your camera to take photos for other people, why not get a Photobooth to do the job for you instead? Not only does Artree take photos for you and your guests, they even help you print the photos so that they can take it home with them! They even provide props so you don’t even have to lift a finger. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and pose for your photo!

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