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Top Makeup Looks Of 2017

Summer is in full swing, and with it are the top makeup trends of 2017 as seen on the runways of New York and Paris. But these are not exclusive to catwalks and supermodels. Replicate these light but sophisticated looks to highlight your inner beauty. Whether it’s for work or for date night, these top beauty trends are versatile, eye-catching, and chic.

Bold Eyebrows and Luscious Lashes

Make those doe eyes come to life with dramatic wisps and strokes. Team brave brow strokes with luscious lashes. You will be surprised how little else you need once these two features are strongly defined. To achieve full lashes, depending on your preference, invest in either good quality re-usable falsies or a session of semi-permanent lash extensions. Complete the look with nude lips and a touch of blush for an effortlessly natural look.

Striking Eyes


A crowd favorite at Fashion Week was glitter and sparkles, particularly for the eyes. From dabs of bright glitter to straight-up sequined, it was all about making a statement with eye makeup. But can this look be worn on the streets by average people? Of course! Keep the glitter in moderation, or simply add a touch at the tips of the eyes to rock this bold look. Pick one hue to play with, electric blue, metallic green or purple and mix it up with your usual black liner. And prepare to bask in all the head-turning glory.

Shimmer and natural lips

Here is a timeless look we are sure to see again and again: smoky eyes, thick eyeliner, and natural lips. It never goes out of style year in and year out because it is perhaps the most flattering and versatile look for any woman. It’s just a step above the “no makeup look”, which naturally highlights your features without burying it color and product. And the day to night transition? Seamless.

Bronzed and dewy

Sport a summer glow and look absolutely radiant with bronzed tones to highlight your face. Gold and orange tones on the eyes, cheeks, and lips perfectly capture beach vibes and complement that perfect summer tan. A dewy finish also connotes lightness and freshness to keep you looking chic despite the hot sun.

Go for plaits

Delicate plaits and loose braids are also all the rave these days, be it in fashion halls or music festival grounds. These sweet and girlish ‘dos are great for any occasion, from casual Sunday brunches to summer garden weddings alike. Wear them with hanging tendrils for added drama or sprigs of flowers for a more bohemian feel. You can also let your hair hang long or have it plaited like a crown.

Statement lips

Truth be told, bold lips never go out of style – but they were a favorite by professional makeup artists at the 2017 Fashion Week. After all, there’s nothing like bright red lips or deep pink puckers that draw attention to the face. It also adds sultriness even if it’s the only thing you’re wearing on your face. And not to mention that automatic boost in confidence! Wear statement lips on their own or with some eyeliner for a more casual feel, but don’t be afraid to pair them with dramatic eyes to truly make a statement.

Image sources: Graphic eyeliner 1 | Graphic eyeliner 2 | Bold eyes: Goh Mingwei of Ming’s Visual | Shimmer and natural lips 1 | Shimmer and natural lips 2 | Bronzed and dewy 1 | Bronzed and dewy 2 | Go for plaits 1 | Go for plaits 2 | Statement lips 1 | Statement lips 2: Eleanor

This article was contributed by Gerra Chong from The Beauty Society. Established in 2009, The Beauty Society provides beauty hair and makeup services for the modern women from weddings to commercials to corporates and personals. They also offer personal makeup workshops in the comforts of your own home. Their Mission is to help you look great so you can change the world. 


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